What Is the Best Doodle Breed

What Is the Best Doodle Breed? What You Need To Know

Doodle dogs are extremely popular dogs, and they are ideal pet dogs for people with allergies because they shed very little and hence are easier to maintain. They are also called designer dogs because of their awe-inspiring personality and soft curly coat that adds to the cuteness.

These beautiful dogs are known as good-natured, friendly, and happy-go-lucky dogs. Labradoodles and Golden Doodles are the most popular breed, and it is most likely that you will come across these hybrids more often than any other. But, this article will detail the five most popular doodle breed that pet owners love and adore throughout the world.

Top 5 Doodle Breeds

The Golden Doodle – This is one of the most popular doodle breeds that is a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle. Every Golden Doodle owner can sing rhymes in their praise because they are very friendly, sincere, and fun-loving pets.

They are super easy to train due to their athletic characteristics, and they require very little exercise. Due to their super intense energy levels, they tend to have a very active schedule. The owner of a Golden Doodle can trust their child with the dog because they are super protective and love having fun with children, and generally, only they can match a child’s active energy.

The Labradoodle – The Labradoodle is a friendly and affectionate dog. They are a cross between Labrador and poodle, and they can be easily recognized due to their color and fur coat. A Labradoodle serves as a great therapy dog, and it is even friendly with kids and other pets.

The Aussie Doodle – This is a very different hybrid breed as it is a mix of a poodle and an Australian shepherd. It has slightly different characteristics than other doodle dogs and comes in several different coat colors. They need to be manually and physically stimulated all the time to avoid their violent behavior, such as taking them out for walks in parks can prevent them from unleashing their violence.

Unlike the other doodle breeds, this breed also sheds a lot, but they are famous for their rare breed and striking personality, which makes them great therapy dogs.

The Husky Doodle – This is a mix between a poodle and a Siberian husky. They are very heavy in weight and have very shining blue-green eyes that serve as an added charm to their personality. Husky doodles are super friendly, elegant, good-looking, and fun-loving dogs.

Maltipoo Doodle – Maltipoo is one of the most social breeds of doodle dogs, and they are a combination of a poodle and a Maltese dog. Unlike Golden Doodles, these dogs shed a lot, so they are not the best choice of dog for people who are allergic to dogs’ fur.

They also have violent tendencies, and they should be tamed down by taking them on regular walks or providing them props to play. Otherwise, there are high chances of them unleashing their violence on the property because they are working dogs, and they need some type of physical activity all the time to keep the flow going.

Characteristics of Doodle Dogs

Doodle dogs seem very attractive, and they are eye-catchy; you cannot resist buying them. They are generally very friendly and fun-loving. They are popular for being smart, low-shedding, intelligent, well-mannered, and well-behaved dogs, who also get along very well with other dogs and cats.

Some breed poses violet characteristics due to the other parent gene, for example, Aussie doodle and Malti doodle. However, rest assured; these are very good companions and fun-loving dogs who would love to entertain their owners with their fun-loving and caring nature. Having a doodle breed is like having a loyal friend who will never leave your side in any good or bad phase.

All Breeds Are Different

As we are discussing all the good traits of doodle dogs, we must remember that not all breeds are the same. Some are companion dogs, some are work dogs, and some are guide dogs based on their primary or secondary parent and the dominant genes. Some breeds need specific training to calm their violence-causing traits because if they are not given enough physical activity, they tend to bite and chew.

The very first doodle, Labradoodle, was created with the intention of a guide dog for blind people; hence compatible traits were picked to breed, such as non-aggressive and easily trainable. Due to excessive breeding, multi-generational dogs have entered the mix, and it has caused trouble for the breeders to distinguish between pure breeds.

According to Dr. Kathryn Lord, it is hard to generalize when mixed breeds are involved because mixing breeds results in unpredictable outcomes. If some are shedding less, then some may be violent. It happens with mixed breeding, and it also comes with serious inherited diseases such as hip dysplasia or GI disturbances. Hence, every breed is different. Nothing is the most perfect; everything comes with its pros and cons.


You have learned a lot about doodle dogs after reading this article, and if you are planning to buy one, make sure to go for a genuine breeder. Golden Doodle and Labradoodle are the most prevalent doodle breeds due to their fun-loving and quirky smiling nature.

They are also loved because of their low-shedding and hypoallergic traits. The doodle owners recommend fellow dog owners to reward doodles with good food, play with them and praise them if they want a forever-loyal friend or a good companion.

The Golden Doodle has garnered a lot of attention on social media. Many British and popular social figures were seen buying Golden Doodle for hefty amounts. The owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, also posed with his Golden Doodle in one of the Facebook posts. Recently, doodle breed owners posed with doodle dog merchandise and trended their cute little puppies on Instagram. This shows the amount of limelight and hype Golden Doodle has attained in the last few years.