Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn? Must Read Before You Feed

Having dogs around you all the time must be so relieving, right? But, if you have your fur buddy around you all the time, then there are possibilities of him being around every time you want to enjoy a small snack like Popcorn.

It is pretty hard to avoid those innocent puppy looks while you try to have your snack. But the biggest question is – can dogs eat popcorn? If you seek answers to such questions, keep an eye on the following article to know more!

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Can dogs can eat popcorn?

Are popcorns safe for dogs

When you go around the internet browsing about your dog’s diet plan, you might come across one common question all the time, is Popcorn good for dogs? Well, the most straightforward answer you could get to such a question is a yes!

But, of course, you can always feed your dogs plain flavorless popcorns. But if you are having a big bucket of buttered or flavored Popcorn, then it is best to avoid such gloomy hungry eyes right beside you!

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What are things you should know before feeding your dog’s Popcorn?


If you wonder whether Popcorn for dogs is healthy or not, then here is a simple answer, it depends! Now you might be questioning yourself the exact factors that matter while treating your fur babies with popcorns.

Popcorns are a lot of snacks for humans as well as animals. They can be fresh, crispy, and fibrous. 

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But is it at all safe for dogs’ consumption? Is Popcorn bad for dogs? Popcorns can be great snacks for even dogs to some extent. When you enjoy a quick evening popcorn snack, your dog might compel you to give one or two pieces eventually.

But if you want to avoid such compelling circumstances, then you can pop a few details of unsalted, non-buttered, and unflavored popcorns along with yours. This way, you would be able to enjoy your snacks along with your dogs at the same time without harming their health!

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Why are popcorns not healthy for dogs?

popcorn not healthy

Do dogs eat Popcorn? Dogs fall for various food items now and then. They do not consider how harmful the food item might be. All they can dream of is food! But as a responsible owner, it is your sole responsibility to look after the diet plan of your charming canine companion.

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Most people of today’s world come up with questions like why popcorns are not safe for dogs. It is pretty tough to avoid those “share your snacks” looks on your dogs’ eyes. But you yet need to know what snacks like Popcorn do to your dog’s health.

Dogs are happy to go companions in your everyday life. But you would not like it if your most secure source of happiness falls sick.

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What are the side effects of popcorn?

You can register in a few factors why your dog’s diet should not include popcorns in them. Popcorns with salts and other seasonings have high levels of sodium and fiber in them, which might harm your dogs’ health.

If your dogs consume Popcorn suddenly to some significant extent, then there are possibilities of him getting dehydrated at once due to the presence of high sodium ingredients.

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If your dogs start having popcorns regularly, it might also be quite difficult for them to digest those because they would grow fat eventually with time.

Dogs with heavy or chubby physiques might not be suitable as they might face problems related to obesity like thyroid and other diseases. Their immunity system might also get affected suddenly!

Possible health hazards from feeding Popcorn to your dog

dogs health

Is Popcorn ok for dogs? Can dogs eat popcorn? Popcorns are ok for dogs. But they do not have adequate control over their diet. Most of the researches on dogs say that a dog’s brain can grow to the brain capacity of a three-year-old human to the maximum extent.

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So it is your sole responsibility to keep dogs and popcorns separated. But have you ever thought to yourself, what are the primary health hazards that your poor pooch can face in the mere future for popcorn consumption?

If you do not know yet, then here are the possible health hazards your dogs can face due to popcorn consumption:

Popcorns do not come in plain flavors or without any seasonings all the time. They do not taste good without proper flavors. Most popcorn manufacturers add a significant amount of condiments, butter, toppings, and other ingredients to the Popcorn to make them tastier.

But if your dogs have too much dog Popcorn at once, they might face severe health issues like stomach upset and intestinal problems as well.

As you know, popcorns contain several ingredients which might not be fit for dog consumption. And yet, most of the dog owners suffer from one sole confusion that is, is Popcorn safe for dogs? Or can dogs eat popcorn? If your dog consumes too many salted popcorns in a day, then things might get bitter for the cute canine buddy.

Salty popcorns are generally not too good for dogs. But if they manage to steal one or two pieces of salted popcorns from the ground, it might not be unsuitable for his health.

Unfortunately, though, having too much salted popcorns might cause dehydration in dogs. Dogs’ systems are different from that of humans. They cannot digest much sodium from popcorns in general.

If you want to avoid such situations, it is best to feed them plain air-popped popcorns in limited amounts!

Can dogs eat popcorn? It is one of the most common questions you might come across on the internet related to dogs. Too much-salted popcorn consumption at once or in a day can cause rapid dehydration in your dogs.

But if you continue to feed them salty Popcorn regularly or for a long time, then there are high possibilities of kidney damage in them. This is because dogs cannot digest a significant amount of sodium all the time.

So there might be times when your fur buddy might not fall sick due to eating popcorns in a day. But if you mistake it as his self immunity or perks of the excellent digestive system, then you might be wrong!

Not everyone faces the side effects of popcorn consumption in a short span. Your dogs might meet terrible stomach aches in the first place. Then you might see symptoms of significant dehydration or kidney damage in him like diarrhea, indigestion, vomiting, back pain, etc.

Can dogs eat kettle corn? The answer to the question is a strict no! Kettle corns are sweeter and tastier than regular popcorns. Those corns consist of more amount of sodium and precious ingredients.

They also contain more fat them which can harm your fur baby easily! Such a significant amount of fiber, fat, and sodium can cause severe health issues in dogs like obesity and problems related to obesity like thyroid.

In dogs, such high amounts of toppings and seasoning might also cause cancer, heart diseases, hypertension, osteoarthritis, etc. Heavy body weight can also affect bones in dogs and cause bone-related disorders and eventually reduce dogs’ mobility.


Can puppies eat popcorns? No! Grown-up dogs can have air-popped plain popcorns, but small puppies can’t digest even the plain popcorns at all.


What happens if my dog ate Popcorn?

  • There are many posts available online where most of the dog owners complain about “my dog ate popcorn.” If you are worried about your fur baby eating Popcorn, you should know the amount of Popcorn he has eaten.
  • In addition, if you observe any health issues or uneasiness in your dog after eating Popcorn, then there are possibilities of him eating a lot of popcorns at a time. You can consult with a vet immediately in such cases!

Why does my dog love Popcorn?

  • Will Popcorn hurt my dog? Dog owners remain worried about their dog’s diet charts now and then. But they do not understand the taste of their canine companions. Every dog has got a different taste in food habits. If your dog loves eating popcorns, then the possibilities are that he enjoys the crunch and crisp of the item!

Can I give my dog microwave popcorn?

  • If you have a dog eating Popcorn at home, then you might have to stop him right there! Popcorns are not too good for dog’s health. Even if you provide him with microwave-cooked popcorns, they are still not suitable for dog consumption!

Can Popcorn cause diarrhea in dogs?

  • The high limit of sodium and fiber in popcorns can easily cause diarrhea in dogs if they consume it to some great extent in a day!