Black German Shepherd

Black German Shepherd: The Ultimate Breed Guide

If you love to be unique in all aspects of your life, then a black German shepherd will complement your thoughts. Undoubtedly, black German shepherd puppies will attract your eyes when someone is passing by your lane. If you are a German shepherd lover and if you are planning to bring one to your place shortly, then an all-black German shepherd must be present at the top of your list. 

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Hence, they are unique and robust, therefore a perfect choice for a watchdog if you have a field or live in a deserted region. Apart from being hard and rough black German shepherd dogs also possess a loving nature, and they would never leave the back of their loving owners. 

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Black German Shepherds Are As Rare As a Hen’s Teeth: 

All the German shepherd lovers understand that black german shepherds are pretty rare to find because of their coat and similarity to a wolf. Seeing them with your common breeders is like finding water in a desert. People wait for weeks or even months and also spend thousands of dollars to import black German shepherds. When it comes to numbers, the chances of availability of black German shepherd puppies is only 10% which means the breed is in heavy demand. 

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What Makes Black German Shepherds Different From Standard German Shepherds?

The first and foremost difference between black german shepherds and standard German shepherds is the color of the coat. Secondly, they are also quite taller and larger when compared to the conventional German shepherds. The Black German shepherds also have straight backs and longer coats. Some experts also recommend that black german shepherds also have different genetics adding to a healthier immune system. Moreover, breeders also add various other catchy phrases to make them look unique and attract hefty prices from the buyers. In other words, apart from their luxurious coats, there are not too many differences between standard and black German shepherds. 

History of Black German Shepherds:

History image

The black german shepherds originated in Germany and traced a rich history and past like other colors of the same breed. We all know that German shepherds are VIP dogs as they have played a pivotal role in assisting the military and have always been on higher ranks and prestigious designations when compared to other breeds. Some of the familiar places where Black GSDs are deployed include special forces, service dogs, and police dogs.

Apart from being efficient workers, this breed is also loyal to their partner and are an excellent choice for home dogs. You must buy one GSD if you and your family are eagerly waiting to adopt an excellent companion. 

Genetics of Black German Shepherds:

Most pet breeding experts believe that a black German shepherd is only produced by breeding two black German shepherds. If you feel the same, you are wrong because there is no research to conclude that you will need two black german shepherds to create stunning black GSD. One can also mate two standard german shepherds who had recessive genes for the black coat color. If both the parents share similar black genes, then the chances are high that they will produce black german shepherd puppies.

The appearance of Black German Shepherds:

Not all black german shepherds are born with black patterns; some are born with white or even grey shades. Sound’s interesting, isn’t it? All the black german shepherds born with different colors showcase their colors when they are eight weeks old. Most pet experts suggest that you never commit to a breeder until the puppy is eight weeks of age if you are looking for a genuinely black-coated german shepherd. 

Most of their body parts will be black, but you can find white and brown spots on their chest, between the paws, and tails. Similar to any other standard German shepherd, black German shepherds might have long or short coats depending on the option you want. Black german shepherds can grow upto a maximum height of 26 inches and a maximum weight of 90 pounds. If you go with fury ones, you will have to ensure that you will have to clean a lot of hair during the shedding season. Black German shepherds also grow up to the age of 18 months. They have standing ears and also almond-shaped eyes adding to their rich look. 

Ideal Grooming and Living Environment:

Dog Grooming
Dog Gooming

If you don’t like to engage in many dog maintenance during your weekends, having a black german shepherd is an intelligent choice. Maintaining their coat is inexpensive and also not time-consuming. To keep your dog in the best condition, you will have to comb their double coat to remove the stray hair and fur away from the skin. If you want your dog’s hair to be smooth and clean, you will have to brush them daily to prevent curly hair. Dogs’ skin secretes natural oils on their skin; hence you must not go over bath your black german shepherd puppy. You must bathe a black German shepherd once in a month or unless you engage them in any messy outdoor activities. Over bathing will also wash away the dog’s natural oils, leading to dry skin problems.

As mentioned above, all the german shepherds are deployed to prestigious posts like guard dogs, police dogs, and military dogs. These breeds are made to live in harsh conditions. They can easily tackle scorching summer and freezing winter if their coat is maintained well. They also fall into the category of intelligent dogs, which makes them confident. They also love to socialize and engage in activities like swimming, climbing and playing. 


Indeed, black german shepherds are a great choice of canines if you want a companion who loves being a pet. Black german shepherds are an incredible addition to your family as they would love to play with your kids and provide company to your retired family members. 


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