Mini Aussiedoodle

Mini Aussiedoodle Complete Breed Guide


Dogs are the cutest pets that you can have as a part of your family member. Most of us are fond of dogs because of their loyalty and lovability. The presence of a dog will brighten your family and keep all family members alert.

There are various breeds of dogs, each with distinctive features, but the cutest among them is undoubtedly the mini aussie doodle full grown.  These dogs are also known as designer dogs and are some of the most intelligent dogs on the planet.

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Mini aussiedoodle full grown

The breeder of the Aussiedoodle needs a pat on his back. It is because the canine doodle is just unique. It has the flavors of good looks, intelligence, and companionship that you will not find in any other breed. Being a great friend and playful nature, the mini aussiedoodle full-grown is a great companion for your child.

The relationship that your canine friend will have with you is just excellent. Though the size of the doodle is not much, it maintains to keep its personality at the highest level. The flurry doodle will always keep you on your toes and enlighten the general atmosphere of your house. 

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Down the Wire

The Mini Aussiedoddle fully grown is a perfect mix of the Miniature Australian Shephard and Miniature Poodle. Thanks to the parent breed, the Aussie Doodle has inherited the qualities of both, thus making it one of the cutest pets known worldwide.

The designer dog is a pack of intelligence and beauty, a combination that you will rarely find among the pets. However, since your flurry doodle has a playful nature, you will have to spend some quality time with it. Even if you want to ignore its appearance, you will not be able to do so, as they will try every possible means to get your attention.

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Mini aussiedoodle personality

 Mini aussiedoodle personality

The mini aussiedoodle full grown has all the features that make it a perfect pet for your house. It has all the qualities, and you will not find any flaw in its characteristics. It is brave as well as loyal and intelligent. Its friendly nature makes it a lovable dog. They can easily mix with young children, guests, and even other pets. So, if you visit a house, do not get scared if you see an Aussie doodle.

A mere pat will be enough to make friends with the beautiful dog. It likes to be around family members and becomes an essential member of the family in no time. However, it would help if you did not leave your cute canine friend alone, as they always want someone to be with them. It is just an extraordinary breed of dog that will surely make your neighbors envy.  

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Are Aussiedoodle Hypoallergic?

The Mini Aussiedoodle Fully Grown is not hypoallergic. They are, in fact, fluffy and bears a lot of hair. Hence, your cute canine friend needs a lot of grooming. Usually, you can groom your dog three to four times a week.

Since they do not shed much hair, people who have breathing problems can safely keep the doodle as their pet. You must also regularly clean their ears and teeth as they may develop dental issues at a later age. You must also periodically clean the dwelling area of your lovable fluffy dog else it may create unhygienic health issues.

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Amazing Features of Aussiedoodle

An Aussie Doodle comes in three sizes:

  • Miniature Aussiedoodle: The height of a Miniature Aussie Doodle will range between Seventeen to Eighteen inches, and its weight is usually around Nine to Fourteen kgs.
  • Standard Aussiedoodle : A Standard Aussie Doodle weighs around Fourteen kgs, and the height ranges between Twenty to Twenty Two inches.
  • The Toy Version :  The Aussie Doodle also has a toy version. It is so-called because there are some Aussie Doodle that stops growing after Eight months.

Because of the smaller size of the Mini Aussiedoodle full-grown, you can adjust its dwelling place at any corner of the room. 

Though you can get an Aussie Doodle in various colors, the tri-colour stands out as the best. The tri-color refers to the three colors; red, white, and copper. The availability of the Mini Aussiedoodle tri-colour is rare, but the red color makes it look fabulous.

They are always energetic and enthusiastic. Their presence in the family will not make you bore during your idle times. The Aussie Doodle is always lovable and will always follow you wherever you go. So, it is a request to all pet lovers, never leave your cute dog alone in the house. They can turn destructive as they bear similar minds and feeling like your child. 

How much does it cost?

The demand for Mini Aussie Doodle is always high as it is one of the cutest in the canine family. Moreover, it is the perfect match for your family, especially if you have kids. Finally, it is because they are great as a companion for your child. If you want to buy, the Mini Aussiedoodle price is as follows; 

  • Solid colored black Aussiedoodle pups will range between $900-1800
  • The Solid colored Aussiedoodle puppies (white, cream, or golden) will cost you $1,100-2400
  • The Bi-colored; or solid colored chocolate or red Aussiedoodle puppies costs around $1,500-2700
  • The rarest among the breed, the Tri-colored Aussiedoodle puppies will cost $1,900-2900
  • Finally, the most costly among them is the Merle Aussiedoodle pups. The price is between $2,200-3200


Q1. How big will my mini Aussiedoodle get?

Ans: It goes with its name. The Mini Aussie Doodle does not grow much in size. It is a tiny dog, and you may expect it to grow with a height of a maximum of twelve to eighteen inches.

However, you can make your dog’s living place at any corner of the house without any obstruction because of its small size. However, please do not get confused with its size, as the mini Aussie Doodle is one of the most intelligent dogs in the canine family.

Q2. Do Mini Aussiedoodles shed?

Ans: Technically, Mini Aussie Doodles do not shed much. However, your canine friend needs grooming at least three to four times a week.

In addition, you have to brush their flurry coat daily to prevent the fur from getting coiled up. They usually bear a thick coat; hence trimming of the fur is also necessary. If you have breathing problems, keeping an Aussie doddle in your house will not affect you.

Q3. Are mini Aussiedoodle good family dogs?

Ans: Dogs share an excellent bond with human beings, and The mini Aussie doodle is not an exception. They are a perfect family dog as it is one of the best in the breed to be a great friend. They can adjust with the family members in no time. The Aussie doodle has a playful nature, and hence it will be a great companion for your child.

However, since they have the same features, you must not leave them alone in the house. Having an Aussie Doodle is an advantage for you because they are intelligent and witty. They can brighten your house and increase the activeness of all the family members. It is a treat when you come home tired and see your canine friend wagging its tail.

Q4. Do mini Aussiedoodles grow?

Ans: If you plan to keep a big and strong dog, do not go for the Aussie Doodle. First, it is because the mini Aussie doodle is one of the tiniest in the canine family. They hardly grow as their growth stops after eight months old. Second, it is because of their small size and flurry coat; they look cute and beautiful.    


In short, the mini Aussie doodle is a perfect match for your family. If you have to give them proper love and care, they can turn out to be the best companion to you and your family members. In addition, they are the smartest among the canine family and are extremely intelligent; you can train your dog in whatever way you want. You have to give them lots of time and attention and treat them as family members.

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