Dachshund boxer mix

Dachshund Boxer Mix – What You Need To Know

Being crazy over cute animals is a common trait that almost 80% of humans possess. Standing in the 21t century, it would not be tough for you to understand that every alternate household has one type of pet or the other now. Despite the availability of small and cute species of domestic animals all over the market, dogs have managed to be humans’ best friends to date. If you are confused about which dog to adopt or buy for your home, you can consider getting a Dachshund boxer mix now!

Background details of Dachshund Boxer mixes

Dachshund’s first appearance: If you have been an animal lover for quite a long time, you must be aware of the pure Dachshund breed. In 16th century Germany, dog breeders were fed up with the excavations of the badgers all around the place. People had constantly been complaining about those creatures for various mischievous encounters. Hence, the breeders introduced Dachshunds in the dog market, which currently holds the 12th rank on AKC‘s list. These dogs were structured, so they came up with tiny legs and a cylindrical body with an adorable puppy face for digging out the badgers from underground caves.

Boxers’ first appearance: On the other hand, Boxers came to the market in the late 19th century to help soldiers as companion fighters and guard dogs during World War I. Now the dog breeders are in a rush to introduce more effective ad cute dog breeds. Thus, Dachshund boxer mixes have recently come to the dog market to win millions of hearts with incredible cuteness!
Other Dachshund mixes include Dachshund and Sheltie mix, boxers cross, etc. Get ready to take one of the Boxer Samoyed to mix back home.

Reasons to get Dachshund and Boxer mixes for homes

Do you have kids at home who absolutely hate not being around a canine companion? If yes, then it is time to get them some Boxer blend. However, if you are confused about whether to adopt Dachshund boxers, then the following points will give you enough reasons to get one today.

Excellent family dogs:

Breed dogs like Boxers chow mix, Boxer Yorkie mix, and not to forget, Dachshund boxer mix make a fantastic family dog. Boxers and Doxies are perfect examples of family dogs as they are gentle with kids, adorable with elders, and chunky with their masters. Most dog owners consider boxers to be master dogs. They believe these Boxer mixes might not accept other house people except their trainer and master. However, it is not valid. If you get a Boxer Shiba Inu mix today, it will not take much time to figure out the utter excitement these pups have in their eyes for meeting new family members of the house!

Excellent Watchdogs:

If you think Bulldog Weiner dog mix or Boxer Dachshund mix dogs to be just sweet and simple, whom kids love to play with, you are in a terrible misconception. It would help if you never forgot that these dogs came in handy to the people during the war days for carrying luggage, pulling carts, chopping off enemies, etc. Hence, such mix-breeds are fighter and hunter dogs in reality with innocent eyes. These Brindle box pointer mix breeds make excellent watchdogs. Even if you get Chihuahua mixed with Boxer breeds at home, you would not have to worry about the house’s safety.

Extremely entertaining:

Entertainment is yet another thing that comes for free, along with the Boxer blends or Dachshund box mix breeds. Boxer Shih Tzu mix breed dogs and others like Boxer pomeranian mix dogs are absolute entertainers. If you have less space at home, you can go for small-sized mix breeds like Boxer spaniel mix breeds. These dogs are easy to train and come with sharp IQs. You can easily make them do tricks in return for treats. However, some of them follow their hoomans and get to learn a lot of entertaining tricks on their own as well.

Easy maintenance:

Except for long-coat dogs like Boxer Bernese mixes, if you go for short-coat ones like Boxer English pointer mixes and other Dachshund mixes, you would not have to take the headache of trimming their furry bodies or treat their bodies with anti ticks and anti-flea solutions from time to time. Thus, their maintenance tasks are less time-consuming for sure.

Warnings before getting Dachshund Boxer mixes

If you are finally sure about getting a Boxer Newfoundland mix or Boxer Frenchie mix as your pet dogs, then here are a few warnings that you should be aware of.

They drool a lot:

Every dog owner complains about the slobbering habits of their dogs. The same goes for the Dachshund boxer mixes as well. The moment you try to get your tummy filled even after feeding your furball, you will notice a pair of innocent eyes and a puppy-faced dog salivating all over your carpet in no time! Yes, these dogs are voracious eaters.

Do not allow other pet animals:

The dog situation at your place might get quite hectic if you try to bring in new small-sized pets like Hamsters or Mouse pets at home, in the presence of a Boxer breed. Your small cutie might end up being dead in the mouth of your gentle giant breed in no time.

Do not accept strangers:

Apart from the above points, you should be aware that your Dachshund boxer mix would never let any stranger set foot inside your house. They are fantastic guard dogs, terrific protectors, and excellent shouters!


What is the best breed to mix with a Dachshund?

If you are looking for answers to the above question, you should know that Boxers, Dobermans, and English pointers can make unique breeds with Dachshunds.

How big do Dachshund mixes get?

The size of Dachshund mixes varies from breed to breed. They can maximum get 15 inches tall and up to 30 pounds.

What two dogs make a Dachshund?

If you wonder who Dachshund’s parent breeds are, then you should know that these short-legged cuties come from a mix of small French pointer and Pinscher.

Is a Dachshund mix a good family dog?

If you are worried about the behavior and nature of your Dachshund mix, then you should know that every dog’s behavior and manner highly depend on how they get trained. If you can manage to train them in the proper ways, then your Dachshund mix will stay in your control throughout your life. However, some of the mixes can get aggressive without appropriate training, while the others are gentle-natured from the beginning!