How Long is a Cat Pregnant?

How Long is a Cat Pregnant? Understanding The Signs And Stages

Having a pregnant cat at home is an excitement for all the family members as everyone eagerly waits for kittens. Are you a breeder, or do you want to mate your cats for a reason? There are some key essentials which you will have to consider when the concern is about cat pregnancy. You will need to know and learn to determine how to tell if your feline partner is pregnant. How should you take care of a pregnant cat belly and cat gestation period? 

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When your cat is pregnant, you will have to make various decisions similar to raising a human family. You will have to take the responsibility of cleaning the litter of kittens and the mother cat. You will also have to bear the cost of pregnancy and the kittens if you are not planning to sell them or share them with your friends and family. It is your responsibility that you keep your cat happy during the time of pregnancy.   

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You have landed at the right place if you are looking for answers to all the questions mentioned above on the internet. Today, we will discuss pregnancy in cats and how long is pregnancy in cats? So here we go.  

All You Need To Know About Cat Pregnancy:

Similar to humans, cats also have periods with peaks of fertility which in technical terms is described as heat or a season in the feline language. When the season is running, cats might feel the heat once every three weeks. One of the main reasons why breeders love cats is they provide multiple opportunities to fall pregnant. 

Most cat owners also prefer to neuter their feline companions before the season or heat to ensure that they don’t have too many kittens lingering in the house. Bringing up a litter at home will ensure that both you and your cat have to tackle a lot of stress. Most pet experts would recommend you have a chat with your nearest breeding expert or local vet before you decide to breed your cat. 

How Long Are Cats Pregnant?

The normal gestation period in cats lasts for 61-67 days, but the range can also be extended to 65-72 days. It is also daunting to tell the exact numbers on how long cats are pregnant because it depends on the breed and your feline companion’s health. 

The feline queen (Cat) of your home will also not showcase any signs of pregnancy until the first few days or weeks. If you have any doubts regarding pregnancy in your queen, then you should see your local vet soon.  

However, there are various physical indications which your cat might show once she is pregnant. You should consult your vet because they can help you understand the entire pregnancy procedure. Also, you can find signs of pregnancy in cats after three weeks.  

Best Ways To Tell That Your Cat Is Pregnant:

Pregnant cat
Pregnant cat
  • Check for pinking-up on the nipples of your cat as they will start growing larger after 15 days during the cat pregnancy. 
  • Similarly to pregnant women, your pregnant cat might also demand much of your time, presence, and attention due to maternal feelings. 
  • The best sign of cat pregnancy is an enlarged belly, and it is strictly recommended that you don’t touch your cat’s belly unless you want to hurt the kittens on your own. Stomach swelling can also be a sign of an abdominal illness; hence you will have to contact your pet immediately. 
  • Your cat might also gain more weight because they tend to increase their appetite during the pregnancy. Increased appetite also highlights the signs of worms; hence check with your local vet for confirmation. 
  • Cats also experience vomiting or morning sickness like humans, which is an easy way to tell that your cat is pregnant.
  • Your local veterinarian will also use ultrasound to check for the pregnancy during the first 15 days. Sometimes the larger kitten will also cover the smaller kittens; hence you will have to ensure that you plan to tackle extra puppies.
  • Weight gain is also a common sign to tell that your cat is pregnant and needs your help, care, and attention. 

Symptoms of Dead Kitten Inside Cat:

pregnant cat symptoms

In most miscarriage cases, cat owners cannot diagnose the sign or symptoms of a dead kitten inside the cat. One of the best ways to determine dead kittens inside the cat is ultrasound. If you and your local vet had already witnessed kittens inside your cat, and after a few days or weeks, the ultrasound showed no signs, then it is a clear indication of dead kittens.

Here are some of the common symptoms of a dead kitten inside a cat:

  • Abnormal vaginal discharge alongside pus
  • Mild to severe abdominal pain
  • Fever
  • Other potential signs of miscarriage.

Symptoms of Active Labor in Cats:

One of the most common signs of labor in cats is a decline in body temperature. The body temperature of your feline partner will drop down to 36-37 degrees celsius twelve hours before the active labor. Your cat might not showcase interest in eating or might feel lethargic and refuse to eat or drink. Your cat might also feel uncomfortable when giving birth; hence it is important that, as a responsible owner, you provide them with supportive care. You might witness vaginal discharge along with a lot of blood at the time of giving birth, but if you suspect black discharge, then it is recommended that you call your vet ASAP. Also, it is recommended that you keep the kittens closer to the mum.  

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Although cats will manage their labor independently and they would not demand much help from their owners, you must keep them happy. You must also not interfere at the time of birth, but you should also keep an eye on the process to check everything is going in the right way. 

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