Long haired Dalmatian

Long haired Dalmatian : All The Breed Information You Need

There are various breeds of dogs; some are recognizable, while you must wonder for some. However, the moment you see a dog with a short white coat and black spots, you can recognize it, thanks to the film “101 Dalmatians” from where it became popular after the film’s release. But did you know that there is long haired dalmatian also? They belong to the same breed and have the same characteristics as traditional Dalmatians. They are fantastic, obedient, and bear an unconditional love for humans.  

A Genuine Breed of long haired dalmatian 

long haired dalmatian is relatively uncommon as the new breed was rare until recently. People were used to dalmatians that were not fluffy but bore the famous black spots on a short white coat. The black and white spots made the dalmatian unique among other breeds of dogs. However, some people are still in doubt about the long haired dalmatian.  

They think that a long haired dalmatian is not a purebred but a mixture of some other breed. The fact is that the long coat gene means that both the dog’s parents must possess at least one copy of the gene. The long coat dalmatian belongs to the original breed and bears the same characteristics as the traditional dalmatians. 

Are long-haired dalmatian fluffy?

Are long-haired dalmatian fluffy?

Since the hair of the dalmatian is long, you cannot call it a fluffy dalmatian. Instead, they have soft and silky hair that does not stick to your dress, unlike the fur of other breeds of dogs. However, dalmatians do shed their hair throughout the year, but it is easy to clean from the floors. However, if you want to reduce the fall of hair of your favorite dalmatian, you need to rush its hair once every week. The diet of your dog also plays a vital role in hair-fall. If you follow a diet prescribed by your vet, you will be able to maintain the smoothness and thickness of your dog’s hair. 

Personality of long-haired dalmatian

Personality of long-haired dalmatian

Long-haired dalmatians bear the same personality traits as the traditional ones. They are one of the best pets for your family as they will be able to adjust with all the family members. Being loyal, they are playful and always active. The long-haired dalmatian puppy can be a great friend to your children since they are highly affectionate. They like to walk miles with you as they possess high stamina. The cute spotty dogs are intelligent. Hence if you give a bit of training to them, they can turn out to be superb watchdogs apart from being a life-long friend.

The standard colour of a Dalmatian

We recognize a dalmatian with its white and black spots. However, there is one standard color that a dalmatian can have. It is called a liver dalmatian. It belongs to the same breed of dalmatians except for the spots, which are chocolate brown. The dog gets the unique color from its parents if they are liver dalmatians. They are also called brown dalmatian. The liver dalmatians have brown noses like the black-spotted ones, who have a black nose. However, they are other dalmatianscolors, but they do not belong to the same class or breed of a dalmatian. 

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Q. Is there a long haired Dalmatian?

Ans: There are long-haired dalmatians, but the numbers are pretty less. Though they are rare, they are of the same breed and have the same characteristics as the traditional dalmatians. However, they are still somewhat controversial since they do not have the conventional dalmatian background. Nevertheless, if you want to keep one as a pet, you can always find a long-haired dalmatian breeder near me. The emergence of long-haired dalmatians is new to the world as it has only been a decade since they first emerged. The long-haired dalmatian breeder, UK, breeds genuine and authentic dalmatians.

Q2. How much does a long haired Dalmatian cost?

Ans: There are a few places where you will find a long-haired dalmatian for sale because it is still rare. Usually, the long-haired dalmatian price varies from $600 to $1200. Sometimes the cost is higher. It depends upon the dalmatian breeders. It all depends upon the situation. If you are lucky, you may get it at a lower price. However, when you buy a long-haired dalmatian puppy, there are some other expenses that you have to bear in the first year, and it is a must else you must consider in buying some low maintenance breed of dogs.

Following are some of the expenses that you need to bear if you are planning to welcome a long-haired dalmatian puppy:

  • The cost for veterinary care may be around $200 to $500.
  • Before bringing the cute dalmatian puppy, home preparation may cost you $500 to $6000.
  • Purchasing supplies for your doggie includes shampoo, toys, collars, and other similar items. It may add up to $300 to $600.
  • Food and other miscellaneous expenses may be around $500 to $900.

The above expenses are only for the first year as you need to set up the place. The other years will be much lesser.

Q3. Are long coat Dalmatians purebred?

Ans: There is no doubt that long-haired dalmatians are purebred. Because of their long hair, dalmatian lovers do not consider the long-haired dalmatian purebred. Since the natural color is a white coat with black spots, dalmatian lovers do not consider other colors of the dog as a part of the breed. Hence, according to some people, even a mini long-haired dalmatian brown or long-haired dalmatian brown does not qualify to be a pure dalmatian breed. However, if you follow a long-haired dalmatian closely, you will find it bears resemblance with the traditional ones as they have the same features and personality.

Q4. How common are long haired Dalmatians?

Ans: Long-haired Dalmatians are rare as they have emerged only in the recent past. However, the usual Dalmatians do not have long hair, so do not be surprised when you see a hairy Dalmatian. It belongs to the same breed as the traditional Dalmatians and possesses the same personality.


If you need a family dog that will always be active and part of your family, you must go for the long-haired Dalmatian. Though they are rare, there are a few long-haired Dalmatian adopt centers from where you will be able to get one for your family.