Can dogs have Sour Cream

Can Dogs Have Sour Cream? You Must Know

Do you have a fur buddy at home? If yes, then you can imagine the struggle of hiding eatables from them. These cute fur balls follow you all over the house only to see you eat and eventually blackmail you for a share! But as a responsible dog owner, you can set the boundaries of eating everything by maintaining a diet chart. But the biggest question is, can dogs eat sour cream? You will find out from the following article soon! 

Is Sour Cream safe for dogs?

If you are wondering, is sour cream bad for dogs? Then you have come to the right page. Dogs have a strong yet fragile digestive system. They are allergic to certain ingredients, which can cause toxins in their health. It would help if you were pretty cautious about what you are feeding your pet dog.

Sour cream is one of the most favorite items of dogs. But if you are curious whether sour cream is safe for dogs, then it is time to let go of all the fears and give a spoon or so to your fur baby but not in excess. You can even use sour cream as treats or dip biscuits in it for serving your furry friend a delicious meal. You can get more information on it from the below article. 

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Ways of serving to your dogs

sour cream

Is sour cream good for dogs? If you are still worried about adding sour cream to your dog’s diet, then worry less, as it is fine for dogs who are not lactose intolerant. Here are a few amazing ways in which you can give your dogs sour cream:

  • Raw sour cream:

If you want your dog to try out some new flavors, then you can easily give them some raw cool sour cream for a taste. The best way to serve sour cream to your dog is in its natural form. You can give a spoon of sour cream to your dogs when they crave it, or you catch them salivating at the smell of delicious sour cream!

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  • Sour cream dips:

Dogs also have got taste buds, and so they also crave changes in the meal. One of the best ways of serving sour cream to your canine companions is by using sour cream as a dip to their tasty treats. You can use spoons of sour cream to train your fur baby too!

  • Sour cream toppings:

Can dogs eat sour cream and onion chips? If you are stuck with a similar question in mind, then you shouldn’t serve any onion or onion flavored items to your fur balls even if they want it badly. Though, you can use sour cream as the topping to your dog’s meal once a day sometimes. It would stimulate their taste buds and bring in little happiness!

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Why is too much Sour Cream bad for dogs?

Why is too much Sour Cream bad for dogs?

Can dogs have sour cream? Well, yes, dogs can have sour cream to some extent. But vets often forbid owners upon feeding too much sour cream to their canine companions. Do you want to know why? If yes, then go through the following point real quick:

  • Lactose intolerance:

Most of the dogs do not share a good bond with dairy products like milk and curd. Sour cream is one of the nutritious dairy products that you can have. But if your dog is not accustomed to dairy products, then there might be chances of his being lactose intolerant. 

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Dairy products often cause gastric problems in dogs. Sour cream is one of the most popular dairy products you can come across from cream and acetic acid bacteria. If your dog eats too much sour cream, he might suffer from gastric issues like a stomach ache. 

One of the biggest problems in dogs upon having sour cream is diarrhea. Your dog might not be able to digest so many nutrients at once and end up vomiting or suffer from diarrhea at ease.

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If you ever go through the contents of a sour cream package, you will be able to understand the calorific value it contains. Dogs have delicate health, and they can get chubby or suffer from obesity at ease from the fat present in sour cream if they have too much of it. Obesity can further leads to other health issues in your pet love like heart problems, fragile immunity system, kidney problem, etc.

What factors to consider before giving your dogs sour cream?

Can dogs have sour cream? If you want to make sure for the last time whether your dog can have sour cream or not, then you should check out the following factors first before feeding sour cream to your furry mates:

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  • Verify whether your dog is lactose intolerant:

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your canine companion is not allergic to lactose or any dairy products. You can check it out by considering any history of lactose intolerance in your dogs. 

  • Do you have a puppy or an adult dog?

The second thing which you should give a thought about is the age of your pet. If your pet is a puppy, then you can provide him little spoons of sour cream and other dairy products sometimes to check whether he has lactose intolerance or not. If your dog is an adult, you would know if he had a habit of digesting dairy products like sour cream or curd in the past. It would help if you did not think of introducing sour cream to an adult dog’s diet chart suddenly. 

  • Nutritional benefits and contents:

The last and the most important thing you should not skip questioning is the nutritional benefits and the contents of sour cream. Different brands offer different contents of sour cream. If you do not want your fur baby to fall sick suddenly, then you can look for the allergens in the contents section of the package before buying it for your dog. 


Can dogs have sour cream and cheese?

  • You can easily feed your dogs some delicious sour cream but within limits. Cheese is a big no-no for dogs, though. Cheese is one of the best examples of dairy products but it might not be the best option of treat for your dogs due to its high calorific and nutritional values which might be difficult for them to digest. 

What are the adverse effects of sour cream and onion chips in dogs?

  • There are several adverse effects of sour cream and onion chips in dogs jointly. But if you consider the individual products, then sour cream can get thumbs up but not the onion chips because of its high protein values. Besides everything, onion or garlic can cause toxins in your fur babies’ health in no time. 

Most people often get worried and browse various things like, “my dog ate sour cream.” If you are in a similar situation, there is no need to get concerned as the bad phase would pass soon when your dog clears his stomach via loose stool or vomiting. If you notice worse health issues, then it would be best to consult a doctor immediately!

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