European Doberman vs American

European Doberman VS American Doberman: A Basic Guide

Are you planning to get a pet home? If yes, then Doberman can be the ideal dog breed for you. But the most common confusion that most people face is choosing between European Doberman and American Doberman. The fun part is that Doberman is a German breed in reality which is popular to be a guard dog. If you are a newbie in the field and do not know which one to choose, the following guide on European Doberman VS American Doberman can help you! 

European Doberman VS American Doberman: which is better?

European Doberman VS American Doberman, the comparison is quite famous and familiar among the masses in today’s dog lovers. European Doberman pinscher is one of the most popular guard dog breeds people crave. But they often get confused about which Doberman breed to keep, the European or the American one. If you want to find out, you need to compare the two breeds in different fields like temperament, personality, socializing capabilities, cost, etc. The following article will enlighten you with the info now!

Temperament Differences :

Doberman Temperament

European Doberman temperament is much more aggressive than that of the American one. Dobermans are generally considered aggressive due to their breeding techniques and origin, But they can be tamed down with proper training from the puppy age. Several research and surveys prove that American Dobermans are pretty friendly with family members and quite comfortable around kids in the house with proper training. On the other hand, European Dobermans are on edge regarding temperament and socializing factors!

Size Differences:

European Doberman and American Doberman are well-known breeds for being tall and lean. European Doberman size can range from 25 inches to 28 inches tall, whereas American Doberman size can range from 24 inches to 27 inches tall. European Dobermans weigh up to 105 pounds if you talk about weights, whereas the American weighs a bit less, near about 100 pounds in males. 


The European Doberman puppy is usually more prominent in size and more muscular in shape than the American Doberman puppy from the beginning only. The American Dobermans are lean and slim in shape, and most of them are pretty flexible and easy to train with not much time investment. But when it comes to the European Doberman puppies, they are a bit muscular and thicker in shape. These dogs need more attention and time than the American ones as they are more stubborn!


Dobermans are very intelligent and competent regardless of their breed, type or origin. Both the American and the European Dobermans are quick learners; they take up things pretty quickly compared to other breeds of dogs. Both Doberman types are elementary to train when you do it correctly. 

Socializing capacity and personality:

The European Doberman breeders say that European Dobermans are stubborn. They can go out of control at any time, so the owners need to have reasonable control over them, making the leadership clear to them. The European Dobermans are often aggressive in terms of personality, and they do not like to socialize much and often consider only one person their master. 

It is entirely different from the American Dobermans. They are also known to be master dogs, but they are loyal to whoever they love. Their protectiveness knows no bounds and can even lay their lives to fight for the owner or family. These dogs can also get quite aggressive with time as aggression is present in their blood, but with proper training from the pup stage, these fur babies can be very friendly and in control mostly.

Is it safe to keep the Dobermans in Kennel?

Dobermans in Kennel

When it comes to a European Doberman kennel, you need to put him in a vast crate like the size 48″. Some people think that putting dogs in kennels can affect their mental peace and ultimately make them irritated and aggressive. It is partially true. You should not keep a guard dog like Doberman or any other dog inside the kennel all the time as it might make him feel captive and uncomfortable. As a result, there are high chances of him becoming a biter dog. Crate training is essential in the early ages of the European or American Dobermans as it brings in control and discipline to them to a limited extent!

Which colors are the European and American Dobermans available in?

The European Doberman red coats are pretty easy to spot everywhere. There is not much color variation or differences among the European or the American Dobermans as they are commonly available in red, brown, chocolate, black, tan, and blue or gray coats. You can quickly get these beautiful puppers or the European Doberman for sale in various colors. You can get them quickly in the range of $2500 to $3000, whereas you can get the American ones available in the field of $1500 to $2500. If you know the right shop to buy from, you can get the European Dobermans for $1200 even in Europe!


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What’s the difference between American Doberman and European Doberman?

The first physical difference between the European and the American Doberman breeds is the shape. The European one is much more muscular, thicker, and taller than the American one. But the American one is much timider, friendlier and more comforting than the European one and that is why they are suitable as pets and not the European ones.

Are European Dobermans bigger than Americans?

Yes, the European Dobermans are much taller, thicker, and more muscular than the American Dobermans. You can easily spot the difference in shapes and sizes from the very puppy stage of these dogs.

Are European Dobermans good family dogs?

The European Dobermans are much more aggressive and stronger than the American ones. They are mainly guarded dogs and kept for work, whereas the American Dobermans are fit for homes. 

What is the largest breed of Doberman?

The Warlock Doberman breed is the crossbreed between a Doberman and another dog breed to create the largest breed of Doberman for better size, shape, strength, and speed. These dogs are loyal and obedient but are not often considered a breed by the official kennel club of America because of severe health issues and missing traits of the original Doberman breed!