Can Dogs Have Maple Syrup

Can Dogs Have Maple Syrup? Is It Safe?

Maple syrup has a wealth of nutritional properties that are incredibly beneficial to both humans and dogs. It is the best alternative to sugar, and hence if you ask the question, can dogs have maple syrup, the answer is yes.

Maple syrup contains antioxidants that will benefit your dog in the long run, but you must not use additives. Hence maple syrup is safe for your dog.

Can Dogs Have Maple Syrup?

Maple syrup is good for the health of your dog, but you must give it in moderation. It is because dogs and sugar are not a healthy combination. If your dog consumes maple syrup in high proportion, it can lead to obesity.

On the other hand, pure maple syrup has many nutritional benefits that can be beneficial to your dog’s health. It contains zinc and vitamins that can increase your canine friend’s immunity and help in the production of red blood cells. 

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Is Maple Syrup bad for dogs?

Maple Syrup

If you are wondering if dogs eat maple syrup, a short and precise answer is yes? However, if you buy maple syrup from the market, it may be harmful to your dog.

It is because commercial maple syrup contains sugar and some additives that can be fatal to your dog.

As a result, your dog will show excessive thirst and urination symptoms, which is a sign of diabetes. If it happens, you must immediately consult your vet for proper medication; else you will lose your favorite four-legged friend soon.  

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Is Maple syrup safe for dogs?

Maple syrup is prepared naturally from maple trees.  It is suitable for your dog, but you must give in small proportion.  It is safe for your dog, but if there are additives, it can be dangerous.

Your dog may suffer from specific health issues. It also causes a dental problem in your dog as sugar is not a preferred additive for your dog.

Though maple syrup is not toxic, you must alter its consumption regularly for your dog. Artificial maple syrup is not only harmful but also toxic.  

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Health Benefits of maple syrup

health benefits

Maple syrup contains some essential nutrients that are extremely helpful to your dog’s health. It, however, does not mean that you can feed your dog maple syrup in high quantity. The nutrients and minerals that are present in pure maple syrup are the following:

Vitamin B2 – Pure maple syrup is just what you need for your dog. It contains vitamin b2 that helps in the production of red blood cells.  

Hence your dog will get a free flow of oxygen throughout its body and the transportation of the essential nutrients. As a result, it will favor the health of your dog immensely.  

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Zinc – 
Maple syrup contains zinc that will help your dog to build its immunity. Dogs are prone to various types of diseases. Hence you must be cautious while preparing a diet for your dog. It is advisable to get a piece of advice from your pet so that you know what type of food is healthy for your canine friend.

Be cautious while giving maple syrup

We are always trying to research what type of food is beneficial for our dog.  It is because dogs and human beings share a kind of love bond that you cannot express. However, everything that we eat doesn’t need to be also favorable for your dog. Hence when it comes to maple syrup, you always want to ask can dogs have maple syrup. 

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The answer is definitely yes, but then the immune system of your dog is weak. Sugar, in particular, is not healthy for your dog as your dog can become obese or develop diabetes.  Artificial maple syrup contains xylitol which is extremely dangerous to the health of your dog. It can lead to liver failure

Some Common Symptoms

 If your dog consumes maple syrup in large quantities, it will show some unhealthy signs. You must monitor the symptoms closely and take instant action, else your dog can become seriously ill, leading to death. Following are the usual symptoms that your dog will show:

Excessive thirst

We all need water to survive, but if you see that your dog is showing signs of excessive thirst, then there is something wrong with it. You must call the vet and get instant medication.


One of the significant signs of diabetes is urination. If your canine friend is visiting the loo quite often, then you must take proper action. 

You must monitor the number of times your dog is urinating, and if you see the frequencies are gradually increasing, you must take action immediately.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is also one of the symptoms of diabetes. If there is no reason why your dog’s weight is gradually on a downward slope, then you must call for the vet and perform a thorough check. Diabetes is a deadly disease, and if you neglect it, you may lose your four-legged friend forever. 


If you find your dog constantly hunting for food or grabbing anything they find edible, then there is a severe problem.  It is not a healthy sign, and if you do not give proper medication at an early stage, it may cause a lot of problems to your dog later.


Q1.  Is it safe for dogs to eat syrup?

Ans:  Dogs can eat syrup as it is not toxic. However, the content of sugar in it may be harmful to dogs.  Dogs and sugar are not a good combination.  Hence if you buy maple syrup from the market, try to avoid it for your dog. It contains Xylitol that is extremely dangerous to the health of your dog. It is a very harmful additive that may cause liver failure leading to death.

Q2.  Which is better for dogs honey or maple syrup?

Ans:  Maple syrup is healthier than honey because it contains less sugar. You will get natural maple syrup from the maple trees, and since it contains zinc, vitamin b2, and other necessary nutrients, it is the first choice for your dog. As a result, the immune system of your dog will become stronger. 

On the other hand, honey is not a favorable substitute for maple syrup.  It is high in sugar that may cause your dog to gain weight and even develop certain life-threatening diseases.  However, if you limit the proportion of consumption, it is less dangerous.

Q3.  Is Honey OK for dogs?

Ans: Honey is safe for dogs, but since the content of sugar is high, you must give it in small proportion.  You can use it as a sweetener but in significantly less quantity.  It contains natural sugar and vitamins in a small amount. So, it is Ok if you feed your dog honey in moderation.

Q4.  Is maple syrup toxic?

Ans: Dogs cannot consume sugar in large quantities. Hence if you want to give your dog maple syrup, you must limit the proportion.  You can, however, feed your dog with maple syrup as it contains some minerals and vitamins that are excellent for the health of your dog.  


We always want to share our food with dogs to show unconditional love and remember the fatal effects. Hence, it would help if you controlled yourself though your canine friend is making a fuss to grab your food.  If you want to share maple syrup with your dog, feed in small quantities so that nobody suffers later.

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