Can dogs have waffles?

Can Dogs Have Waffles? What You Need To know

Waffles offer us a wonderful munchy treat at any time of the day. It comes in a variety of flavours with delicious toppings. So, as you enjoy the waffles, your dog also picks up the crumbles and enjoys them too. You notice that your canine friend also wants a bite or two of the waffles. As you love your dog, you want to share the waffles too. But before proceeding, do you think waffles are suitable for your dog. Hence the question can dogs have waffles?  The answer is yes. Dogs can eat waffles, but it will be advisable to consult your vet before taking any step.

Can Dogs Have Waffles? Is Waffle good for dogs?

Though waffles are non-toxic, it is not a healthy diet for your dog. It is because waffles contain sugar and is high in calories. So, if you do not want to see your dog gaining abnormal weight, try not to feed waffles.

Moreover, if the waffles have a topping of syrup and fruits, do thorough research before proceeding further. It, however, does not imply that you cannot feed your dog waffles. Waffles are safe for your dog, but it is not healthy. 

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So, the answer to the question, can dogs have waffles is yes. You can feed your dog simple waffles without any toppings. However, while feeding your dog with waffles, you must also keep a close watch on the health of your dog.

It is because dogs have a sensitive digestive system. Sometimes they are unable to digest new food. Hence, before trying anything new, give in slight moderation until you feel that your dog can digest it.

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Can dogs have Eggo waffles?

Eggo waffles are safe for your dog, but you must give in moderation.  It contains sugar and eggs with flour.  So you must ensure that your dog does not consume Eggo waffles in large proportion.  It would help if you remembered that Eggo waffles are safe, but it is not a healthy diet for your dog. 

It is because you do not want to see your dog gain excess weight and become less active.  Hence, if you want to feed your dog with Eggo waffles, do not use it as an everyday diet. Instead, you can use it as a part of their treat.

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Waffles with Syrup – Is it healthy?

Waffles with Syrup
Waffles with Syrup

Waffles and syrup is not a healthy combination for your dog.  The syrup is nothing but liquid sugar.  So, though it is not toxic, it is also not healthy for your dog.  If your dog is suffering from diabetes or fat, it is advisable not to feed it with waffles and syrup.  You must be thinking if you can use sugar-free instead of sugar in the waffles. 

The answer is never to try anything without consulting your vet.  Moreover, you must always check the ingredients properly because if it contains xylitol, your canine friend is in danger.  It is because xylitol is highly harmful to your dog’s health, and if your dog consumes it, you may lose your dog.  

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Are Belgian Waffles safe for dogs?

Waffles are not suitable for your dog without any toppings. So the question is can dogs have Belgian waffles without syrup? Research says that waffles are safe for your dog without any toppings. But it is not healthy as it contains a high proportion of calories that is not healthy for your dog.

As a result, your dog may gain weight and show other unhealthy symptoms. So, even if your dog loves to have waffles, limit its use. It is advisable not even to use it as a treat for your dog. 

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However, you know that your dog has munched some of the waffles, and since dogs have an appetite for good taste, they will want more. So now, you may ask the next question, can dogs have plain waffles.  

If you consider the ill effects of waffles, it is advisable not to feed your dog with any waffles. It is because your dog may end up with stomach aches or similar health issues. So, it is best, keep your canine friend away from waffles.

Best Alternative to Waffles


There are many substitutes to waffles that you can feed your dog. So, if you ask, can dogs have pancakes, the answer is yes. You can safely feed your fluffy friend with pancakes, provided your dog is not allergic to dairy products. Hence, if your dog has a soft corner for anything sweet, feed with pancakes.

However, you must ensure the ingredients first, as dogs do not have a robust digestive system. So, if you are planning to treat your dog with pancakes, monitor its health.

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Your dog may show signs of discomfort and if it happens, call your vet immediately. If, however, your dog adjusts the consumption of pancakes, do not get over-excited. You must maintain the proportion and try not to give your dog pancakes as an everyday diet.


Q1. Can Dogs eat waffle cones?

Ans:  We all like icecreams especially if it is cone ice cream.  So whatever the season is, icecreams are always in demand. The cone is made of waffles that are munchy and tasty. So if you are thinking to share it with your canine friend, give a pause.  First, find out the ingredients of the cone. 

If the cone is made of xylitol, then you should stop at once.  Xylitol acts as a slow poison, and if your canine friend consumes it, it can dangerously affect your dog’s health. Also, if you are enjoying chocolate or any other flavour of ice cream, try not to give it to your dog.  Apart from vanilla, all the other favour are toxic and hence not favourable to the health of your dog.

Q2.  Can dogs have blueberry waffles?

Ans:  Blueberries are highly healthy and nutritious.  Hence, if you consider feeding your dog with blueberry waffles, it is entirely safe for your dog’s health. 

You must, however, monitor the health of your dog if you are feeding it for the first time. Therefore, if you consider feeding your canine friend with blueberries, try giving them in their original form. 

Waffles are made of flour and sugar, which is not a healthy diet for your dog, and your dog will suffer ultimately.  Hence, before you feed your dog with blueberry waffles, do thorough research or consult your vet.

Q3.  Can dogs eat syrup?

Ans. The syrup contains high sugar content, so it is not preferable to the health of your dog.  If, however, your dog consumes syrup, call for the vet immediately.  It is because the sugar content combined with other additives can lead to the death of your favourite canine friend.


Waffles are not toxic; neither is beneficial to the health of your dog. So, considering the fact, you can feed your canine friend with waffles but in less moderation. It has a high content of calories, so you can use waffles to train your dog. Let your dog enjoy the treat of waffles, and at the same time, you will be satisfied to share your food. So the answer to the question can dogs have waffles is yes. 

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