German Shepherd puppies

German Shepherd Puppies : Complete Dog Breed Information

Are you interested in getting German Shepherd puppies? If yes, you have hopped into the right page now. When you plan to get a dog home, you need to know every little detail about its breed, general behavior, food habits, lifespan, coat type, and color, etc. The same goes for the  German Shepherd breed. In this article, you will find every piece of information about German Shepherd puppies!

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Know more about German Shepherds

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If you plan to get German Shepherd puppies home, you must the origin, lifespan, type, and weight of the breed. As you know, German Shepherds already have the place of origin in their breed name, which is Germany. The dog breed is famous in today’s world in the name of a guard dog. You might be able to notice several military camps and police quarters or offices having German Shepherd dogs for training and work purposes. The different types of German Shepherds depend on their coat and color. Here is a list of variations in the dogs in terms of German Shepherd colors:

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Saddle German Shepherd:

Saddle German Shepherd

The first type of German Shepherd is the saddle type. People call them the saddle type because of the distinct markings of fur on their bodies. The saddle black cover fur on the dog’s back marks the saddle marks like that from the horses.

Black Shepherd:

Black Shepherd

The second type is the most common one which you might come across. For example, a German Shepherd puppy with jet black color can either be in a long coat or short coat, but the color remains the same in both cases. 

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Panda German Shepherd:

GSD puppies with a combination of white, black, tan, and red colors are generally the German Panda Shepherds. However, the German Shepherd female has more panda color composition usually. 

Sable German Shepherd:

German Shepherd puppies are born with classic black and tan or white or silver color combinations generally. But as they grow older, their coat color becomes more prominent and dark. These unique color combinations make German Shepherd puppies for sale in Ohio high in demand.  

White German Shepherd:

American German Shepherds have a rare coat color of pure white. They do not only look beautiful but gracious at the same time. AKC German Shepherd is considered to be one of the rare coat colors among the Shepherds in America. Therefore, they are in high demand at present and are rare to find!

Can German Shepherds be great companions?

german shepherd playing

If you are in a dilemma on whether German Shepherds can make great companions or not, then stay in peace because you can get your furry mate for 9-13 years as that is the German Shepherd’s lifespan. German Shepherds are giant breeds, and they are heavy enough. German Shepherd’s weight is about 22-40 kgs. Male German Shepherd can weigh about 30-40 kgs, while females weigh about 22-30 kgs. 

Ohio is one of the places where people go gaga over German Shepherd puppies. So the German Shepherd puppies in Ohio are in great demand in the 21st century as people are well aware of the facts like loyalty, possessiveness, and the protection German Shepherds can provide. People also go for German shepherd rescue in Ohio because they will serve you for life once you take care of a dog. The German shepherd rescues in Ohio can turn out to be great companions and friends for their high level of loyalty and love for the rescuers. 

Is it safe to rescue German Shepherds?

German Shepherds are often known for their heroic acts and high-level intelligence. You would often spot one in the military camps and other places as service dogs. Here are a few points which will help you stick on to your decision regarding rescuing German Shepherd puppies:

Long lifespan:

The first thing you should know about the breed is that German Shepherd life expectancy is 9-13 years which is quite a long time in which they serve their masters with all they have. 

Is German Shepherd A Intelligent breed:

is german sherpherd intelligent ?

If you are a dog person, you would know that most dogs do not have a sharp brain. So they either need to be trained or practiced with daily routine stuff for sharpening their brain. But unlike other dogs, German Shepherds are the topnotch breeds with sensitive and intelligent grey matters!

German Shepherd Health :

When you pet a dog at home, you start treating them as one of your family members. You would not be able to bear it if your fur baby keeps on falling sick now and then. If you take a German Shepherd home, you would not have to worry about their falling sick as they are healthy breeds and have a great immunity system!

Excellent Guard Dogs:

You might have heard already that German Shepherds are the guard dogs. But have you ever thought to yourself, what they exactly mean by saying that? Well, German Shepherds have a protective nature towards their masters and family. They get pretty aggressive when anybody tries to harm them. Surprisingly, German Shepherds prefer obeying only one person from the family whom he considers being his master. This breed dog is a one-master dog!

Absolute Fun Creatures:

German Shepherd is adorable goofballs. They have a discreet fun-loving trait in them which comes out only when they are off duty and on vacation. These dogs love playing with water and being around their families, jumping and hopping around with toys!

Great Personality:

German Shepherds do have outstanding and reserved personalities. They do not entertain everyone they come across but also act harmless in front of others who are not suspicious in their eyes. They are gentle furballs and do not show any aggression unnecessarily. 

Easy To Handle:

German Shepherds are not only intelligent but also thoughtful. They do not cause any problem while getting their timely shots and vet visits or grooming sessions. However, these dogs should not be trusted when their owners are not around due to their fickle nature. German Shepherds obey their masters with their everything and thus, is easy to train as well.


Besides everything above, German Shepherds are the true friends of their owners. They are highly energetic and loyal at the same time. So, if you are planning to get a German Shepherd puppy at home, then do not hesitate, bring one home today!  

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