Anatolian Shepherd Lab Mix

Anatolian Shepherd Lab Mix – A Complete Guide

Several families worldwide are fond of and own Labrador retrievers in their homes. Labradors are fantastic family dogs that are very sweet like a Great Dane and loyal like the German shepherd. However, what will happen when you cross Anatolian Shepherd with Labrador retriever? The Anatolian Shepherd Lab mix combines a Labrador retriever and a sheepdog. However, it would help if you continue reading to get more information on this.

More About Anatolian Shepherd Lab Mix

Labrador Retrievers are the most popular and favored dogs all over the world. They’re super anxious to please and are an ideal family companion. You won’t discover a single stubborn bone in your Labrador’s body. Everything they wish to do is spend time with the family plus make them happy and proud.

The Anatolian Shepherd prefers to make their individual decision and envisage for themselves. This breed isn’t concerned about learning to stay and sit but does watch around and discover all the suspicious activities happening down the street or around your home. Hence, an Anatolian shepherd and Labrador mix can bring your some distinct outcomes.

When you cross an Anatolian Shepherd with Lab, you’ll receive a large-size Lab and Anatolian shepherd mix puppy with a mid-length hair coat. This indicates that the puppies shall hold powerful herding and hunting drive.

Hence, if the crossbreed resembles the Labrador parent, you may presume the dog to be high-energy, friendly, and outgoing. Yet also, if the puppy goes after the parent Anatolian Shepherd, get ready for a loving and loyal dog. They can be stubborn while you train them on commands and distant with strangers, or the crossbreed can be in between.


Anatolian Shepherd Lab Mix Temperament

What can one mention regarding the kindest lab and Anatolian Shepherd mix? Nothing much apart from good features, right? 

The Anatolian Lab mix is amiable and superb. They are very fond of their family and highly loyal, more than you can wonder.


When you adopt a cross between Anatolian Shepherd and Lab, you’ll get large-size puppies coated with mid-length hair. Sadly, as the Labrador and Anatolian Shepherd shed a lot, the puppies shall also be significant shedders; hence this might not be an ideal choice for all allergic individuals.

Moreover, the hybrid Anatolian shepherd and Lab mix pups are available in various light shades kind, i.e., you can get a white cross breed dog because both the parent are white. However, other Lab colors are possible, yet you can’t expect what your mixed dog will look like.

Health Problems

Apart from the usual health problems with these crossbreed pups, you must also check for their obesity. Both the parent breed dogs are susceptible to obesity; hence their owners need to control their eating habits and quantity. Your Anatolian Shepherd lab mix will also require premium dog nutriment containing protein for maintaining their healthy body weight.

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Various Other Types of Anatolian Shepherd 

The variety of Anatolian Shepard mix dogs is unending, yet for the time being, let’s go through a few of the favorites across the world. Whether it is beauty, braw, brain, or a combination of three, the following envied crossbreed combined with an Anatolian Shepherd:

Siberian Husky and Anatolian Shepherd Mix

Huskies are amiable dogs who become friendly with any stranger, the same as Golden Retrievers. Nevertheless, they also have characteristics of the Anatolian Shepherd developed for work. Yet, they aren’t as workaholics as an Anatolian Shepherd. 

Crossing Siberian Husky and Anatolian Shepherd might bring a loving and intelligent hybrid. Nevertheless, whether they’re hesitant or friendly with strangers will rely upon puppyhood socialization and genetic makeup.

Golden Retriever and Anatolian Shepherd Mix

The entire world is fond of Golden Retrievers dogs, which isn’t any wonder. They’re an ideal family pet because they are loving and intelligent and mix well, especially with children. Notwithstanding, Golden Retriever has high energy and is very active than the Anatolian Shepherd. 

You need to start adapting your Golden Retriever and Anatolian Shepherd mix puppies to regular brushing and examine them for their health.

So, crossing a curious, playful, and friendly Golden Retriever with a protective, calm, and loyal Anatolian Shepherd might not give you a perfect mix.

Great Dane and Anatolian Shepherd Mix

Great Danes are recognized as kind giants in the dog universe. So, a Great Dane and an Anatolian Shepherd dog mix can bring out multiple distinct scenarios. Mostly, the crossbreed dog may be big and clever. 

However, Great Danes have a shorter life span and are also vulnerable to various health problems because of their giant size. So, on crossing these two breeds, the offspring has maximum chances of getting their traits.


How big will an Anatolian Shepherd mix get?

Anatolian Shepherd mix dogs are generally of considerable size and are about 27 to 29 inches tall. It’s a large dog and weighs around 90 or 150 pounds.

What is an Anatolian Shepherd mixed with a German Shepherd?

German Anatolian Shepherd dog is a German Shepherd mixed with Anatolian Shepherd. It’s a famous protecting and herding dog and is a substantial Turkish canine known to guard livestock for over a thousand years.

Can Anatolian shepherds be aggressive?

Anatolian Shepherd dogs can get aggressive when they meet new dogs and people. They get aggressive mainly because they didn’t get enough socialization when they were young and lacked training. 

Are Anatolian shepherds diggers?

Anatolian Shepherd is a strong-willed dog and is apt to dig down fences. Few Anatolian Shepherds are number one diggers.

So, Is A Lab And Anatolian Shepherd Mix Well For You?

An Anatolian Shepherd and lab mix is a loyal, healthy, calm, large, and highly intelligent breed and makes an adorable dog for an ideal family or person. They require lots of premature obedience and socialization training. It is also advisable not to unleash them while they’re out for a walk or even at home or backyard, not for security purposes.

So, a prospective owner needs to consider the protective impulse before adopting an Anatolian Shepherd and lab mix. Such streak can also come into this offspring, although the cross is between a calm dog like Labrador and an Anatolian Shepherd.