Why do dogs eat their Vomit (1)

Why Do Dogs Eat Their Vomit? Top Reasons To Know

If your dog is eating his Vomit, then it might be for several reasons. The reasons might be normal or abnormal at times.

If you are wondering dog is eating his Vomit , then you are on the right page! Dogs have a delicate and weird food habit compared to humans, which includes eating vomits at times. You can get more information and updates from the following article now!

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Why do dogs eat their Vomit? Is it normal for puppies? 

Is your dog eating Vomit? If yes, then you should get a little knowledge of puppy regurgitation now! If you are a dog person and love to observe dogs’ activities, then you might have noticed some weird food habits in puppies.

When dogs become mothers, they try different ways of changing the food habits of their puppies, from drinking milk to eating solid food.

One of the most common things that mother dogs do is not let them have milk quite often and vomit out the solid food in a semi-solid form via vomiting so that the puppies can feed on it. 

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The entire process is known as regurgitation, which is quite normal in dogs.From childhood, mother dogs introduce solid food to their pups in Vomit, which is pretty delicious to them.

So if your newly brought puppy is showing signs of regurgitation in which he eats and then throws up only to swallow it again, you can consider it to be a part of their life which will get over soon!

When do dogs eat their Vomit?


If you are confused upon seeing your dog regurgitating food, there might be several reasons behind that. However, the most vital thing which you should be your first concern is the reason behind your dog throwing up.

The following points might be the possible reasons behind your dogs throwing up:

severe viruses in dog

There are times when you might find your dog randomly throwing up along with traces of blood and mucus in it. In such cases, the probability of having an infection from severe viruses like parvo is quite common.

Therefore, you should not waste even a minute consulting your vet during such symptoms as even one second counts in such worst situations! In addition, your dog might have regurgitating habits that keep dragging him back to his infected Vomit over time.

Vets have suggested over time that dogs often throw up due to severe organ failures or organ ruptures like pancreatitis attacks, kidney failures, liver failures, etc. While dogs return to vomits due to regurgitating habits, which make things more complicated!

stomach upset

Another common reason behind dogs throwing up and eating the same is nothing but food intolerances.

Food poisoning is yet another part of the story of vomiting in dogs. If you want them not to eat their Vomit, then it is better to cure them of the source itself. The following article will give you more information on dogs eating their Vomit now!

Regurgitation VS Vomit

If you are wondering why dogs eat their throw-up, then you are on the right page. Dogs eat their throw-up often due to regurgitation. Now you must be wondering the possible difference between vomiting and regurgitating.

Both might seem similar to you via naked eyes. But there are a lot of hidden mysteries behind such things which you might want to know.

Vomiting is the process when dogs eat and swallow food. But it comes up as throw up after reaching the stomach within a few hours of eating. But regurgitating is a nasty habit in dogs in which they do not entirely swallow the food. 

Instead, they send the food halfway long and keep it there for a few minutes so that they can re-cook the meal, kill the bacteria and serve it to the puppies in a better and safer way.

Regurgitated food often tastes unique to dogs as the food remains intact along with the original aromas in most cases. But when it comes to vomits, they lose the smell and taste entirely!

So if you compare regurgitated food to vomits, then regurgitated food wins!

How to stop dogs from eating their Vomit?

Dog vomiting

Most dog owners suffer from a straightforward confusion, which is “why do dogs eat vomit?” However, if you feel you have got the same question wandering your head, then you can take them for a quick visit to the vet and get the following things done:

  • Tests:

The first thing you should do is take your fur babies for monthly checkups to the vets. It is not that regurgitation is the only reason for your dog returning to vomits. There might be several underlying diseases in your pet for such food habits.

The faster you take him to the vets, the quicker you know about his throwing up and vomit eating habits.

The best way to find out is to take a few quick tests like blood tests, fecal tests, ultrasounds, biopsy, radiographs, and endoscopy of your dogs.

You would quickly get to know the underlying diseases, their vitamin lacks, and get updates on their immunity system. It is the only way to get over the vomiting issues of your fur babies!

  • Medications:

If your doc visualizes or predicts any underlying diseases in your pet dogs, he would go for the best medications ever to stop the problematic vomiting and eating the Vomit again, the habit of your dog.

The most common medicines which the vets can provide are to treat them with antibiotics and antiemetics. They might also suggest you stay as close as possible to your canine companions.

Sometimes dog suffers from vomiting problems due to separation anxiety and even depression. In addition, they end up eating the Vomit due to their puppy days’ food habits.

  • Change of food:

The last thing that the vet can suggest you do is to change your dogs’ diet chart. There are times when you often see your dogs vomiting out the food and eating it again several times a day.

That is when you rush them to the doctors. But upon testing and observing your pet baby, the vets are unable to detect any health issues.

In such circumstances, the vets predict reasons like food intolerances, food poisoning, and food allergies, which can be problematic if left untreated for long. 

The best way to get over such regurgitating issues is to change the diet plan of your dogs completely.

If your dogs suffer from stomach upset, the vets might suggest giving your dogs home-cooked food like unskinned chicken, boiled potatoes and rice, etc. Unfortunately, dogs sometimes get fed up with the same food supplies. They try out several means to get rid of the food by bringing up their dirty food habits like regurgitation. 


You can now assume the probable reasons behind your dogs eating Vomit. What keeps you waiting? Go and do the possible above steps now!


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Should I stop my dog from eating his Vomit?

If you want to stop your dog from eating Vomit, then the first thing which you need to do is to differentiate between Vomit and regurgitated food. If the food smells wrong and has mucus or blood on it, then it is probably vomiting.

Otherwise, regurgitated food is safe to eat. Again, if you want to stop him from eating regurgitated food, you can consult a vet for proper treatment.

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Why is my dog throwing up undigested food after hours of eating?

If you notice your dog throwing up undigested food after hours of eating, that means he is vomiting and feels sick. If you see the discomfort in your fur baby for a long time, you should take him t a proper vet immediately without further delay.

Why do dogs eat their Vomit constantly?

Eating regurgitated food in dogs is quite common. They enjoy regurgitated food more than normal ones. Dogs have got one out of six taste buds of that in humans. You cannot expect them to be food flavor-specific all the time.

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They do not have enough taste buds to understand food flavors randomly. If you notice your canine companion eating their Vomit randomly or quite often, then you are seeing them enjoy regurgitated food and not vomit! It is pretty tough to stop them from repeating as that is a childhood habit. 

Why do dogs eat poop and Vomit?

You can often find your dogs eating their poop and Vomit. There is nothing to worry about in that. All you have to do is take the fur buddy for a vet checkup and describe the health issue in him.

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Dogs can have these problems due to regurgitation issues since their childhood which makes them eat their Vomit. If you catch your fur baby eating poops as well, then there are possibilities of him lacking vitamins.

You can give the poor dog some supplements and add them to his diet chart so that he can get rid of his disgusting food habits!