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Do Pitbulls Shed? How Much Do Pitbulls Shed?

If you are considering buying a pitbull shortly, then you must be thinking of pitbull shedding and will they fill your home with air. Pitbulls do shed, and they are also not the only dogs who shed. 

The fact is that most pitbull dogs are moderate to high shedders. Pitbulls have shorter coats, and white and grey Pitbulls have single coats. They shed less when compared to dog breeds like a labrador and golden retrievers who have double coats. 

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Moreover, Pitbulls are not a single dog breed, and they originated from bulldogs and terriers. Pitbulls are famous for their strength and loyalty, and you will hardly find someone talking about the length of the fur while talking about Pitbulls. 

As mentioned above, all dogs do shed, but Pitbulls rank themselves along with other low shedding breeds. They have shorter and coarse fur, and as they are single-coated dog breeds, they shed less when compared to other conventional dog breeds. The majority of Pitbulls have less hair, and you will hardly notice the fur on Pitbulls, which means you must only take minimum care of your pitbull shedding.  

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Do Pitbulls shed? If you are searching for this on the internet, then this article is made for you. 

What Does A Pitbull Look Like?

pitbull looks
Pitbull Dog

As mentioned initially, Pitbulls, AKA bulls or pitty, are not a single-dog breed, but breeding bulldogs and terriers develop them. There are four different types of pit bull dog breeds they are,

  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • American Bulldog
  • American Pit Bull Terrier and
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Pitbulls come in various colors like red coats, blue coats, nose Pitbulls, Black, Chocolate, White, and grey coats. You can also have some Pitbulls having an awkward name called “moo-moo” as they have a spotted coat just like the ones you find in cows. 

Pitbulls don’t fall under the AKC or American Kennel Club, which means there is no single color to describe the breed. Red-nosed Pitbulls and blue-nosed Pitbulls are two of the most popular Pitbulls you will find on earth. 

Do Pitbulls Shed? Things To Know About Pitbull Shedding:

Pitbull Shedding

Most dog owners feel that dog breeds with shorter coats don’t shed heavily because they don’t have much longer fur. According to the experts, it is not the length of the hairs that decide to shed, but it is the coat type. 

Shedding also depends on the seasons, and unfortunately, Pitbulls shed a lot during specific seasons. You will find your pity shedding heavily in late spring and early summer. As they move into summer, they need to remove extra fur to adapt to the season and the scorching heat. All dogs shed in summer, and the ones with double-coats and too much hair shed a lot when compared to the one with less fur. `Sometimes your pitbull might shed so heavily that they will look like a Hairless American Terrier. 

Pitbull Shedding Frequency:

All the Pitbulls shed consistently and twice a year. They are single-coated breeds; hence you don’t have to deal with the harsh “Blown-coat” which you will have to deal with double coat dogs. 

One of the best advantages of having a pitbull is they don’t have a coat underneath; hence you will have to deal with the same amount of shedding every year. 

There is also a common myth associated with pitbull shedding where most of the dog owners believe that white and grey Pitbulls shed too much. It is not the truth because all pit bulls shed the same amount of hair, but the white and grey colors are easily spotted by the naked eye, making them the culprits.  

Moreover, many people have dark furniture at home, which means you can easily spotlight colors.

Other Reasons For Pitbull Shedding:

If you ever feel that your pitbull is shedding more than normal, then you must rise to the situation quickly. Pitbulls come under the most sensitive category of dogs; hence, you will have to take care of pitbull shedding as a loving owner. 

Here are some of the common reasons which might lead to excess shedding in your dog. 

  • Suppose you have recently adopted an adult pitbull from a different owner or from a care shelter. In that case, it is common that they might be shedding because of stress and separation anxiety. 
  • Changes in your dog’s routine might also be one of the prominent reasons for pitbull shedding. 
  • If you have recently changed your dog feed, there are chances to lead to excessive shedding. 
  • If you suspect your pitty is consuming grass or anything else, then you must block them to avoid shedding.
  • Changes in dog shampoo, hair oil, moisturizers are also a few other reasons for excessive shedding in Pitbulls. 
  • Like any other dog breed, Pitbulls too have sensitive skin; hence changes in climatic conditions can lead to shedding.
  • Mites, fleas, or any other internal or external parasites might be responsible for abnormal shedding in Pitbulls. 

If you have recently changed your pity’s routine or food, then the chances of finding too many hairs on the floor, bed, and sofa are too high. You must immediately visit your local vet if you suspect abnormal shedding in your pitbull. 

How To Prevent Shedding ?

As mentioned above, Pitbulls have less hair making them a perfect breed for all the dog owners who want to spend less time and money on maintenance. 

If you have to maintain your pitbull in the best condition, you will have to brush them twice daily to remove the excess hair and ensure that they don’t land into your tea and popcorn while watching your favorite Netflix thriller.

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On the other hand, it is always recommended to be on the safer side and report the issue to your vet if you suspect abnormality in the shedding frequency of your pitbull. Your vet will have the right experience to deal with the problem before it becomes serious. 

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