what kinda dog was scooby doo

What kinda Dog Was Scooby Doo? A Complete Guide To Know

what kinda dog was scooby doo : We all have grown up by watching Scooby doo. It was a famous character during the television days. The nature of Scooby doo though animated, had a significant impact during our childhood. We always preferred to keep a dog like Scooby doo as a pet but never found one. So the question is what kinda dog was scooby doo?  The similarities are the opposite of the Great Dane dog breed with which the Scooby-doo is compared.  

What kinda dog was scooby doo?

The fictitious character, Scooby doo is designed according to the features of the Great Dane. However, the creator modified some of its features to give it an original look. It has all the wisdom like a Big Daddy and the character is portrayed so that children can connect it with their parents. Emotionally, the mental attributes are opposite to the Great Dane as the Scooby doo is a soft-hearted dog but possessing great wisdom. 

What Type of dog is Scooby doo?

If you want to know what kinda dog was scooby doo? the answer to it is that Scooby doo is no Great Dane, neither Physically nor emotionally. Great Danes are elegant with smooth bodies. They are big and strong. They walk with elegance and dignity. Contrary to it, Scooby doo is clumsy. The legs are bowed down, and the body is not refined. The color of Scooby doo also differs from the original. Emotionally, the two differ as to the Scooby doo by nature lacks courage. The always give-in nature of Scooby doo is not a trait of its competitor, the Great Dane.   

The Birth of Scooby Doo

The character and design of Scooby-Doo did not come up suddenly. It was only through a detailed process when the creators were satisfied to animate it. Like most cartoon characters, Scooby doo did not spring forth fully formed. During the first series of “Scooby doo, Where Are You!” the idea of Scooby-Doo came from Fred Silverman, who was then the head of children’s programming for CBS. Silverman wanted to make a show that would be a craze among the children during Saturday morning. Only when Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera joined the party Scooby doo was created.

When was Scooby doo made?

A detective and a talking dog Scooby doo was created in the year 1969. On September 13, the famous Scooby doo series started on television and made history in the years to come. Even today, the name Scooby doo sometimes strikes our minds. The character portrait as Scooby doo became a rage among teenagers and children during television series.  

Scooby doo TV shows

The iconic character of Scooby doo was a significant hit. Following are the list of Scooby doo TV shows

Scooby doo, where are you

The first in the series, Scooby doo where are you, was created with and perhaps the best of the series. All loved it. Thus the chain of series followed. Even today, we prefer to watch Scooby doo than other cartoon shows. Scooby doo was a detective by profession, but it was the humor everyone liked. Soon it became a rage as the audience wanted to see more. Thus, the history of the Scooby doo series started.

Scooby doo movies

The Scooby doo movie released in 1972 was an hour-long episode with great guest heroes like Batman and Robin. Thus the show of Scooby doo followed with the audience wanting more. Some of the other Scooby doo shows that were released in the following years were:

  • The Scooby doo show
  • Scooby’s All-Star Laff-A-Lympics
  • Scooby doo and Scrappy doo
  • The new Scooby and Scrappy doo show
  • The 13 ghosts of Scooby-doo
  • A pup named Scooby doo
  • What’s new, Scooby doo?
  • Shaggy and Scooby doo get a clue
  • Scooby doo mystery incorporated
  • Be cool, Scooby doo
  • Scooby doo and guess Who?

Interesting Facts About Scooby Doo?

Cast of Scooby Doo
Scooby doo

Scooby doo, the animated detective character, became famous from its first episode. Following are some facts about Scooby doo:

  • Iwao Takamoto is the man behind Scooby doo’s creator. He drew the original sketches of the Great Dane but surprisingly when the outcome was just the opposite. He intentionally created the legs, chin, and color differences to create a comic appearance.
  • Scooby Doo’s real name is Scoobert. It was revealed in the 1988 series “A pup named Scooby Doo.” We came to know his last name, “Doo,” in “The 13 Ghosts of Scooby doo.”  
  • Scooby Doo’s 50th-anniversary date was August 13, 2019. Warner Brothers released a DVD comprising 50 episodes of Scooby-Doo.  
  • Frank Welker, the third highest-paid voice actor, was behind Scooby-Doo since it made its first appearance in 1969.

