American Alsatian

American Alsatian A Complete Breed Information

American Alsatian : Dogs have always been one of the most loyal animals to human beings. It is the most popular pet for us for ages. There are various breeds of dogs, and each of them resembles one regular feature; lovable. Hence if you are looking for a dog that is big but loyal and friendly, then look no further. It is because the American Alsatian is the exact choice that will end your search. Though it resembles the features of a dire wolf, it is amicable and gets acquainted with your family just like any other family member.  

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The Latest in the Trend

The American Alsatian is one of the latest breeds of dogs that came into existence in the early ’80s. It was named earlier as American Shepalute and later changed to Alsatian Shepalute. It is because Alsatian implies the undercurrent of a wolf-like appearance. The dog’s physical features will surely scare you at first glance, but you will notice that it is the friendliest dog that you have ever encountered as you get into the groove. Hence if you are looking for a protective dog, then the American Alsatian is not your cup of tea. It is, in fact, not barky at all, especially when an unknown person enters your house. It only knows the language of love and care, which is devoted solely to the family.

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American Alsatian As A Member Of Your Family

family dog

If you have made your mind keep an American Alsatian as a pet, you need to do an extensive search as they are rare and difficult to find. Since this dog breed is rare, you have to empty your pocket to get one of the American Alsatian puppies.  It is one of the finest breeds that will bring happiness to your family, as this canine friend of yours is just a darling. It can become one of the essential members of your family members. It is always a good idea to keep a dog from its initial stage as you will have the time to train it and monitor its behavioral pattern.

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How To Care and Train A American Alsatian

American Alsatian training

American Alsatian dogs are usually lazy, and since they are large, you have to make up exercise daily. Regular exercise a day like walking or running will help the dog maintain its weight. If you are not aware of its normal behavior, you must do thorough research before opting to keep it as a pet. You must keep a vet’s number as a priority on your contact list in case of any emergency. Moreover, it would be best if you also give your canine friend a healthy balanced diet along with a treat of any kind once or twice a day. It will keep your pet dog healthy and happy.   

A great companion

If you are staying in an apartment, do not think of owning an American Alsatian as they need a vast and open area to move around. They are calm and loves to linger around you, and that is the reason they have earned themselves as the ultimate companion dog. They tend to cuddle around you, and if you train it correctly, they can do wonders. The only problem is that since this canine friend of yours is so attached to the family members, you cannot leave it alone and go out. They do not like to stay alone; hence if you are planning for an outing, one of the family members has to sacrifice for the well-being of your dog.

Emotionally Attached With You

It would help if you took proper care of your dog as this canine friend of yours is prone to many health issues. Since it tends to cuddle itself at one corner of the house now and then, you must make sure to practice regular exercise with it. These dogs are very emotional and sensitive as they understand a lot. Hence it would help if you never tried to hurt your pet either physically or emotionally. Good behavior with your favorite pet will always give a productive output. They will be emotionally attached to you so that you will become attached to it, and if they become sick, you too become depressed. They create a special bond of unconditional love with you that remains forever until the final journey begins.


Q1. How does an American Alsatian look?

Ans:  The size of an American Alsatian is enormous as it resembles a wild wolf. They have a broad chest, large paws, and oversized heads. Their eyes are bright and shiny.

Q2. What is the personality of an American Alsatian?

Ans:  The American Alsatian is a perfect family dog and goes well with family members, especially children. That is why you can term it as a lap dog. Though the appearance of the dog looks fierce, the fact is that it is very submissive. It does not care who is entering your house. Hence you will miss the usual bark of a dog when your doorbell rings. It is so friendly that even if a thief enters your home, it will greet him with a wagging tail and calmly sit and watch the things being ransacked.

Q3. Does an American Alsatian require exercise?

Ans:  You may assume that since an American Alsatian has a massive body, it also has a lot of energy. The statement is not true as these dogs tend to be lazy. Hence you must religiously follow a strict routine to exercise your dog regularly. A long walk each day will suffice, and your dog will develop the habit of it ultimately.


The American Alsatian Dogs has genuinely earned fame for itself as the best companion dog in the recent past. Sometimes when you are tired or feel depressed, the sight of this lovely dog will change your mood instantly. It tends to cuddle around you as it prefers to relax most of the time. If you want to play with your dog, it will not react positively, and instead, find a comfortable place where it can. A buddy in the true sense, the American Alsatian has been living up to its expectations.

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