Australian mountain doodle

Australian Mountain Doodle – Things You Should Know

The Australian mountain doodle is one such member of a canine doodle family. These designer canines have justifiably earned their reputation as the ideal family pet. The Aussie Mountain Doodle has an even more considerable advantage in obtaining the most outstanding characteristics in appearance, energy levels, and temperament because it is the child of two Poodle mix parents. Continue reading if you’re curious about how this cross breed combines the most remarkable qualities of the Poodle, Bernese mountain dog, and Australian Shepherd into one cuddly bear package!

What is an Australian mountain doodle?

An Australian Mountain Doodle is a cross breed of Bernedoodle and Aussiedoodle. In simple words, this canine is a combination of Australian Shepherd and Poodle. These dogs are very affectionate, intelligent, moderately active, and have low shedding. 

The Australian Mountain Doodle is exceptional in its capacity to blend the most excellent qualities of the other two breeds. The Bernese mountain dog is a kind and laid-back dog; the Australian Shepherd dog is noted for being extremely bright and willing to please, and the Poodle has a pleasant disposition and a low-shedding coat. Additionally, by creating this cross, it is possible to improve some of the characteristics of a parent breed. The Australian mountain doodles can extend the life of a Bernese mountain dog and control the Australian Shepherd’s and Poodle’s propensity for excessive energy.

Australian Mountain Doodle Appearance 

Depending upon the parent’s dominant traits, the Australian mountain doodle for sale will have Bernese mountain dog, Poodle, and Australian Shepherd features. The appearance of this breed will vary depending upon the generation from which they come. There is 2 type of generation which is F1 and F2. F1 means that Australian mountain doodle parents are Bernedoodle and Aussiedoodle. F2 generation means that parents of Australian Mountain doodles are Australian Mountain Doodle breeds. 

The soft coat of the Australian Mountain Doodle might come in various types. Some might have a curly coat, and some have a wavy coat. You can even find some with straight coats. You must know that Australian mountain doodles with straight coats are more prone to shedding than people with long, wavy, or curve coats. These dog breeds even come in various colors. These are blonde, white, red, brown, black, white, and blue merle Australian mountain doodle. The color patterns of these dogs make them even more attractive. 

Australian Mountain Doodle Food and Diet

This fairly lively Australian mountain doodle puppy requires between one and three cups of premium dog food daily. Although no particular diet is advised for these Aussie mountain doodle puppies, it is crucial to ensure they are given the proper food to prevent obesity.

To promote optimum health, you can add fruits, vegetables, and vitamins to their diet. Both lutein and lycopene, found in blueberries and carrots, respectively, are crucial for keeping excellent vision. Glucosamine is a great bone health supplement, and broccoli offers antioxidants that help prevent cancer.

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Cleaning and Grooming

Like several other canines, the Mini Australian mountain doodle coat must also be groomed regularly. It will help them maintain their beauty, and you must brush daily to avoid the tangles. 

You can use a pin brush or slicker to remove the tangles and knots, and then you can follow it with a metal comb to ensure no tangles are left underneath. You can even check out the armpits and ears because areas are more prone to matting. You must apply some moisturizing to the coat before brushing to add some elasticity and avoid breakage to the hair. 


Aussie mountain doodles make lovely family dogs thanks to their laid-back personality, high level of intellect, and moderate level of energy. These dog breeds love to be by their owners’ sides and are incredibly devoted to them.

The regular and miniature Australia mountain doodle gets along nicely with other dogs, people, and animals. Due to their high levels of socialization and friendliness toward strangers, they make poor watchdogs. 

Aussie mountain doodles are excellent therapy dogs because of their lovely personalities. In addition, they are highly trainable and dependable guide dogs because of their intelligence and desire to please. This Poodle mix can develop separation anxiety if left alone for an extended time because they have a strong desire to be near their family. If you plan to get it as your pet, you must search for an excellent Australian mountain doodle breeder. 

Exercise and Training

Poodles and Australian Shepherds are two breeds with a reputation for intelligence. Mini Aussie mountain doodle typically carries over the high trainability of his parents, making it easy for him to pick up new commands. Aussie mountain doodle full grown is guaranteed to learn and behave well with constancy, compassion, and positive reinforcement, even though it may also acquire the sensitive or stubborn traits of its Bernese Mountain Dog father.

This medium-energy dog breed requires enough activity, which can be provided by frequent walks, jogging, trekking, or swimming. Preferably, they must have roughly 50 to 100 minutes of exercise. For such a fluffy dog breed, mental stimulation is essential to preventing boredom-related destructive behavior inside the home. Dog riddle toys or toys that release treats are helpful tools for your puppy’s mental stimulation.

Wrapping up 

Australian mountain doodle puppies are one of the best dog breeds for the family pet. They are very cheerful and happy dogs who want to be near their owners. They want to love and attention, especially from children. They will do best in larger homes because they love to run here and there. They love spending time with their families and do their best in winter. They mostly love to do mind work than bodywork. 


How big are Australian Mountain Doodles?

The bulk of these Australian Mountain Doodles have shoulders that are 19 to 22 inches wide and weigh 30 to 50 pounds or more. Males are often larger than females.

How much do Australian mountain doodles cost?

The Australian Mountain Doodle price ranges from $1,500 to $4,000. 

Are Aussie mountain doodles hypoallergenic?

Aussie mountain doodles are mostly hypoallergenic, but they are not non-allergic. Being less likely to cause an allergic reaction is referred to as being hypoallergenic.

How big does a mini Aussie mountain Doodle get?

Mini Aussie Mountain Doodles range in size from 19 to 22 inches in height and 20 to 35 pounds in weight, depending on sex and the impact of the parent breeds.