Scooby Doo (character) 

Scooby Doo is like a godfather who knows everything in the world. He is a male Great Dane and shares a life-long friendship with detective Shaggy Rogers who thinks he is a professional detective. Scooby Doo has a mixture of dog and human behaviour and is equally treated by his friends. His accent is slurred, and his favourite quote is “Scooby Dooby-Doo.” 

Cast of Scooby Doo

Scooby-Doo has a friendly nature. Hence he gets along well with others. He is humorous and tries to be witty. His favorite friend is Shaggy Rogers, with whom he shares all his feelings and thoughts. If he cannot run away from danger, he will trick with his outrageous disguise. Here are some of the characters in the Scooby-Doo series.

Shaggy Rogers – Shaggy Rogers is a thin, lanky teenager who is an amateur detective. Though Scooby-doo is his pet, he treats him as his best friend. 

Daphne Blake – Daphne Blake tends to get her in danger; hence she is often called Danger prone Daphne. Though she is not intelligent enough, she can solve her problems differently. For example, she can think quickly during a fight.

Velma Dinkley – Velma Dinkley is short and tomboyish. However, she is the brain of the Scooby gang as often she comes up with a solution to the mystery. Velma has loads of knowledge as she is always with a book.

Fred Jones – Fred Jones is the gang leader, but he is a coward. He has a particular liking for nets. Hence, he uses the nets in various places to trap the ghosts.

Scrappy Doo – Scrappy- Doo is the nephew of Scooby doo. However, the nature of Scrappy doo is just the opposite. Scooby doo is always on the alert to run away from danger, but Scrappy doo is the one who will dive into danger.

Scooby Dum – Scooby-Dum is the country cousin of Scooby doo. He is the smartest of the lot and bears an endearing character. He speaks with a thick southern drawl.

Scooby Dee – Scooby-Dee is the cousin of Scooby doo. She is sweet and kind-hearted.

Vincent Van Ghoul – Vincent Van Ghoul is the favorite actor of Shaggy and Scooby doo.

Baylor Hotner – Baylor Hotner has a muscular appearance. He portrays himself as caring for others, but he is just the opposite in the real sense.

Big Bob Oakley – Big Bob Oakley is wanted in seven states but cannot be caught as he disguises himself. He is greedy and selfish.

Scooby Doo real-life Great Dane

The mush enjoyable animated series of Scooby doo made us feel like a pet like him. But the question we all want to ask is whether there is a real-life Dane like Scooby doo. The answer is yes. There is a Great Dane who looks precisely like Scooby doo. His name is Presley from West Midlands in the UK. Though being of giant size, he is afraid of little dogs. He gets scared at everything. The 189 pound Great Dane is a craze among the children. He is a lovable dog and has won the hearts of many people.  

Myths and facts about Scooby Doo

  • The name “Scooby Doo” was inspired by Frank Sinatra’s recording of “Strangers in the Night,” which was heard by the creators while traveling in a plane. 
  • The characters in the Scooby doo series are created by keeping in mind some typical students from five Colleges in Boston. Fred represents Amherst College; Daphne, Mt. Holyoke; Velma, Smith College; Shaggy, Hampshire College; and ultimately Scooby, University of Massachusetts. However, Iwao Takamoto, who designed the characters, said it was not valid.  
  • It is said that Shaggy and Scooby were addicts, which is why they constantly used to eat while driving around. However, the creators rubbished the rumor.

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Now, your question about what kinda dog was scooby doo is clear. Scooby doo is one of the most popular animated series in the present timeline. It shares its viewership equally among boys and girls. The character played by Scooby doo is humorous yet straightforward. It has crossed fifty years but still ranks second as the most popular TV show among children between six to twelve.

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