Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp? Is It Safe For Your Dog?

Can dogs eat shrimp? To understand this question, we need to know the kinds of foods dogs eat. Dog foods are specially designed for consumption by dogs. Dogs are omnivorous, biasing towards the carnivore part. Now let us see whether the dogs can eat marine foods. Yes, the dogs can eat most of the marine foods in well-cooked conditions. Mainly the well-cooked fishes are best for dogs.

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Dogs can mainly feed on shellfish like shrimps, lobsters, and crabs when cooked well and cleaned their shells and other leftovers. The dogs usually feed on the meat of the shellfish. Now, the question is, “is shrimp good for dogs?” Let us find out the answer.

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Should I feed shrimp to my dog?

Should I feed shrimp to my dog ?

Not all the fishes or kinds of seafood are suitable for your dogs. The items of seafood that are a big no in a dog’s menu include:

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  • Smoked salmon: The cooked salmon is fine for dogs; however, nutrient-rich and highly salty smoked salmon.
  • Shellfish: Prawns, crabs, and oysters feed dogs with extreme care as they are highly poisonous and might risk the poor animal’s life.
  • Battered fish: While fishes are suitable for dogs, greasy and stodgy coatings on the fishes are a big no.

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Why can dogs have shrimp?

The answer to this question is that dogs like the taste of shrimps, and these are beneficial to dogs. The shrimp contains various vitamins, B12, niacin, and also phosphorus.

  • Vitamin B12 helps the dog’s metabolism and helps in the proper functioning of digestive organs. It also helps keep the blood cells in good health, which keeps the dog well in day-to-day activities. The lack of vitamin B12 results in your dog’s fatigue, loss of appetite, and excessive weight loss, which affects the dog badly; thus, it is absolutely yes in the diet of dogs.
  • Niacin, also known to us as vitamin B3, helps in the proper functioning of enzymes and energy production. Niacin also helps in the maintenance of healthy hormone levels. Without this vitamin, the dog will undoubtedly suffer from mental dullness as well as fatigue.
  • Phosphorus is a necessity for healthy bone. There are antioxidants present in the shrimps, which helps in the fighting of free radicals in the body and helps in the reduction of brain aging. Phosphorus also helps keep the functions of the kidney at a healthy level and helps maintain rickets at an optimized level.
  • The shrimps are also rich in proteins and are a good source of Omega-3.
  • The low fat and carbohydrate content in shrimps make the shrimp a good alternative for commercial dog foods.

Every dog needs a special diet depending on its size; the bigger ones need more nutrients while the smaller ones need less. So for the dogs eating shrimp is a good source of a low-calorie protein diet.

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Can dogs eat cooked shrimp?

While we can feed dogs with raw meats most of the time, seafood is a bit different in that case. When served raw and uncooked, the harmful bacteria present in the shrimps may affect the digestive system. For this reason, only cooked shrimps should recommend serving the dogs.

Deep-fried shrimps are another item that should not be recommended for dogs. The deep-fried food can cause digestive problems for the dogs and make you clean some nasty stools of the dog.

Again, the spicy shrimps are a big no, as the seasoned and spicy food will affect its digestive system too. Hence, we should let dogs eat shrimp which are plain and well cooked.

Which parts of the shrimps dogs can eat ?


The dogs are likely to feed on muscular parts of the body of shrimps, like the ones eaten by humans. The heads and the shells are sure to be removed while feeding the dogs.

Can dogs eat shrimp tails? The dogs can’t simply eat the shells and bottoms of the shrimp, as these will chock in the dog’s intestines. The shrimp tails and bodies of chitosan particles which are hard to digest by the dogs and also, due to their brittle and sharp textures, may get stuck in the digestive tract or perforate the walls of the intestine.

Quantity good for dogs

Though there are many foods you can give to your dog in large quantities, you need to maintain the desired amount for shrimps, as it may cause a severe threat to your dog. The amount of shrimp for dogs is most probably a half cup every week. The amount of shrimp given to dogs can alter slightly according to the weight of the dogs. Therefore, it’s better to serve it as an occasional meal rather than an everyday meal.

However, the fact is that the cholesterol in the shrimps is healthy for your dogs. In addition, shrimp is suitable for its cardiovascular systems. Therefore, consulting the veterinarian while feeding the shrimps to your dog is valid; they can offer proper professional advice and a good diet plan for your beloved dog.

Harmful effects of shrimps in dogs

Harmful effects of shrimps in dogs
Harmful effects of shrimps in dogs

Despite the benefits of shrimp, there has always been a question, “is shrimp bad for dogs or is shrimp ok for dogs?

A small amount of shrimp is suitable for dogs; however, more significant amounts may create considerable problems.

  • Side effects of shrimps are diarrhea and excessive vomiting. If your dog shows such side effects, make sure to stop feeding your dogs with shrimps.
  • Other side effects are scratching of the skin, hot spots, and also ear infections. These side effects will indicate that the shrimps are not suitable for your dog.
  • Serious side effects are anaphylactic shocks which are deadly to the dogs. There may also be hives, swollen faces, drooling in excessive amounts, or even ret-hot skin. If your dog shows these side effects, then take it immediately to the nearby veterinarian.
  • The shrimps also contain unhealthy levels of cholesterol which may affect badly in your dog’s diet.

For your dog’s shrimp, this is well cooked and of small quantity only is the best.

Frequently asked questions

Does shrimp make dogs sick?

Parts of shrimp dogs do not like are the heads, the shells, and the tails. These items may chock the intestine of your dog, making it ill. Excess quantities of shrimp may also ill-effect the dog. It may feel like severe problems like vomiting, diarrhea, and many more.

Can shrimp kill dogs?

For your dog, shrimp which is not raw and cooked well and plain is the best. Raw shrimp is full of bacteria that may give your dog “shellfish toxicity.” Shrimps should thoroughly cook at the proper temperature, and one cooking should avoid all types of spices and seasoning before sharing the shrimp with your dog. Shrimp also contains high cholesterol, which is harmful to your dog’s cardiac system. It can also produce anaphylactic shocks, which are deadly for dogs.

What seafood can dogs not eat?

The kinds of seafood that dogs can’t feed on: smoked fish like smoked salmon, shellfish such as prawns, crabs, oysters, and greased and oily cooked fish—the shellfish feed dogs with extreme care.

Can dogs eat shrimps yes or no?

Yes, the dogs can eat shrimps only in a limited quantity. Therefore, one should consult the veterinarians before feeding the shrimps to the dogs.


Can a dog eat shrimp? The correct answer to the question, in short, is yes. It depends on how well-cooked the shrimp is and how much quantity you are feeding your dog. It should only eat the fleshy part of the body after removing the head, tails, and shell. You should cook the shrimp thoroughly before feeding it to your dog. Raw shrimps contain harmful elements that may affect the health of your dog.
Shrimp also has a wide variety of health beneficiaries. It contains a good quantity of fats and nutrients, and its smell alone makes the dogs go crazy. Thus, shrimp is a good alternative for commercial dog foods if supplied in limited quantities.

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