homemade flea spray for dogs

Homemade Flea Spray For Dogs – Natural Ways To Prevent This

Homemade Flea Spray For Dogs: Fleas can be stressful for your dog and for your house as they can cause severe skin infections, which can take a lot of time to heal and provide unimaginable discomfort and pain to your canine partner. To keep fleas away from home, you have to make choices. You can either go with various expensive commercial products in the market, or you can make homemade flea spray for houses and dogs at comparatively lower prices. Today, we will discuss homemade flea and tick spray for dogs to ensure that you and your dog can live a peaceful, happy, and stress-free life living a million miles away from fleas and ticks. 

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Fleas Can Be Dangerous On Your Dogs:

Fleas can irritate all dogs, and it doesn’t matter if you have a healthy breed or a delicate breed. Almost all dogs have to battle with fleas once in a lifetime. You might have witnessed dogs at your vet clinic coming with skin lesions or dry skin, and fleas are among the biggest reasons for the problem. 

Flea bites provoke your dog to scratch, which feels good, for instance, but consistent scratching can also make things difficult for your canine partner. Flea bites can also lead to skin redness and swelling, which can be very stressful for your dog. On the other hand, the problem may get worse when your dog has ingested a flea while self-grooming, which can even lead to anemia and tapeworm infestations. 

Apart from irritating your dog, fleas can also make it difficult for you to live in the home. It is because they lay eggs at locations of your house, which you cannot easily access. Fleas can lay eggs anywhere, including baseboards, on or underneath the furniture or on floor beds. You have to also clean your dog’s mess as they would leave a lot of hair and dead skin while scratching. 

How To Suspect Flea Infestation On Your Dogs:

Flea in Dogs
Flea in Dogs

Fleas might be seasonal, and you can most commonly find them during the summer when your dog loves to spend time outdoors to beat the scorching heat. You have to ensure that you check your dog’s coat as fleas are visible to naked eyes. You can also use white tissue paper and use it to clean your dog’s coat, and if you find black spots attached to it, then your dog is suffering from flea infestation. Here are some of the natural steps to check flea infestation on your dog. 

Flea Comb:

It is a must-have product if you like to keep dreaded fleas away from your canine partner’s gentle skin. One of the best advantages of having flea combs is they come in various sizes, and you can easily clean your dog’s coat using them as they clean fleas, including flea eggs. When you are using flea combs, you will have to ensure that you clean the fleas using soap water to kill the eggs and sterilize the comb. It is one of the best ways to prevent your dog from flea infestation.

Does Vinegar Kill Fleas? 

Yes, ACV or Apple Cider Vinegar has an acidic level pH which makes it effective against flea infestation on your dogs. If you find your dog infested with fleas, then mix six cups of ACV or Apple Cider Vinegar and mix it with 4 cups of water, add a pinch of salt and soap and use a spray bottle to spray it over the dog’s coat and the entire body to get rid of fleas. Avoid spraying on wounds and eyes because it can be very stressful and painful. 

Lemon Bath:

If your dog is severely scratching their skin, it is recommended to avoid this step because lemon is highly acidic and can worsen by causing inflammation. If your dog is at the preliminary stage of the infection, you can dip the dog’s comb in pure lemon juice or mix the lemon extract with pure water and splash it on your dog’s skin. Remember to give your dog a neat and clean bath after some time to ensure that they feel fresh. 

Essential Oils:

Yes, homemade flea spray made up of essential oils can keep fleas away from your dog’s sensitive skin. There are different types of essential oils available in the market; hence you will have to ensure that you check twice before using the essential oils on your dog. If your dog is not allergic to essential oils, then you can use essential oils like rosemary, peppermint, and tea-tree oils, as they are effective in keeping fleas a million miles away from your dog and home. You must also ensure that you dilute the essential oils before using them on your dog’s coat. 

Also, use the same oil and water mixture to clean your dog’s collar because it can be one of the breeding grounds for flea eggs. 

How To Chase Fleas Away From Home?

Fleas can also lay eggs around your house and can make it difficult for your family too. There are various home remedies that you can use to keep fleas away from your house. If you suspect flea eggs or fleas around your house, then it is the right time for cleaning before it gets too late. If you suspect flea on your dog’s coat, then you will have also to clean all the soft pillows and furniture with which your dog is in contact.  

Flea eggs can take time of two to three weeks. Therefore you will have to clean your house regularly to keep fleas away from your family. According to recent research, more than 90% of fleas are present in the house in the form of eggs and larvae and not on the dog’s coat. 


Finally, there are various effective home remedies for keeping fleas away from your home. You have to solve the problem at the very begging to ensure that it doesn’t turn into a big mess later.