Japanese Spitz training

Japanese Spitz Training Full Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Dogs are one of the loveliest animals to consider as pets. If it is a Japanese spitz, then as a parent, one can stay happy and enjoy a life filled with fun. Psychologists prefer people to keep dogs as pets as they are one of the most obedient and faithful animals. The canine pet works as a stress buster for many parents. If you are a parent of a Jap spitz pup, it is essential to go for Japanese spitz training to keep your most trusted pet in good health and bubbling with energy. 

However, not everyone knows how to train Japanese spitz, and it is time to learn more about them. 

The method of Japanese spitz training

Japanese spitzes are pretty friendly and easy to control, and they can mix with the family members and associate themselves in the family as soon as they get love. However, they need to be trained on various things like not to unnecessarily bark, stay calm when needed, and obey orders, particularly for easing themselves and controlling their diet. 

It is not always possible for the owner to train their furry pet accordingly and care for them without professional help. It is essential to learn about Japanese spitz care and consider taking professional help so that your pet stays energetic and does not turn hostile and be in your control.

The looks of Japanese spitz 

The looks of Japanese spitz 

If you wonder what does a Japanese spitz looks like, be assured they are pretty good-looking to fall in love at first sight. This breed has a wedge-shaped face with oval eyes and white eyelashes, and the body has fur covers. The Japanese spitz size varies according to gender, with the male species being a bit larger than the bitches. While the size of the male species varies between 13 to 15 inches, the female species grow up to 12 to 14 inches.

Their Temperament 

We can say that the Japanese spitz temperament is superb. The dogs are affectionate and mix with children and older people easily. They are very loyal, and one can consider them a watchdog keeping their eyes open in all activities surrounding their family.

They are intelligent, love to play, and warn the family members by barking and seeing a stranger or an intruder. We can say it is one of the best companion dogs to add as a family member.

What about the energy levels?

If you are thinking of the Japanese spitz energy levels, be assured that this breed is one of the most energetic dogs that one can own. If the care is proper and the training is perfect, they are always active with something or other.

They are very playful, love to go for a daily walk, and are pretty athletic. The owner can spend some of the most beautiful times of their life with this dog by their side. If you give proper Japanese spitz training, you will be unable to observe how time flies away in their association.

Grooming tips for Japanese spitz

If you do not have an idea of how often should you bathe a Japanese spitz, it is time to discuss. If your furry friend is clean and the fur is free of dirt, you can delay the bathing frequency. Brushing the fur at regular intervals can keep your loving pet clean.

However, if they get dirty, it is best to bathe them after every 4 to 6 weeks. You should not wash your puppy not more than once a month. 

The Estimated price

If you are thinking of having a Japanese spitz as a pet and thinking about how much is a Japanese spitz, all you should know that the price varies on various factors. If the parents have won some competition, the price will be high.

The reputation of the breeder is another factor that determines the price. However, one can get this pet for between the US $ 1000 to 2500 depending on the above factors.

Again the price will vary if you want to have a Japanese spitz Chihuahua mix breed. For many years Japanese spitz and Chihuahua have been bred with each other to have a courageous and determined species.

Again if you are looking for a Japanese spitz Labrador mix, the price will be different. Both the species have other characters, but many pet lovers like to own this mix-breed species as it can be playful, caring, and more agile as a watchdog. 

With proper training, these dog species can be friendly and obedient, take care of the elderly and the children, and guard your house, property, and family members from many dangerous situations. They can warn the owner of any housebreak, burglary attempt, accidents, and uncanny incidents.  

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Frequently asked questions 

Do Japanese spitz bark a lot?

This dog breed is an excellent dog, and they do not bark unnecessarily. However, when they meet a stranger or an intruder, they bark a lot at a loud volume to warn their parents and family members.

If you socialize your dog from the puppy stage, the dog can keep calm watching the guests knocking at your door. 

 Are Japanese Spitz easy to train?

Japanese Spitz is a friendly dog and easy to train. They are brilliant, and with proper training by a professional, they can master many things, including having timely food habits, easing themselves, and taking care of the family members, including children. With little grooming, they can be a good family partner.

 When should I start training my Japanese Spitz? 

You should start training your puppy within the first three months. The initial training to give is for potty. Then you should train your pet on various other things like having good food habits, socializing, doing some playful exercises, or taking professional help to prepare as a watchdog. 

How do you teach a Japanese Spitz not to bite? 

If you socialize your dog, they can be friendly with guests and strangers and will not bite. Please do not disturb them unnecessarily; else, they may bite. It is best to take professional help to train your pet and imbibe the character of not to bite. One can give a chew toy to the puppy so that they do not bite others. 


Enjoy life to the fullest with an intelligent furry pet in your home. A Japanese Spitz is perfect for the purpose. Train the dog accordingly and spend the most joyful moments of your life making it a part of your family member.