Can cats eat strawberries?

Can Cats Eat Strawberries? Is It Safe For Your Cat?

Can cats eat strawberries? : Strawberries are a sweet source of potassium, Vitamin C, and fiber in our diet. But can we consider it to be safe for our feline partner? Yes, you can consider strawberries as a safe treat for your cats to eat.

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The strawberries are excellent red fruit that is praised for their variety of minerals and vitamins and boost energy from its natural sugars. But there are some points which you should consider before sharing the strawberries with your cat. You might have a question that “can cats have strawberries.” 

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The digestive system of our whiskered partner is different from ours. Similar food might be non-toxic or beneficial to their diet, but other foods might cause severe issues. The strawberries are healthy for human beings, but can cats eat strawberries? Here are the things which you must do before feeding strawberries to your cat. 

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Is Strawberries Safe For Your Cats? 

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Are strawberries suitable for cats? Yes, the strawberries are considered safe for your whiskered partner, but it notes that there are caveats. But if your pet tends to have any health issues, then it is not applicable for them.

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You should avoid treating strawberries to your pet if they are sick. You shouldn’t copy your friend’s cat diet to feed your cat because every cat’s digestive system is different.

Your cat might not tolerate the strawberries, and it will make them sick. You must note that your cat’s calories must be completed from the balance pet food.

Strawberries or other human foods must be given as a treat. If you ask, “can cats eat strawberries,” you must know that every safe food is good in a limit. 

Reasons Your Cat Like Strawberries

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Cats love strawberries for numerous reasons. Here are the keys one which you must keep in mind:- 

  • Strawberries make them goofy

The cat strawberries are not related to catnip directly, but it is believed that the strawberry leaves tend to provoke a high feeling. Most cats act goofy around strawberries because they lick them, toss them, rub their face and do catnip.

It is possible that the leave induces this effect, but not the berries. After reading about goofiness, you might question, “are strawberries bad for cats” then the answer is no, it is not bad for them. Just take out the leaves and then feed the berries. 

  • Cats love sweetness

As we all know that cats are very picky eaters. But as similar to us, their tastes also vary. For example, some whiskered partners love sweet foods or a strawberry or anything with sweetener above it. But the sweetness tastes delightful to your feline partner. 

  • Cat love to play with Strawberries

Your cat might be attracted to the strawberries to play with them because it looks like a ball, round, and the size of a mouse. The cat can grab the berries in its mouth and fit them around its paws, making it more entertaining. Your kitty will love to steal them from you. 

  • Health benefits

The cat notices everything when they get to tastes a new item which makes them feel good. The strawberries are full of antioxidants and vitamins, so when your kitty gets the taste, they feel full of energy and get a great feeling for it. 

  • Looks it as a treat

If you give strawberries a treat to them or cats eat strawberries by stealing, it will make them happier and more attractive to the strawberries. The catnip reaction and appealing taste might feel special when you treat them with strawberries. 

How To Feed Strawberry Safely

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It would be best if you considered the above things, and the following guidelines are needed to be followed to feed strawberries safely to your cat. Here you will get the answer to “can cats eat strawberries” and how much. 

  • Ask your veterinarian: – You must talk with your veterinarian before feeding strawberries to tour cats, even if it is considered safe for cats. 

  • Calculate: – If you determine how much you can feed strawberries to tour cats, you will have to do little math. The treats should not be more than ten percent of the daily calorie diet. For instance, if your kitty eats 200 calories per day, 25 calories can come from the strawberries. 

  • Prepare your strawberries: – Wash the berries with clean water before removing the leaves and stems. You can cut the strawberries into bite-sized pieces, which are easy for your kitty to eat. The cat’s kibble size will give you a decent idea of measuring. 

  • Monitor: – You must know that even safe food might cause unexpected reactions, so you must watch the gastrointestinal signs of your kitty after intake of new food. If you don’t see any illness signs then, it is okay to feed them. But if your cat shows any illness sign, then you should visit your veterinarian instantly. 

How Much Should You Feed? 

If your cat is curious to have a bit of strawberry without seeing, do not fret. A little bit of bite will not hurt them. Strawberries are not toxic for cats.

But if they tend to eat strawberries continuously for a longer time, it might lead to diabetes and obesity symptoms. The cats can digest the strawberry’s sugar in meager amounts, but if their sugar levels increase frequently, it will create health issues

Symptoms of Cat diabetes

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You must contact your veterinarian instantly after noticing the symptoms because it might be a sign of diabetes. All sugar food indeed includes fruit or cereals. You must check the package while purchasing the treat of your cat. You should feed 10 percent of daily intake calories as a treat. 


Do Strawberries Kill Cats? 

No, strawberries are non-toxic for cats. If strawberries are taken regularly frequently, then it can cause diabetes and obesity symptoms. 

Do Strawberries Hurt Cats? 

No, strawberries don’t hurt cats. But you should remember that eating frequent strawberries can create health issues for your cats. 

Why Do Cats Like Strawberries? 

Cats love strawberries for numerous reasons. The reasons are mentioned above, and the key ones are it makes them goofy, health benefits, playful nature of strawberries, and a beautiful treat. 

What Fruits Can a Cat Eat? 

A cat can eat Seedless watermelon, Strawberries, Blueberries, Apples, and Bananas. 


As strawberries are not a part of a balanced and complete diet for your kitty, I hope you got your answer to “can cat eat strawberries”? There is no need to try out something different to get your cat to taste.
As we mentioned that cats are very picky eaters and prefer more meat.
The better question you might ask ‘Will my whiskered partner eat strawberries“? But, if your cat is loving them and begging you to share, you should follow the above guidelines to feed them most safely. 

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