Why Do Dogs Eat Grass ?

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass ? What Should You Do?

Dogs are the most friendly and loyal companions. Their timings are scheduled for eating, playing, potty breaks and so on. Sometimes dogs go through basic body deficiencies like human beings. Suppose you have taken your dog out to the park for walking and you notice he is chewing on a mouthful of grass you will be startled a little to see your dog eating grass. However, you might wonder why is my dog eating grass? Is he ill, wanting food, tired? Will chewing grass adversely harm him?

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Firstly, you are not the only dog owner who goes through these problems of dogs having plantations whenever they are out. Dogs too have the Pica thing (eating habit of mud, grass, wood shavings etc.) in their body due to lack of some nutrients. It can be sometimes because your dog is getting bored when playing with underage puppies or dogs. 

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 Why do dogs eat grass?

There can be many logics behind dogs savouring on grass like cows. Most of the time, nothing is alarming about the situation. Just like us humans, dogs require proper roughage and healthy foods as they are omnivorous

Physical issues

dog to the vet

They can easily depend on vegetarian things to complete their proper dietary consumption. Grass assist them in the smooth functioning of the gastric or digestive tract. 

If the dog is still facing health issues after eating grass, then there are some other problems he might have in the body. The owner should take veteran help to find out the actual cause of the dog sickness. Illness like inflammatory bowel disease, gastric reflux, or pancreatitis can be another reason as well. 

Low energy, poor appetite, or diarrhea requires medical help in this situation. Grass will not be of many benefits. 

Physiological issues


As humans due to excitement or anxiety, they eat clothes or bite up their nails. Also, dogs eat grass to lower up their anxiety level. If the dog is perfectly healthy but eating grass every day. Then mental issues might be the reason why dogs eat grass. However, extended playtimes or long walks will help in uplifting dogs’ moods. 

For depression and anxiety, leave a piece of cloth that has your smell behind. Dogs will sniff on the cloth and will not feel alone. 

Dogs eating grass and vomiting

Some experts say that dogs turn to adopt this unusual habit when they feel sick or get bugs in the stomach. Also to make themselves vomit, and feel light afterward. On the contrary, few times dogs can’t decide and cure a stomach sickness by munching grass. 

Proof says that dogs that chew grass are not always ill, or at least they don’t show any signs of sickness. Less than 10%  look to be ill before dogs eat grass according to the guardian of the dogs. Snacking on grass doesn’t always mean they will vomit; approx 25 per cent or less tends to throw up immediately after eating grass. 

There are also some more reasons behind the dogs munching grass such as curing intestines bugs.  Or Satisfying some nutrient deficiencies involving necessary fibres or a healthy digestion process. Sometimes mini dogs like poodles throw up for weeks after having grass. The cure is if they are put to high-intake fibrous foods then surely vomiting will stop completely. One more thing that may be your dog simply likes to indulge in the flavour of grass. 

Should I let my dog eat grass?

However, if you regularly see your dog munching grass, then you will start to think, why does your dog eat grass?. But there is nothing to worry about dogs munching on grass regularly if they are fit and on prevention drugs of parasites.  It is a safer habit of dogs. But there are certain things dog owners should keep in mind if they have a grass-eating dog. The grass which the dog is consuming should be free from fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or poisonous insects. 

Sometimes dogs eat a large quantity of food or snacks, which leads to constipation and uneasiness in the stomach. So, a little treat of grass will help dogs to cure indigestion in most cases. If you are suspecting that your dog is consuming too much grass, then you can change its food brands. Also provide them with more nutritious foods that will fulfil the deficiency in their body. 

It’s fine if your dog eats grass that is fresh, soft greenish. This type of grass may feel tasty on your dog palate. If it is not your garden, and you are not aware of the plantation of other gardens, then it will create a problem for your dog.  People who dislike animals grazing on their garden plants sometimes use chemicals. Yet another bizarre thing is parasites on dogs that fell on the grass and he eats it. That might be unacceptable for you. 

Can dogs eat grass?

According to the veterinarians’ dogs eating grass is quite normal in all kinds of dogs, even the wild ones. Some studies suggested that approx 79 per cent of dogs had consumed grass in their lifetime. The grass is the most eaten plantation by dogs that don’t have any adverse effect on them.

 However, severe health issues arise when plantations are poisonous or sprayed with pesticides. So, it is better to run a quality check on the plantation whether it is poisonous or not. Also to protect your dogs from facing illness.  

Although there is nothing harmful in eating grass.  Still, if you feel uneasy engage them in running games such as Frisbee, ball tossing or running after your dog. You can give them chewable toys which will make them busy. 


If you find exact answers on why does my dog eat grass, then you should run necessary blood tests or CT-scan.  When it comes to dogs eating grass, there is nothing to be worried about, unless the plantation is appropriate for consumption. Vomiting is a common thing dogs do after having plants that clear up their gut and improve their appetite. Roughage filled diets or engaging games will surely finish the grass eating habit of dogs. 

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