English Cream Golden Retrievers

10 Interesting Facts About English Cream Golden Retrievers

English Cream Golden Retrievers : We all know that golden retrievers are one of the most beautiful, or you must not be surprised if I tell you about the most beautiful dog breeds on earth. Golden shades on their body signify their quality as they love to play and love to be their owner’s best friend. Some pet experts also describe golden retrievers as lucky charms, and only a few lucky pet owners who are god gifted get a chance to live with one of the world’s most beautiful creatures. 

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Today, we will discuss the white golden retriever and ten facts associated with the English golden retriever.

Most pet owners feel that American or Canadian golden retrievers are genetically different from English golden retrievers. Well, there are not too many differences between American and English golden retrievers as both American and UK kennel clubs have mentioned them differently. There are some differences like American golden retrievers are darker while the English ones are quite pale in color. Moreover, English golden retriever puppies also shed less when compared to their American counterparts. 

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The facts mentioned above are quite interesting, right? We are sure that you would be delighted after reading about ten interesting facts about English Cream Golden Retrievers in this article. 

#1. Their Actual Name is Rare White European Retrievers:

Recently, breeders use stylish names like exquisite platinum imported golden retrievers or English cream golden retrievers to impress pet shoppers. The original name of the English golden retrievers is rare white European retrievers, and the only aspect differentiating them from standard golden retrievers is color. There are also a few myths associated with the English golden retrievers that are quite healthier than standard golden retrievers, but it is untrue. 

#2. English Cream Golden Retrievers Were First Seen In Scotland:

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According to the states mentioned in history, English cream golden retrievers were first bred by Baron Tweedmouth of Guisachan in Scotland around the late 1890s. He mated Wavy Coated Golden Retriever X Tweed Water Spaniel, which resulted in English cream golden retriever. They could easily retrieve in both land and water, making them special creatures on earth. Soon, these breeds were made in America, and in 1925 first American golden retriever was listed in the American Kennel Club.

#3. English Cream Golden Retrievers Have 3 Different Blood Lines:

According to pet experts, all the white golden retrievers belong to the same bloodline, but different breeding has resulted in differences in blood groups. It is one of the main reasons behind the differences between American golden retrievers and Canadian golden retrievers. 

#4. Cream Is Not A Certified Breed Color:

It might be surprising if you don’t find cream-colored golden retriever or any other breed of cream color because no Kennel club recognizes cream as a breed color. Don’t be surprised if you don’t find cream-colored breeds in your next research. 

#5. English Golden Retrievers Are Immunocompromised Than Standard Golden Retrievers:

Some canine breeders might also suggest that white golden retrievers are not healthier than the standard golden retrievers. They try to do this because they are rare, and they might not be breeding one, and it is a simple marketing strategy to promote golden retrievers. 

English white cream golden retrievers fall in the large category of dogs; hence with age, owners have to tackle hip dysplasia. According to a recent survey, all the golden retrievers have to battle with Osteochondritis Dissecans where the cartilage of the elbow gets separated from the bones. Although it can be anywhere in the body, it is most common in legs and hands. Most of the golden retrievers die from a diversity of cancers, heart diseases, and old age. 

#6. English White Cream Golden Retrievers Need 1 Hour running/Day:

As these breeds descended from breeds that loved to swim and run, they love to spend time outdoors. The owners need to ensure that they take them out to swim at safer locations. This breed of dog loves to be happy and active, and their behavioral patterns might change if the owners don’t provide the physical exercise. 

#7. They are Quite Expensive When Compared To Standard Golden Retrievers:


Yes, they are quite expensive compared to standard golden retrievers, and their rare availability is to be blamed. It is quite difficult for pet owners to find English white cream golden retrievers, and in some cases, dog lovers also import them from different countries, which makes them quite expensive. The price of the white golden retriever may also depend on the pedigree, beauty, and location of the breeder. Many owners struggle to buy white golden retrievers, which means you will have to spend a lot of time and money to buy one.

#8. They Are Popular For Heavy Shedding:

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Undoubtedly, whether it is a traditional golden retriever or a white cream golden retriever, owners have to clean many hairs during the shedding season. Moreover, over-bathing can also cause diseases like atopic dermatitis. It is the main reason why most golden retriever owners spend hundreds of dollars on grooming products for their pets. Apart from heavy shedding, owners have to also battle with regular ear cleaning and tooth brushing.

#9. White Golden Retrievers Need a Lot of Food:

One of the best advantages of having white cream golden retrievers is that they are not fussy eaters and love to enjoy their meals. You can feed them various meals, and they would lick the last drop of the bowl without any concern. Some owners also like to feed bones for oral cleaning, but it is recommended to use thick bones for better results. 

#10. They Are Perfect Family Dogs:

family dog

Yes, English cream golden retrievers love to spend time while playing and protecting their family. If you live with kids, you must go for white cream golden retrievers because both your loved ones would like to spend quality time together.


English white cream golden retrievers are playful and are made for people who expect the same amount of love from their pets. Owners need to shower love on golden retrievers, and these creatures would never like to share their owners with anyone else on earth. 



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