Sheepadoodle : The Ultimate Breed Information With Pictures

The Sheepadoodle is a crossbreed of the Poodle and Old English sheepdog, otherwise called Sheepdog poodle mix or Sheeppoo. It’s a largest to medium dog, a variety of around sixteen to twenty-two inches tall, weighing sixty to eighty pounds. The life expectancy of the Sheepadoodle is around twelve to fifteen years. 

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It’s a shocking dog variety that is turning out to be profoundly pursued for his surprising character, his genuine great looks, and the way that he’s outstandingly cuddly, similar to a teddy bear. So let start to know about our furry friend, sheepadoodle. 

Looks of Sheepadoodle

Sheepadoodle dog

These puppies look stunning. Sheepadoodle has a solid, strong body with a square or round face. Their face is usually black. They have a feather-molded browny eye, arc-shaped skull, and hanging ears. 

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Their coat is generally delicate. The tone can be white or dark. In an uncommon case, these puppies come in white. Frequently, the dark coat is changing to grey or else a mixture of grey and white. Some of them might have thick and double coats, such as poodles. 

It acquires blue eyes from the English sheepdog. Either of her eyes may be blue, dependent on the legacy. In general, they are uncommon and costly.

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  • These loyal and happy canines are extraordinarily clever and intelligent dogs that are appropriate for families. 
  • Exceptionally sweet and loving with the relatives irrespective of age, particularly with seniors and youngsters. 
  • They connect with their partners and keep a decent connection with them. 
  • This silent and not noisy dog variety loves to play a lot and bark significantly less. 
  • Simple to train and sure has the enthusiasm to satisfy the owner. 
  • As it sheds less, the maintenance costs will be significantly less. 

The life span of sheepadoodle

Their average life expectancy is around twelve to fifteen years. So you’ll have a lot of time with your new hairy companion. The Sheepadoodle is a hearty doggy since it comes from two unique purebred canines. They don’t have numerous issues and refer to ‘crossbreed life,’ which implies they will have fewer medical problems than their parents because of crossbreeding. 

They might acquire a few tendencies from their father/mother hereditarily. These can include bulging, joint pain and swelling, Addison’s illness, or Cushing just as particular sorts of cancer.

Health problem of Sheepadoodle

Sheepadoodle dog

This crossbreed dog is generally healthy, but they might inherit some diseases from their father and mother. They are likely to have joint issues, skin problems, and mainly bloating. But keeping information of common diseases of their parents is essential. 

  • Hip dysplasia – In this situation, your pet’s hip will become very weak, more regrettable, and lead to joint inflammation. Enormous varieties have hip dysplasia in most of the case. Surgery is the main alternative, and hip replacement is done in the worst scenarios. 
  • Canine immune system thyroiditis – The thyroid organ won’t emit hormones gradually because of the presence of antibodies of anti-thyroid. If the thyroid organ works low, it shows this sickness in your canine. You can treat this illness through day-by-day medication. 
  • Hypothyroidism – A situation in which the thyroid organ emits many hormones or doesn’t create it. Side effects of hypothyroidism are infertility, obesity, and so on. 
  • Progressive retinal decay – In this condition, the retina in the eye becomes the worst and prompts vision loss. 
  • Cushing’s infection – This condition happens when the canine’s body creates an excess of cortisol or when the canine takes high-dose meds for corticosteroid for quite a while. The specialists will give medications, or they eliminate will the adrenal organ in worse scenarios. 
  • Sebaceous adenitis – It is a skin problem. Aggravation will happen in the sebaceous organs, and the dogs will die. When the organ isn’t working, balding, smelly scent, skin thickening, and skin diseases will happen.

Is training a Sheepadoodle tough? 

No, not at all, Sheepadoodle is anxious to learn and is brilliant. You can train them efficiently. Training should be legitimate, patient, and firm. You can begin preparing him at an early age. Socialization (for example, openness to individuals and objects) and training obedience at a young age are suggested. Reward your sheepadoodle puppy with treats and recognition. Try not to punish him as it might prompt aggressiveness. Ensure that you are giving more openness to different dogs and individuals. Whenever prepared, they will be sweet with cats also. This will make your puppy sweet, warm, and friendly.

How to buy a Sheepadoodle

You can easily find sheepadoodle puppies for sale online; sheepadoodle puppies can cost anyplace between $1000-$4000. However, if you want specific eye color, then you might have to pay more. The Micro Sheepadoodle will charge you an extra $500 to $900 more than a normal Sheepadoodle. 

Be cautious about where you get your puppy from sheepadoodle for sale, ensure you visit breeders’ premises, meet the guardians of the puppy and ensure the breeders know what they’re saying. Notice how they communicate with the dogs and if everything is looking clean and very much took care of; you can go for a deal. 


  • Is Sheepadoodle a good dog? 

Sheepadoodle is very friendly and quiet, and highly expressive. This is the reason why every family loves to keep them in their house. However, these are not only the characteristics which you can expect. 

  • Is Sheepadoodle hypoallergenic? 

These mixed breed dogs are primarily hypoallergenic. As they are a mixed breed, there is a chance of inheriting more traits from any parent. It doesn’t mean all sheepadoodle will be free of allergies. 

  • How much will Sheepadoodle cost? 

It will cost you around $300 to $2800, depending upon the location and breeder. It usually costs around $1600 on average. The price of puppies mainly varies for the coat color. 


Sheepadoodle is very outgoing, happy and will adore you from their heart. They are very intelligent pets and make a great companion whether you are a solo, couple, or a family. Once you bought a sheepadoodle, there you will not look back. But keep in mind when you are buying a mini sheepadoodle for sale, you should check every detail of it. 

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