Can Dogs Eat Spam

Can Dogs Eat Spam? Is it Dangerous?

If you have a pet dog, you might know that it’s essential for dogs to take food as per their recommended diet. The proper diet for a dog contains high protein and fat, and meat fulfills the proportion.

However, it often leads to a misconception of feeding dogs with spam as it contains meat. Have you ever tried searching can dogs eat spam? Moreover, if you are a new dog parent, you might need to learn what’s good and not for them. Here is what you need to know about feeding dogs with spam

Description of spam

Spam is one of the most delicious and famous canned food in the world. It is nothing but canned meat mixed with more ingredients, making it a perfect meal for soldiers.

However, it is a mix of pork, potato starch, salt, and few more ingredients. The list of ingredients can fool anyone to think of it as a healthy food option for their dog. However, it is not.

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Can dogs eat spam?

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Recently many people started to look forward to feeding their dogs’ spam. However, their concern for their dogs leads to few questions regarding can dogs eat raw spam? People also ask or search whether dogs can eat cooked spam. Whether it’s raw or, cooked dogs can’t eat spam. It is not suitable for their health and can lead to severe health conditions.

Your dog might want to eat spam because of the smell, and you might have queries like, can dogs eat spam once? Yes. If your dog eats a small amount of spam once, it shouldn’t hurt. However, an entire can of spam will affect your pet’s health even if fed once, especially if your dog has sensitivity towards some snacks or spam.

Reasons why spam is not safe for dogs

Side effects of spam

You are a good pet parent if you search or ask a vet before feeding your dog spam.  Even though spam has everything your dog needs for their diet, it is still not safe for them. You might be wondering what could be the reason why spam is a dangerous food option for dogs. Well.

If you think there might be some ingredients that are toxic for your dog. However, none of the six components in spam is harmful to the dog, but the amount of ingredients used to mix is the problem. 

Most of the ingredients in spam are suitable for a dog’s health when given in small quantities. However, the amount of product inside the can is unhealthy and unsafe for dogs. The amount of fat, nitrates, sodium, preservatives, and flavorings present in each can of spam is high.

Here is how these high amounts of ingredients can harm a dog. Especially if your dog’s breed is small or you have a puppy, spam can lead to death.

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Everyone knows that regular spam is harmful to dogs but do you know what makes it more dangerous? It is the flavoring. Flavorings used in spam might make it even more delicious for humans, but those are all chemicals. Such chemicals can sometimes be toxic to your pets and cause reactions if they eat them.

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Sodium is an essential component for your dog to keep the nutrient balance. However, anything excessive is dangerous. The amount of sodium in spam can is too much. The sodium content present in each serving of spam can is 790mg which means for an entire can, and the sodium content is 4740mg.

Sodium is crucial when taken in a low dosage, but such a high amount can cause dehydration. The situation can worsen and lead to sodium poisoning. Salt in high amounts is nothing less than poison for dogs and can even cause death.


When it comes to spam, each can contains a high amount of preservatives and nitrates to ensure safe storage life of 5 years. It can reduce the functionality of your dog’s digestive system that might lead to loss of immunity power, diarrhea, etc.


Consuming fat is an essential part of a dog’s diet to keep them healthy. However, extreme fat consumption is visibly unhealthy and harmful for dogs. Each serving of spam can contains 16gms of fat, which turns 96gms per can, out of which 36gm is of saturated fat. It can lead to obesity in your dog and pancreatitis.

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It will be more comfortable for you to understand the imbalanced nutrients in spam if you go through the nutritional value of a spam can.

Nutritional value list of spam for a single serving 

  • 180gms of calory
  • 16gms of fat and six gms of saturated fat
  • 40mg of cholesterol
  • 1gm of carb
  • 7gms of protein
  • 790mg of sodium
  • 1gm of sugar

Health issues caused by spam

Suppose you feed your dog spam or want to know what happens when dogs consume spam, this list of diseases spam causes. You may be wondering can dogs eat fried spam? Well. Maybe they can have for once in a small amount, but there can be sad reactions after it. You might also look for answers on what to do if my dog ate spam. It will be helpful if you check whether there are any symptoms of any diseases written below to ensure your little friend is acceptable and if there are symptoms, take them to a vet immediately. 

List of health issues and their deadly symptoms
Lazy dog
  • Obesity: quicker weight gain, clumsiness, inactivity, etc.
  • Dehydration: vomiting, diarrhea, thick saliva, etc.
  • Pancreatitis – obesity
  • Salt poisoning or sodium poisoning:  lethargy, diarrhea, loss of appetite. Salt poisoning is the worst thing that can happen to your pet. It can cause coma, tremors, seizures, kidney damage, and even worsen the situation to death.
Frequently Asked Questions

Is spam toxic to dogs?

Spam is not toxic to dogs. However, some ingredients, such as chemical flavoring, can sometimes be toxic to dogs.

Is spam-like dog food?

Spam contains all the ingredients a dog needs to keep a healthy diet but in imbalanced quantities, which is not like dog food.

Can cats and dogs eat spam?

Cats and dogs can’t eat spam. The amount of fat, sodium, and preservatives present in each can of spam is harmful to cats and dogs.

Can dogs eat canned meat?

Canned meat contains a lot of preservatives, nitrates, and sodium which is harmful to dogs.

Can dogs eat spam ham?

Since spam ham comes from spam, it is equally unhealthy for dogs.

Can dogs eat spam lite?

Dogs can’t eat spam lite as it also contains a high amount of nutrients.

Can dogs eat uncooked spam?

No. dogs cannot eat spam.

What is an alternative to spam?

There are plenty of treats that are healthy for your dog. 


When you write spam dog on the internet, it will show you thousands of results, and all of them will show that your dogs can’t have spam, whether raw, cooked, or fried. It will be helpful if you look for treats that are healthy for your paw friend. Ensure feeding your dog meals with balanced nutrients to keep them healthy, active, and safe.

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