Flame point siamese

Flame Point Siamese Cat Personality , Traits and Behavior

Flame Point Siamese cat is one of the rarest breeds on earth. It is one of the cutest and lovable among the other breeds of cat. They are always active and have a playful nature.

It is because of their friendly behavior; they share a special bond with you. They will follow you wherever you go and, with time, become one of your favorite pets. The bear has a unique color which makes them different from other cats.

Amazing Facts of Flame Point Siamese

The flame point Siamese cat is also known as red point Siamese as they bear a red color print pattern. They are long and thin, and usually, their weight remains less. The most important feature of this cat is that they are very friendly and talkative.

They stay active most of the time, unlike their counterparts. It is because of their lovely nature; you begin to adore it.  Moreover, a flame point cat requires a lot of your attention, and if you ignore them, it will lose its lawlessness.

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Flame Point Siamese – A Rare Breed

Siamese cat breed

This cat is tough to find. You will not be able to get it from regular sellers. Instead, you have to contact a reputable breeder, and if you are lucky, you may get one for adoption.

The cost of a flame point Siamese kitten is relatively high, and it varies depending upon the area you are living. It is undoubtedly one of the rare breeds of a feline family because it is challenging to breed one and get the actual color. It becomes a matter of pride if you have a flame point Siamese cat in your house.  

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Exercise For Your Siamese Cat

Cat exercise

A flame Point Siamese cat loves to play around, and hence you must always encourage its activities. They prefer to stay in large areas so that they can explore the things around them.

Even if you are down with a lot of work, you must take out some time to play with your cat. It helps to maintain its weight together with the much-required cardio.

Training of a Siamese Cat

Cat Training

It is straightforward to train your dog, but it becomes a challenging task when you try to train your cat.  However, the Siamese cat will respect your commands and, being friendly, adhere to your norms.

You can quickly prepare your Siamese friend with the help of plenty of treats of their choice.  They can learn several commands, thus making you proud. 

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Grooming of Siamese Cat

Cat Grooming

A flame point Siamese cat has natural beauty, and hence when you groom it, your cat will catch the envy of your neighbors.  It becomes more attractive, and you feel about cuddling it.  An occasional nail trimming and combing of its hair will make your Siamese friend look amazing.

Health Condition of a Siamese Cat

Cat Health

It would help if you took extreme care of your darling Siamese cat; else, it can develop some crucial health problems.  Arthritis is a common feature that mainly occurs due to aging. 

Hence you must always try to maintain its weight by regularly exercising and proper diet. It can also prevent your cat from getting Hip dysplasia. Furthermore, you must try to include protein in your daily diet as it will help in preventing other common health issues like Retinal atrophy and PICA.


People who are cat lovers know the importance of a flame point cat, and hence to get one, they will leave no stone unturned. They are always willing to pay any price for it, and that is why a flame point Siamese price is relatively high.

The range increase with its non-availability as the demand for these cats is always on a surge. The standard price ranges from $200 to $1000, but it can increase to $2000 depending on its availability and area of residence.

Personality Traits of Flame Point Siamese

Typically cats find it very difficult to adjust with us, and they take a long time to become friends. On the other hand, a Siamese cat will become friendly with you in no time because of its nature. It may be due to the extensive admiration and love that they receive from us.

They are always vocal and active and need a lot of attention. Their moves are just fantastic, and the different poses that they will give will surely attract you. You feel great when you return home from work as they will pounce on you and grab your attention. Your house will surely brighten up if you keep a flame point Siamese cat as a pet. 

A True friend

Cat friend

It is better to adopt a flame point kitten gradually. It will come in terms with the norms of the family. Since they are friendly and vocal, you will not find it challenging to train them. They have a particular liking towards us, and hence they will comply with your orders.

You can adopt the same methods of training as your dog by using different types of treats. They are brilliant, and hence with a little bit of patience, they will ultimately respond to your commands.

Siamese cat flame point will always try to grab your attention as they are very possessive and caring. They share an unconditional bond with human beings.

Attractive and Gorgeous colors

If you come across a white Siamese, do not be confused; as usual, a newborn Siamese kitten is white. It is because of the warmth in the womb, but as it comes in contact with the outer world, the color gradually changes.

You will notice the shift in color change around the nose, paws, ears, and tail, and that is why it looks gorgeous, sure to get the attraction of many. 

The cool temperature is the reason for the color change. You will also find a cream point cat among the Siamese family.

They look stunning with the different tones of cream color throughout their body. You must consider yourself to be lucky if you own a Siamese cat with such a vibrant color.

Flame Point Siamese – The unique ones

The flame point Balinese cat is one of its unique kind. The color of its body is just like a flame with shades of red and orange, making it one of the fantastic cats on earth.

The white-colored Siamese cats are also known as albino Siamese cats.  They are born in their natural color, white, but due to the action of enzymes and temperature, the color changes.

Hence a Siamese cat born in a warm climatic region will retain its color as there will be no change.  

You May Feel Fortunate to have a Flame Point Siamese

It is tough to find a flame point Siamese cat as they are in high demand. Moreover, because of its unavailability, there is always a surge in their price. You can, however, search the internet to find information about red point Siamese kittens for sale.  

You have to keep track of its availability on a timely basis, and if you are lucky enough, you got yourself a jackpot. It is because very rarely does anyone put up a Siamese cat for adoption.


Q1 Are Flame Point Siamese cats rare?

Siamese cats have come into existence because of breeding. It is tough to find a Siamese cat with regular breeders. You can only get it with professional breeders, and hence it is pretty expensive.

The breeding of a Siamese cat is a challenging job, and not many can take out the perfect color coating of a Siamese cat.

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Q2. How much are flame point Siamese cats worth?

A usual Siamese kitten will cost you between $600 to $ 800. The price varies depending upon the area where you are living. However, in some instances, where a Siamese cat has extensive features and vibrant color, the cost can rise to $2000. The price of a Siamese cat also varies depending upon the breeder.

It is because if you plan to adopt a Siamese cat or kitten from a professional breeder, he will indeed charge more because of the quality.

Q3. What makes a flame point Siamese?

The name flame point has come because of the combination of red and orange representing flame. A Siamese cat with various shades of red and orange fur is known as a flame point Siamese. There were a lot of extensive experiments done before the Siamese cat got the color red and orange.  

Q4. Are flame point Siamese cats mean?

Flame point Siamese cats are one of the best friends of human beings. They have a loving and friendly nature. It is because of their calm nature; they are popular.

Those who are cat lovers crave to keep a Siamese cat as their pet. A Siamese cat is so active that it will always try to grab your attention and love. They do not possess a mean nature, nor are they aggressive.  Having a Siamese cat will surely brighten your day and your house.


If you want to adopt a cat, then the only answer to it is the Siamese cat. This cat not only has its personality but also has great looks. It is a pleasure to keep a Siamese cat in your house as a pet. It will bring excitement and joy to your monotonous daily life. You will have something to look for when you return home tired of your daily work.  The sight of a Siamese cat will bring back energy and the smile that you were yearning for some time.   

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