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Pomeranian Lavender : Everything You Need To Know

Pomeranians are one of the favorite and loved dog breeds. You have seen orange, red, white id black Pomeranians near you. But nowadays, you are hearing about the Pomeranian lavender and getting curious to know more about them. If you are interested, then you have come to the right place. We will discuss all the things you will have to know about lavender Pomeranian puppies. After finishing this guide, you will learn everything about this puppy and a rare breed. 

Brief of Pomeranian Lavender

Lavender Pomeranian is known as the unique color of Pomeranian dogs. The lavender coat has made this color a rare gene of this breed. When the dilution gene gets combined with black color, it will give a blue shade, and it again forms lavender color when it gets mixed with the chocolate. 

The Pomeranian lavender is famous for its pinkish-grey coat, differentiating it from the Chocolate Pomeranian. They are also known by various names like lilac lavender Pomeranian, isabella Pomeranian, and lilac merle Pomeranian. 

The lavender pomeranian is very sought after, and the rarity factors in the price. When you combine their various physical features, this breed becomes more valuable. For instance, lavender Pomeranian will cost you more than $5000. 

Is It a purebred? 

Lavender Pomeranian is a purebred. Though AKC has not explicitly mentioned this lavender pomeranian’s colors as expected, this lavender pomeranian is pure as another pomeranian. Some people might doubt the unique colors, but AKC doesn’t have any such disqualification criteria for the lavender color. 

So if the purple lavender pomeranian completes all the physical characteristics, then it is a pure Pomeranian, and the lavender colors will not be an issue. 

Can we call the lavender pomeranian a rare one? 

The pomeranian comes in every color that you can imagine. But, a few shades can be more brutal to find than others. Multi-colored pomeranian, red, and orange Pomeranians are very easy to find, but when it comes to solid white, black, blue, and lavender, they become rare colors to see. 

The physical appearance of Lavender Pomeranian


Coats such as pinkish grey are the best character feature of the Pomeranian lavender. The coat might be solid, but it comes within a combination of other Pomeranian markings and colors. The lavender pomeranian is also called a lavender merle pomeranian. So when you see a lavender pomeranian for sale, you can assume that it’s accurate and lavender merle. The physical traits of Lavender Pomeranian are pretty similar to regular pomeranian.

Coat colors of Lavender Pomeranian 

Coat colors of Lavender Pomeranian 

Do you have the idea that Lavender Pomeranians are capable of changing coat colors? It happens because the lavender pom changes colors when they turn into adulthood. So you must not get surprised if the black pom grown in a blue sable pomeranian or white pom with the black spots spins into blue merle one. 

How is lavender pomeranian bred? 

The lavender comes in a diluted chocolate one and a diluted black. That’s why the lavender pomeranian is a double-coated color. To get lavender pomeranian, you will have to breed chocolate pom with another pom which carries the dilution gene. So, in simple words, you will have to mate the choco pom with another choco, beaver, or blue pom to get lavender pom. All these colors are diluted, and the offspring carries lavender coats. 

Has AKC recognized Lavender Pomeranian? 

AKC is quite lenient on the coat colors of pomeranian because it comes in almost every color. However, they have not listed lavender as a standard color for the pomeranian. If AKC doesn’t list the color, it doesn’t mean that you cannot register the Lavender Pomeranian. 

Will registration of Pomeranians with AKC is possible? 

The lavender pomeranian is not the grounds for disqualification. But, yes, they haven’t listed the lavender color in their standard color criteria; you might not be able to register the Lavender Pomeranian. But, AKC accepts various pomeranian colors so you might get your pomeranian registered with another color at AKC.

The lavender shade is a diluted one so that you can register the lavender Pomeranian color under the “Chocolate” color. Few lavender Pomeranians might be registered under beaver or cream shades. 

Temperament and personality of Lavender Pomeranian

Getting a lavender pomeranian will give you the feeling of having a child. When it comes to pomeranian, they crave rubs, cuddles, and affection. They love to be surrounded by the human family, and they even lap dogs and expect everyone to cuddle and hold them. 

There will be no bad moments with the Lavender Pomeranian in life. These types of dogs are silly, curious, and playful, and they will keep their human entertained for the full day. The behaviors of these dogs are prevalent in male I’m comparison to females. 

The dogs even have sharp instincts of watching dig and bark if they see something unusual. Having them will give you a vibe of a walking alarm. 

The lilac pomeranian loves to be a part of the human family, and they are delicate dogs that need careful handling. If young children are present in your house, they might injure and mishandle the dog. That’s why you must make sure that the kids are informed about pet handling before making Lavender Pomeranian your family member. 

The lifespan of Pomeranian lavender

The lavender pomeranian lives a full and long life. If you adopt a genetically fit and healthy lavender Pomeranian, it will stay for at least 13 to 17 years with you. The Pomeranian is one of the dogs which have the most extended lifespans. If you care for them, they can even be your companion for a long. 

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How much does a lavender Pomeranian cost?

The average cost of a Pomeranian ranges between $900 to $2500, but it can get costlier for the champion lines. You can get a lavender pomeranian for $5000 or more. 

What is the rarest Pomeranian?

Lavender Pomeranian is known as the rarest Pomeranian. It comes with a unique coat that turns into a beaver and blue pomeranian. 

What are rare Pomeranian colors?

Pomeranian comes in almost every color. The rare colors of pomeranian are solid white, black, blue, black, silver pomeranian, and lavender. 

What color is a lavender dog?

The color of the lavender pom is a bar of smoky lavender chocolate, which gives an almost lilac and pink appearance. The lavender dogs take birth with chocolate color and are very difficult to determine at a young age. 

Wrapping up

Lavender Pomeranian is a rare breed, and you can get it by mating Pomeranian with dilution genes. Now you have been an expert on this breed and color, and you have gained knowledge of everything regarding lavender pomeranian, so if you want to buy it, you can prefer to purchase from the breeders.