European Basset Hounds

European Basset Hounds – All You Need To Know

The first thing that springs up your mind after hearing the term “Man’s best friend” is a dog. Yes, dogs have been the first animals one could domesticate for home pets. Though many wild dog breeds are available, you can always choose cute domestic ones like European Basset Hounds. If you are planning to get a fur buddy for your home recently, these noble Bassets might be the ideal breed

Cute Facts on European Basset Hounds

European Bassets came to the world only after the American Basset hounds. They are not very different from one another as both have traits of hounds. However, the modern generation is more attracted to European basset hounds due to their attractive features. Once you see a grown-up basset doggo, it would not take much time to realize that these dogs can behave more sophisticatedly than a human being. They significantly get mannered and in control all the time.

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However, if you ever see European basset hound puppies for sale anywhere, you can immediately pick one from the litter and give him a wonderful life ahead. These puppies are on the naughtier side in the beginning. Most importantly, it would be such a spoilt sport to watch a cute puppy listen to all your commands when it is their age to have all the fun in life! 

These teacup basset hounds are extremely small in size, and that is one of the reasons why they are sometimes put into the category of pocket dogs. These dogs have short legs with slender bodies. Their cute innocent eyes are something your fragile heart cannot bear parting with. The best thing about the limestone European bassets is their wrinkled faces. Apart from the wrinkled cuteness on these dogs’ faces, it would not take much time to notice the long ears on both sides of the dog’s face. When they are puppies, their long ears are pretty tricky to handle. Thus, many influencers and dog owners would make funny and adorable videos with their European basset hound puppies’ ears tied up in a pony or knot!

European Basset Hounds VS American Basset Hounds

As you already know, the basset bottom bassets do not vary much from the American basset hounds. Here are a few differences:

Weight and height:

 European basset hounds

The European basset hounds only weigh about 35 to 75 pounds, whereas the American cuties weigh up to 80 pounds maximum. Their heights are nearly the same; however, American bassets start from 11 inches, whereas the European bubblies’ height might start from 10 inches only. 

European Basset Hounds Looks:

If you go by the Trystan basset hound puppies’ looks, you will not find much difference between the American and the European ones. However, if you go by their faces, you would notice that the American basset hounds have dropping ears and sad faces. But the European pups have got dropping ears and a more saddened look with lots of wrinkles, which even makes them win millions of hearts more than the American ones. American basset hound pups have somewhat cute expressions on their faces, but the European ones are always sad and angry like a bloodhound face. 


Considering the ancestral dates of these European and American basset hounds, you will dig out to find that the American basset hounds came to the market in the 1800s. In contrast, the European ones come from the very 6th century. 


If you are trying to consider the differences between English and American basset hounds, then behavior-wise, it would not make much sense as they have similarities in this aspect rather than differences. Both the basset hounds are happy to go with friendly dogs. They can sometimes be silly, and others are more than intelligent and stubborn. 

Why should you get a European Basset Hound for home?

If you are confused about whether you should get a European basset hound puppy for your home or not, then you can consider the sweet points stated below for giving the idea a big thumbs up:

Extremely friendly:

The first and foremost thing you should know about the European basset hounds is that these short-legged dogs are amiable around family members, especially the kids. They are also very welcoming towards the outsiders visiting the house.

Barks loud:

Just because the basset hounds are friendly, do not forget that they have hound traits in them as well. Thus, if they find something suspicious, then you would find them growling and deep barking in those situations. Therefore, they can be service dogs too!

Mostly stays in control:

European basset hounds can be the best dogs to adopt as they are pretty intelligent. It would not take you much time to train these limestone basset hounds at any point. These dogs were bred for hunting down hares in the 6th century. Thus, they are best at digging and hunting small creatures. 


Every other creature on this planet has both favorable and opposing sides. Thus, it would not be very smart of you to consider the European basset hounds perfect in every way possible. Here are a few things which you should consider before getting one for your home:

  • These basset hounds have got the tendency to become obese very fast. Hence, when you get one cute fur ball of a similar breed, it would be better for you to maintain their diet correctly from the beginning. 
  • The European basset hounds can sometimes be moody and stubborn during training sessions. They become too tensed and focused on hunting and tracking, and thus, they can get lost. 

Despite the above factors, you should never forget that if you become a responsible owner of your doggo friend, then nobody can stop him from being perfect in the long run. Proper training and a soothing bonding with your furry friend can resolve every imperfection in him!


How many are European Basset hounds?

  • The expenses of your purchase of European basset hounds can range between $450 and $1500. The price ranges can vary from breed to breed, bloodline, and the breed’s popularity in the area, you are purchasing from. 

What two breeds make a Basset hound?

  • A basset hound comes from Norman Staghounds and the St Hubert’s hound. Thus, you would find them to be the parent breeds of the cute dropping basset hounds. 

Which is the rarest color of Basset Hounds?

  • The pure lemon color is the rarest shade of basset hounds. If you are lucky enough, then you will find these little fellows!

How long do European Basset hounds get?

  • The European basset hounds can reach the maximum height of 15 inches and never more than that.