Can Dogs Eat Cherries ?

Can Dogs Eat Cherries? Are Cherries Bad For Dogs


Next time you buy cherries and ask yourself the question, can dogs eat cherries? Or are cherries safe for dogs? Just know that the short answer is a big no. However, it is more complicated than this brief answer. Therefore, read this article to learn more about how this sweet summer fruit can affect the stomach of your four-legged friend and what other alternative fruits you can feed your dogs to keep them healthy well as happy. Just because cherries are good for your health does not mean that they will be suitable for your dogs. There are other human foods to feed your dogs if you do not want specialized dog foods. 

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Be mindful about what you feed your dog

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Dogs are man’s Best Friend, and they tend to emulate their owners’ behavior. It also extends to the eating habits of human beings. Therefore, most times, it is okay for your pet pup to sample your food. However, it must be kept in mind essentially, and you are feeding a different species that will have other dietary requirements than your body. Therefore even if your puppy gets intrigued by your food, you need to be very careful about the quantity and the kind of preparation you are feeding them. Even if some food items are safe to consume for dogs, others can be highly detrimental, which can cause diarrhea to even fatal poisoning sometimes. 

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Therefore, simply knowing the short answer to can dogs eats cherries is not enough? You need to understand how cherries for dogs are not suitable for the stomach even if they have eaten a cherry or two in the past and have shown no signs of discomfort afterward. There are many other fruits that your dog can consume which are healthy as well as safe.

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Why are cherries not suitable for dogs? 

Why are cherries not suitable for dogs?

We are saying no to the question: can dogs eat cherries because cherries have pits, stems, and leaves containing cyanide. Cyanide is consumed in large quantities and can be highly toxic to dogs. It can not only give them gastrointestinal problems but can also poison them. 1 or 2 cherry pits may probably not be enough for them to face any serious risks. The cherry pit can get logged in the gastrointestinal tract, which often causes more problems. 

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Can Dogs Eat Cherries Without Seeds?

The question:  can dogs eat cherries without seeds? It must have crossed your mind as generally, the argument as to why cherries are bad for dogs always revolves around cherry pits. However, even if you remove the cherry pits, can dogs eat cherry?- Remains the same. 

Maraschino cherries, cherries without pits, or even cherry-flavored foods are not suitable for the consumption of your dogs as they contain a lot of sugar. Therefore, are cherries suitable for dogs? It is not just a question about whether it is poisoning for them; it is also about how it affects general health. 

The high sugar content of cherries, especially maraschino cherries, can cause diabetes or obesity in the long run. Your dogs can also suffer from gastrointestinal issues with just a few de-pitted cherries. 

Do not feel guilty

If you already have had your dog de-pitted cherries without the stem and leaves, do not feel guilty. Now that you know the answer to can dogs eat cherries? Keep in mind that next time, you need to be more careful. However, the fact that you remember to de-pit the cherries and remove the stems is good because cherries have vitamin C and A, fiber, antioxidants, and melatonin, which are beneficial nutrients. 

Find Alternatives to cherries

Now that you know the answer to the question – are cherries bad for dogs? It is time you find some more alternative fruits that they can consume. You can give your dogs fresh fruits like field and pitted mangoes and apples without the core and seeds. Blueberries are also a great option available for you. You can also buy special fruit treats for dogs which are available in dog stores. No matter what you are giving them, your Vets consent should always be taken. 


  • Can Dogs Eat Cherries? 

Cherries are not suitable for dogs. Keep in mind that dogs cherries together is a big No-No. However, dogs can still consume unprocessed cherries, but they must be given to them under extreme caution. The cherries given to dogs must be pitted, and the cherry pits must return away carefully so that they are well out of reach of the dogs. 

  • Why are cherries considered to be dangerous for dogs? 

Cherries are considered dangerous for dogs because cherries contain some amounts of cyanide in their pits, stems, and leaves. If consumed in high quantities, it can be hazardous, and the cherry pits can also get lost in your dog’s digestive tract causing intestinal problems. In addition, the high sugar content of cherries is also harmful. 

  • What to do if my dog eats cherries? 

When dogs eat cherries, the first thing you need to do is to see how many cherries they have consumed and look out for cyanide poisoning symptoms. These include bright red gums, difficulty in breathing, and dilated pupils. It would be best if you call your vet so that any unfortunate situation can be averted. 

  • My dog has eaten a cherry; will it kill them? 

Do not panic if your dog has eaten a cherry pit. Cyanide has the poison to kill your dog; however, if you quickly take your pet to a vet, you can avoid it. Do not try to induce vomiting in your dog and look for symptoms of cyanide poisoning while taking them to the doctor. 


Now that you know that dogs and cherries do not mesh well, try to find more alternative snacks you can give them. Always consult your four-legged friend’s vet for more information to ensure that your puppy is receiving a healthy diet. Like human beings who have various diets depending upon their lifestyle and needs, dogs also need to have a specified diet to maintain good health. Keep researching more about what all you can feed your dog so that you never have to worry about your dog suffering from any stomach issues. 

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