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Pit bull Weimaraner mix – Description, Temperament, Breeds, & Facts

Dogs are perhaps the best pets to own, but it also depends on the breed you are choosing while adopting. Currently, a famous breed that many are keen to have is the Pit bull Weimaraner mix. This fame is because their emotional characteristics, physical traits, and friendly behavior make them the perfect pet. And those concerned about it being part Pit bull should remember the dog in a Weimaraner mix. A Pit bull Weimaraner mix is a highly reliable breed to have as a pet but is not recommended for novice dog owners. 

Why should you get a Pit bull Weimaraner mix as a pet?

Weimaraner Pit mix is one of the most popular dog breeds owned by many. Many individuals prefer a mixed breed with a Pit Bull rather than an original Pit bull. This has to do with a Pitbull’s reputation as an angry and aggressive dog, a myth. However, the Weimaraner Pit mix is more loyal and friendly and loves interacting with its owners. Of course, they require attention, and owners should have the expertise to handle and take care of them. So for a first-time dog owner, this breed isn’t particularly recommended. 

It is better to know about their heritage and bloodline before diving into their appearance, habits, temperature, etc. Although there is no sure origin of this breed, it is said to be from old native Germany. Firstly, the Weimaraner is a mixed breed of Great Dane, English Pointer, silver-gray Huehnerhund, or chicken dog. No one can pinpoint exactly which breed’s mating might have resulted in the Weimaraner. On the other hand, the Pit bull Weimaraner mix is another breed resulting from the Pit bull and Weimaraner breeding. Thus, these are often called Pittmaraner or Weimar Bully. They are pretty friendly towards their owners but need time and practice to mingle with others. 

Depending on your circumstances, many individuals would like to have a Pit Weimaraner mix. They are generally regarded as your amiable furry friends and are incredibly loyal and friendly.

But, the owner requires patience, gives attention, and trains the dog to be more social. Both Pit bull and Weimaraner are good for interaction ability and loyalty, and thus, these two breed mating results will also be great. 

Military and police have used Pitbulls and Weimaraner for many years. Their responsiveness makes them ideal for search and rescue missions. Pitbulls and Weimaraner have a future with more responsibilities, as they are highly compatible to be trained as an arson detection dog, where they will learn to distinguish scents when a fire is happening.

In honor of their heroic past, many firefighters still choose them as pets and working dogs. Challenge Coins are the best reward for your bravest dog in the world. Well, if dogs could talk, I’m sure adorable Pitbulls would say the same thing and tell you how proud they are when they are rewarded with such honor challenge coins. Get to know more at GS-JJ.

Physical characteristics of a Weimaraner pit bull mix

characteristics of a Weimaraner

When a Pit bull is mixed with Weimaraner, that results in a Pittmaraner or Weimar Bully. A Pittmaraner’s average height can be somewhere between 56cm to 70cm. Their weight can vary between 23kg to 32kg and, like most breeds, have more extensive and heavier males than females.

Of course, these numbers are estimates as the height and weight of a dog depend on diet, activities, owner’s care, and overall lifestyle. And when it comes to the overall appearance, it is unpredictable and can’t be explained easily. Their life span can be up to 12 or 14 years. 

When a Pit bull is mixed with Weimaraner, the characteristics can depend on either parent depending on the genes. But generally, it is said that this breed looks mainly like a Pitbull. Thus, the Pit Weimaraner mix has a long broad head with strong jaws.

They have a muscular body, floppy ears, and clear eyes, and their coat is short and has a wide range of colors. These colors include black and grey, most commonly blue, reddish, yellow, orange, chocolate, etc. And some among these breeds even produce multi-colored coats. 

Personality and behavior of Weimaraner pit bull mix

When adopting a Weimaraner Pit bull mix, you should consider certain factors. Firstly, it is not a breed for first-time dog owners as it requires much training and attention. So when adopting Weimaraner Pit mix puppies, you must have previous experience handling dogs. Although this breed is quite charming and energetic, it possesses the enthusiastic genes of a Weimaraner and a Pit bull.

Often they are considered aggressive, hyperactive, and highly unfriendly to others due to having pit bull genes. This is a complete myth, as neither this breed nor the Pit bull is over the top aggressive and hyperactive. 

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But that doesn’t mean you can take it casually, as you have to interact and train them. These canine friends of yours love to be physically active, and thus exercising is recommended. Many do exercise along with them as it helps create the dog’s bond and necessary social skills. But they inherit some of the Pitbull’s behaviors as aggression, and thus, you should be cautious.

It is important to socialize and give proper training from puppyhood to get the best personality and characteristics out of them. But the fact is Pittmaraner is a rare breed, and thus not much detail is known about their behaviors so nature will be unpredictable. 

Diet care of Pit bull mix Weimaraner 

It is vital to give your dog the proper nutrients for food habits. This is a muscular dog, so a good diet is necessary to have adequate growth. Thus, avoiding human foods and providing dog food are needed in this case.

However, there are some foods that you can share with your Pittmaraner, like carrots, eggs, sweet potato, pumpkin, apples, watermelon, fish, and meat. But there is specific food which is restricted like chocolate, fried food, garlic, onion, and alcohol. 

Frequently asked questions 

What two breeds make a Weimaraner?

The Weimaraner originated from native Germany and is very old; thus cannot be pointed out exactly. But generally, it is a mixed gene of English Pointer, Great Dane, silver-gray Huehnerhund, or chicken dog. 

How big do Weims get?

The size and growth of any species depend on their physical activity and diet. But in general, the Weims can grow between 56cm to 70cm and weighs up to 23kg to 32kg. 

What is the best pit bull mix?

Many pit bull mixes like Doberman Pit from Pit Bull and Doberman, Great Danebull from Great Dane and Pit bull, Boxbull from Pit Bull and Boxer. But many prefer Pittmaraner, which is a Weimaraner and Pit bull mix. 

What is a Weinheimer?

Weinheimer is a dog of the 19th century having Great Dane, English Pointer, and other genes and is one of the best breeds to mix with Pit bull. 


Adopting Weimaraner Pit mix puppies is an exciting thing, but one must remember it’s not for novice owners. They are pretty loyal and friendly but need the necessary training and interaction to have good social skills. Taking good care and giving a proper diet is also required.