what breed is my cat

What Breed Is My Cat ? How To Identify Your Cat’s Breed

Get to know your Cat Breed.

Are you confused about your cat breed? If yes, then here you have the opportunity to know your cat’s breed and also other vital details like food habits, nature, and personality. Most cat lovers adopt cats but wonder about only one thing, what breed is my cat? If you are one of those who cannot figure out their cat breeds, then there is nothing to be ashamed of, as it is pretty OK to be curious about knowing your furball better. In this article, you will get answers to all your questions regarding cat breeds and several other fun facts!

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Varieties of Cat Breeds

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Cat breeds
Cat breeds

If you have a considerable interest in the cutest cat breeds around the globe, then you have come to the right page. The following list of cat breeds will help you recognize your cat friend’s breed at home. 

  • Abyssinian:

If you are suffering from one particular confusion, what breed is my cat, then you can match the features with an Abyssinian cat. Abyssinian cats generally have a ticked coat in colorful furs. They are lean and muscular physically. One of the domestic cat breeds that you might come across. They are generally too excellent and clingy towards their owners, but it is advisable to keep these short-tempered cute buddies away from children. 

  • Ragdoll:

Ragdoll is the cutest cat you might come across. If you are confused about your cats’ breed, then you can try to match the Ragdoll traits with yours. Ragdolls are gentle with their attention-seeking personality from humans. They love to feed on wet cat foods to fill their tummies. They have got a low vocal which you might get to hear only at times. The cats come in blue, brown, cream, lilac, or red shades only. 

  • Exotic Shorthair:

The exotic breed is one of the cute cat breeds which exist in the 21st century. The cat breed is mainly of US origin and is famous for its lightweight and plushy fur. Most of the exotic shorthairs weigh 8-14 pounds maximum. The cat comes in vibrant shades of cream, chocolate, lilac, chinchilla, white, and shades of silver even. If you do not know yet, what breed is my cat, then you might consider judging your fur baby’s nature with the exotic shorthair, which is gentle and homely. Exotics are perfect for lap cat lovers!

  • British Shorthair:

What breed is my cat? It might be a British Shorthair! and this Shorthair breed is the cutest cat in the world. They weigh about 17-18 pounds mainly. Most of these cat babies are gentle-natured and are well-known for their patient and calm personalities with humans. They are excellent lap cats with short hair from the United Kingdom origin. Their coat is not that furry but very dense. You can find the British Shorthair cats trending on social media platforms in today’s world. They mainly come in blue, brown, red, silver, grey, and cream shade. 

  • Persian Cats:

There are high chances of your fur baby being a Persian cat, and these cats are one of the pretty cat breeds in the world. They are popular among humans for their long hairy, silky coats. This cat breed originates from Persia and is also a social media sensation in the 21st century. These cats have a sedate and fun-loving nature. Most of the Persian cats are lazy and do not prefer doing many activities during the day. They mainly like to take short naps and get petted by their owners all the time. The Persian breed is available in black, blue, brown, cream, lilac, red, and chocolate shades. 

  • Maine Coon:

If you consider your furry friend to be one of the cutest cats in the world, then it might be a Coon cat! Coon cats originate from the United States and mainly prefer staying in the snowy regions. They have got several famous names like snowshoe cats, coon cats, etc. These cats are lovely externally but are mainly of independent and self-centered nature. They do not prefer clinging to humans much and can even turn out to be moody at times. The cat breed is mainly available in darker shades like dark golden, black, brown, or a combination of all.

  • Sphynx:

Cats are often known for being cute-looking animals. But if you find your cat bald and consider it to be the ugliest cat in the world, then probably you are petting a Sphynx cat. Sphynx is quite popular among Canadian households. They are lap cats with a quiet vocal. You would not get to hear much from these hairless creatures. The saddest part about Sphynx cats is that they have sensitive skin, and the moment you touch them, their skin would pucker a bit. The cat has got an independent nature and a short temperament. You might have a Sphynx in black, blue, white, chocolate, cream, or lavender shade. 

  • Birman:

If you have a gentle and clingy cat in the shade of blue, chocolate, lilac, seal, or spotted shade, then you might be looking at the cutest cat in the world, Birman. Birman cat breed is in high demand for its stunning combination of excellent shape and blue eyes. These cats can turn out to be man’s best friends like that of dogs due to their friendly and gentle nature. Birman breed is highly known for its fantastic longhair, silky furry coat, which protects them from adverse weather conditions and adds to their glamorous looks!

  • Bengal Cat:

It is pretty easy to recognize Bengal cats, for they look like miniature versions of Bengal tigers. They mainly come in a spotted fur of golden and black combination. You might find this fearless creature to be the cutest cat in the world and yet sometimes wild. The Bengal breed of cats is quite active and intelligent, making your life happening and full of fun all the time!

Which is the Cutest Cat in the world?

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If you are wondering which is the world’s cutest cat, then you might not have heard or seen Mr. Coffee Cat, who has got a huge fan following on all the social media platforms. The coffee cat is a white tabby friend who is an adorable cat, setting the internet world on fire with its mind-blowing fluffy cheeks and blue eyes! 

You have reached the end part of the article and are well aware of several cat breeds now. You can easily compare the traits of your cutest cat ever with the above cats to find out its breed. What keeps you waiting? Go and find out your furry friend’s breed today!

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