Crying Cat Meme

Crying Cat Meme – Know When You Should Use It?

Crying Cat Meme : If you belong to the 21st century, then you must be well accustomed to the world of memes.

Memes have taken place in the trending list of the present generation. People from all age groups, including the youth, teenagers, and even adults, severely enjoy watching meme videos and posts on various social media platforms.

Along with all these meme concepts, the concept of sticker exchanges on social media platforms has also taken place in recent days. One of the most popular stickers is the crying cat meme. If you are not aware of the meme, go through the following article to find out now!

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What is the crying cat meme?

You must be well aware that anything that turns out funny and shareable becomes a meme these days. The meme can be related to any funny video, image, or someone’s reaction to any comment on any social media platform.

Certain events in today’s world also turn out to be meme materials, including the politicians and their diplomatic politics.

But if your question about the crying cat meme, then it is a pure reaction meme that people use all over the world to sarcastically react to any sad event. In the crying cat meme, you would find a feline cat with an adorable face but with tears in its eyes.

If you want to know about the sad cat meme, keep an eye on the following article. 

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Where should you use the crying cat meme?

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If you are new to the world of memes, then the crying cat might be new to you too. But do not feel awkward upon not knowing where to use the crying cat meme exactly. The following list of situations might allow you to use the crying cat meme at ease:

Sarcastically weird situations:

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There are times when you know that the situation is funny but not that funny to laugh upon. In such cases, you might get confused about which sticker or emoji to share on the social platform where people would not judge you much. However, you can easily take help from the crying memes of the cats in such weird moments on the internet.   

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Hopelessly funny:

If you do not know where to use the sad cat memes, then you are in the right place. Crying cat memes can be a bit difficult to use at times. You cannot use this meme sticker in absolute sad moments; neither can you use it in a final funny moment. You have to look for a chance to use it in a hopelessly amusing situation.

The situation can be such that one of your friends has conveyed an obvious or general moment of his life which is funny but sad from his perspective. You can easily opt for the crying cat meme here. 

Sarcastically confused moments:

There are times when you do not understand which meme sticker would be the best suit. But you also get to sense the bits of sarcasm in the post. You can easily use the crying cat meme in such situations for dodging the amount of irony, fun, sadness, etc., from the center. 

Sarcastically romantic posts:

There are several videos on social media platforms that you might come across every day. In such posts, the developers create specific funny yet romantic chapters of life.

At the end of the video, they pause in the most romantic scene with a trending song on the internet. At the end of such sarcastically romantic videos, you would find the crying cat meme hearts and several other crying cats all around the video because cats are cute and denote love life with the overwhelmed amount of affection which can make you cry happily.  

Do the cats cry in the crying cat memes?

Several animal lovers out there feel bad upon seeing the cats with tears in their eyes in the crying cat memes.

But you have got nothing to worry about as you already know that the present generation is more focused on computerized objects like pictures, videos, etc. Similarly, the crying cats do not cry in real life.

They have a pretty familiar face from a particular angle. The meme developers photoshop the cats’ pictures and replace their normal eyes with teary ones, make their small pink noses broad and with big nostril holes, open their closed sober mouth wide in astonishment, etc.

All of the cat crying memes are not real but only exist in reel life.

The cats are fit and fine, with no issues or health problems or even victims of animal abuse at all. 


1. What does crying cat meme mean?

Crying cat meme indicates a situation where it is used in a funny post or situation sarcastically.

2. Is the crying cat meme real?

The crying cat meme is not real but photoshopped.

3. Where did the crying cat face come from?

The crying cat meme comes from a 2011 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

4. What does sad cat mean?

The sad cat meme indicates a sad image, video or any post on any social media platform which denotes a funnily sad moment.


You know now where to use the crying cat memes. But you do not know how to use it. There are several crying cat memes all over the internet in today’s world. If you want to utilize the cat crying memes properly, you have to learn to edit videos in the first place. Yes, you can use them in any funny video you want. Then, all you have to do is edit the video or picture file properly by inserting the crying cat memes in between wherever you want!    

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