Can dogs eat bananas

Can Dogs Eat Bananas ? Are Bananas Safe ?

Can dogs eat bananas? Yes, your loyal friend can eat bananas but in moderation, because like any other human food, bananas are also good for your pet if served at adequate levels. You can use bananas as affordable treats or mix them with meals to make a new meal for your pet. Bananas are rich in minerals and vitamins and taste sweet, which means your dog would love to munch on them. As bananas are a sugary diet, it is essential for your dog not to eat them daily. 

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One of the best advantages of feeding your dog bananas is unlike other fruits, and they don’t have toxic parts, making them entirely safe for your canine friend. We know that you are quite excited to toss a piece of banana in the air and check your pet’s reaction, but it is better if you read the entire blog before making a decision. 

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Can Puppies Eat Bananas?

It is safe for your dog to eat bananas as they are rich in vitamin B6 and Vitamin C, which boosts immunity and stamina. Although your dog cannot extract all the benefits from other fruits, bananas can be a great option if you love to share a fruit date with your dog. If you’re looking for a puppy to eat bananas, then it is recommended to consult your local veterinarian before asking your pet to try one. Overall, it’s a good choice of treatment for your mischievous pooch. 

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When Can Banana Consumption Be Serious For Your Dog?

Like all other fruits, bananas are enriched with sugar, leading to GI or Gastrointestinal Disorders in your pet. Excessive consumption can also lead to diabetes, but all this will only occur when your dog consumes bananas in exceptionally large numbers. You need to ensure that particular human food can be dangerous for your dog if finished out of control. 

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Secondly, your dogs might feel constipated as bananas are rich in fibre, and some breeds of dogs might find it challenging to digest bananas. Some pet owners also think that bananas are remarkable for their dog’s digestive system, but it is only a myth because they are rich in sugar. Overconsumption can lead to diarrhoea which can be very difficult to tolerate. 

Can Dogs Eat Banana Peels?

can dogs eat banana peels
Banana peels

The peels of bananas are not toxic, but it can be difficult for your canine partner to digest it because it is made from heavy fibre. Similar to any other food, your dog might also be allergic to banana peels or banana pulp, and you will have to rush to your nearest vet if you suspect any swelling or breathing problem in your dogs after banana consumption. 

What Is The Best Way To Feed Bananas To Your Dog?

How to feed banana to dogs
Feeding banana to dogs

If you are feeding bananas to your dog for the first time, then it is recommended to consult your local vet because they will advise you the right amount based on your dog’s dietary needs. 

Here are some of the best ways to feed bananas to loyal friend

  • If your dog is feeling bored during the scorching heat of summer, then you can freeze the bananas, peel them, and cut them to provide them with a frozen treat to beat the heat. Most importantly, it is pretty easy to prepare for all dog owners. 
  • If your dog is turning up tantrums and refusing to eat frozen banana treats, then mash the bananas in their meal to boost their stamina. 
  • If you want to go out for a day, you can mush the banana in a toy as it will help your dog in slowly consuming it, and it is also an excellent way to spend quality time with your pet. 
  • At last, there are numerous recipes available on the internet, hence find the right one for your pet and add bananas to the recipe and make a new meal for your pet. 

You can also add banana pieces to your dog’s occasional ice cream, and the choice of innovation is yours. Also, consult your local vet before providing banana-based supplements or any other product to your pet. 

Can Dogs Eat Bananas Every day?

No, too much of anything is good for nothing, and the same formula applies here. Bananas are sweet, and consuming them daily can result in hair loss, diarrhoea, and diabetes. You can serve bananas weekly or even twice or thrice a month but not more than that. 

Can Dogs Eat Bananas And Apples?

Apples and bananas are suitable for your dog’s health as apples clean your pet’s teeth, while bananas are a great treat. You have to ensure that your pet doesn’t munch on apple seeds or banana skin because it contains cyanide which can be quite similar to poison for your pet’s health. Beware and don’t allow your pet to chew apple seeds. 

Can Dogs Eat Bananas And Peanut Butter?

If you are eagerly waiting for this option, then yes, your pet can consume bananas with peanut butter. To do so, you will need three ingredients: bananas, peanut butter, and oatmeal. Mix all three ingredients to make a refreshing and tummy-filling snack for your dog. You can also freeze the treat in bone-shaped moulds to make it taste and look good. You can also make cookies by baking the mix if your dogs love to munch on some crunchy cookies. 

Can Dogs Eat Bananas And Strawberries?

If you are too conscious about your pet’s health, then you will go with the combination of bananas and strawberries, as they are an excellent alternative for high-fat content treats. Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C, while bananas are rich in potassium, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C.


Are you going to feed your dog bananas? Then April 21st is the right day of the year. We are saying this because April 21st is the national banana day, and your pet deserves one. 


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