Tortoiseshell Maine Coon

Tortoiseshell Maine Coon – All You Need To Know

Do you know that Tortoiseshell Maine Coon is known as the “Diva” in their cat world? These independent creatures, also known as “torties,” are proud of their exquisite and distinctive multicolored fur. Cats are generally recognized for being independent and spirited, but the Tortoiseshell Maine coon appears to take it a step further.

But do they genuinely have a high attitude compared to other cats? Despite their “fortitude,” tortoiseshell Maine Coons are considered lucky animals in many cultures. What distinguishes them from other Maine coon torties except for their coat color? Continue reading to find out!

Brief on Tortoiseshell Maine coon

Tortie Maine coon is considered one of the uncommon color variations in the breed. These cats, whose coats are multicolored, were named because they resemble turtle shells. They typically mix colors like brown, black, orange, and red. Tortie cats are frequently more expensive due to their unusual appearance.

one of the rare color variations of the breed is Tortoiseshell Maine Coons. Named after their similarity to turtle shells, these cats have multicolored coats. Usually, they are available in a mixture of red, orange, black, and brown colors. Because of their peculiar look, tortie Maine coon cat are often priced higher. 

The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) recognizes the Maine coon tortoiseshell cat in the parti-color category. They are black with red patches or slightly fused in some areas. They can even be combined with various classes like smoke, shaded, shell, white, etc. 

When referring to Tortoiseshell Maine coon kitten, the word “fortitude” frequently comes to mind. These striking cats are thought to be fiery, stubborn, and full of surprising moods. But are these suppositions accurate?

While some research suggests that a cat’s fur may influence how aggressive they are, many cultures consider the tortoiseshell Maine coon cat with this fur color lucky.

The Appearance of Tortoiseshell Maine coon

The world’s biggest cat breed is the Maine coon, and size is undoubtedly one of its distinguishing physical traits. A Tortie Maine coon kitten can grow between 10 and 15 inches in height and up to 40 inches long. Typically weighing 8 to 18 pounds, these robustly built felines have muscular bodies, broad chests, and sturdy legs. Other physical features are pointed ears mostly topped with hair wisps, expressive eyes, and a bushy and long tail. 


Keep in mind that despite their intimidating size, Tortoiseshell Maine coon are gentle giants that adore spending quality time with their owners. They don’t care about privacy or personal space and want to be included in the family. These cats love the idea of accompanying you around all day. 

Although Tortoiseshell Maine coon is undoubtedly gregarious and friendly, they do not often lap cats. Given its size, this species often wants to stay next to you instead of on top of you, which will benefit you. 

Maine coons have a high level of intelligence, are energetic, and therefore will play like kittens long into old age. They are referred to as the “clowns” in the cat world. Being a non-aggressive breed, they will accept being held, picked, and cuddled. These creatures are pleasant, patient, and amiable toward kids.

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Is it rare to find Tortoiseshell Maine Coon Cats? 

Maine coon tortoiseshell are scarce compared to other cat breeds. Despite their popularity, they are tough to find in shelters, rescues, or shops. The colors of Maine coon coats decide how rare they are. For example, the blue tortie Maine coon is easy to get rather than another tortoiseshell Maine coon mix colors. You can find solid calico Maine coon kittens more easily than mixed colors. 

You can find it challenging even more if you are searching for the male one. Almost every Maine coon cat tortoiseshell is female, and if you find a male, they might have any health issues or are sterile. 

Tortoiseshell Maine Coons are hard to come by since it’s challenging to find a healthy male Maine coon blue tortie to breed with them and because of the genetics of their intricate coat. 

Tortoiseshell Maine Coon Color Genetics

Development factors and simple genetics explain why tortie calico Maine coon cat is hard to locate or produce.

Two pigments, red pigment (pheomelanin) and black pigment (eumelanin), are responsible for every cat’s colors. For dilute tortie Maine coon, they possess any one of these pigments. 

The tortie and torbie Maine coon patterns are caused by the x-linked genes, referred to as mosaic expression. Felines also carry sex chromosomes like humans, and female cats have (XX) chromosomes, and males have (XY) chromosomes. 

In cats, the X chromosome consists of the gene of coat color. As female cats carry two X chromosomes, they might have two different colors for the coat in one chromosome. As the Maine coon tortoiseshell mix carries both color pigments, two separate genes in every chromosome don’t get mixed to create one color. 

Additionally, one X chromosome becomes inactive in each cell during the initial phases of an unborn cat’s development, a process known as lyonization. Because of the random deactivation, few skin cells retain the genes for the red fur, while others might retain it for black and blue fur. A tortoiseshell Maine coon calico is the end outcome of the entire procedure.

Wrapping up

Cats with tortoiseshell coats are genuinely unique. They have inspired folktales worldwide because of their alluring bi-color spotty coat, the (debatable) existence of “fortitude,” or simply because of the mystery they exude. They are also relatively uncommon cats. So, count yourself lucky if you ever see a tortoiseshell cat, and think of yourself as fortunate if you have one!


What is the rarest color Maine Coon?

Gold and silver calico Maine coon are the rarest ones to find. It is pretty easy to find orange Torbie Maine coon. 

How many are tortoiseshell Maine Coon cats?

The Tortoiseshell Maine Coon Cats are in demand and famous but very rare. Depending upon several factors, a kitten might come with a price tag of $2000 to $4000. If you want to breed from the champion bloodlines, the price might go up to 10000. 

How rare is a tortoiseshell cat?

The Tortoiseshell cat is very rare to find. If you see any Tortoiseshell cat, it will probably be a female one, and a male one is scarce (1 in 3000).

Are tortoiseshell cats worth money?

Yes, they are highly worth the money. They are scarce, and they are considered the luckiest breed in various regions.