Can dogs eat Feta Cheese?

Can Dogs Eat Feta Cheese? What You Need To Know

Many dog owners have this question in mind “Can dogs eat Feta Cheese?” Most of the dogs will give a positive response to the cheese. Because most of the dogs do not show any sign of intolerance towards dairy. A little bit of cheese will not harm your dogs. The cheese is not dangerous for your dogs, but only saying “Yes” to this answer does not cover the complete relationship of your furry partner with the cheese.

What’s next? Should you begin to slice the cheese chunks for your furry partner? So let’s not waste more time and dive into to know “Can dogs have cheese.”

Can Dogs Eat Feta Cheese? 

The cheese is a somewhat controversial topic in the veterinarian’s dog parents. Few say that it is toxic, and few say that it is healthy for your furry partners.

But, here, the central tension is “can dogs eat Feta cheese“? The straightforward answer is no; they cannot eat Feta cheese. It is not safe, and the Feta cheese must be avoided because of the high lactose content and contains very high fat, which is not safe for dogs. It also has high content of sodium, and it contributes more harm to the Feta cheese.

Here is the straightforward answer to your question, but if you want to know more, here are more details of which cheese can be safe and which cheeses are sour for your furry partner.

Intolerance of lactose in Dogs

Intolerance of lactose in Dogs

Are you searching for the answer to “Can dog eat cheese”? Like humans, few dogs have problems with digesting the lactose and the sugar found in the dairy. However, similar to humans, the intolerance of lactose in dogs might be severe or very mild. You can find it in the next second if your Canine cannot tolerate the dairy products.

If the dogs start showing some sign of having an allergic reaction to cheese, then you must immediately stop feeding cheese or any dairy products. Determine first whether the reaction was from cheese or something else. Consultation with the vet might be the best option for avoiding any dangerous reaction. Ask them about “Can dogs eat Feta Cheese.”

How good is a cheese for Canine? 

Are you finding out is cheese OK for dogs? Cheese is a portion of food filled with nutrients such as Vitamins K-2, B-12, A, and omega 3. It is the best way for humans to meet their daily fat, protein, and calcium intake.

We know that the cheese tastes good and is also healthy for use, but is cheese good for dogs? A little bit amount of cheese will not harm most of the dogs. But, if you can avoid the cheese totally, it will be the safest option because of potential stomach upset.

The pets do not consume much lactose. So the enzyme of their body doesn’t support that much to digest the dairy products as ours does. So the food that contains lactose might cause low appetite, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

That’s why it’s best to consult the vet to learn whether you must provide cheese to your dogs or not. Ask them, “Can dogs eat Feta Cheese”? Ask them about everything, such as health factors, breed, and size of your furry partner.

Types of cheese can be fed to dogs

The cheese comes in various ages, colors, textures, and shapes. It can be very stressful to find out what cheeses are excellent and safe for feeding the dogs with many options.

Cheese that contains a low level of fat and lactose is the safest bet for feeding dogs compared to the typical cheeses. Here are some smart choices if you are willing to feed the cheese to your furry partner.

Cottage Cheese

Do you have this question in mind “Can dogs eat cottage cheese”? Yes, low-fat cottage cheese is the healthy option to feed your dog because it contains much less lactose than the other types. This also contains a great source of calcium and protein. So, cottage cheese for dogs is very safe.


If you are wondering, “Can dogs eat mozzarella cheese”? Then here is the answer, yes it is the other option for giving the mozzarella cheese to your furry partner. It is safe because of its low involvement of sodium and fat as compared to the other cheeses.

Swiss Cheese

If you are thinking, “Can dogs have Swiss cheese?” Then, Swiss cheese is one of the favorites of humans. However, you will be happier to know that it is also a safe option to share with your furry partner because it is low in lactose.

Cheddar Cheese

Are you are thinking, “Can dogs eat cheddar cheese”?. This is known as one of the famous cheeses, and it is also an excellent option for considering for your canine because it also contains negligible lactose.

Cheeses that should be avoided

Uncertainly few types of cheese are unsafe for your furry partner. However, these types of cheeses are a clear-cut no-no. The herbier, moldier, and older the cheese, the more it must be avoided. It will clear your doubt of is cheese OK for dogs.

Blue Cheese

The blue cheese must pose various kinds of risks to the dogs. For example, the blue choice contained mold that can be very toxic for your dogs and might cause dangers like vomiting and seizures.

Cheeses With Seasonings

The cheese that comes with vegetables and herbs like garlic or chives is very dangerous for your dogs. The chives and garlic might damage the red blood cells of the dogs and might cause health problems.

Goat Cheese

The milk of a goat contains very high lactose than the cow’s milk. Therefore, goat cheese contains high fat and high lactose. That’s why it must be avoided.


This cheese is very similar to goat cheese because the brie cheese has a very high amount of fat and lactose. This cheese is a rich cheese that might upset the stomach of your dogs.

Feta Cheese

Almost every second owner has this question that “Can dogs eat feat cheese.” So this cheese must be skipped because it contains a high amount of fat and lactose and is also very high in sodium.


What happens if dogs eat Feta? 

The dogs who eat cheese in high content are most likely to end up with digestive upset. It is not likely to be that dangerous, but the dog might suffer from several symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. The Feta cheese also contains high fat, so that it might cause weight issues for your furry partner.

Is Feta cheese poisonous to dogs? 

No, it’s not poisonous to your dogs, but it is nearly similar to that. Feeding high salty and sodium food to the dogs might cause high blood pressure. It can, unfortunately, lead to organ damage. So it’s better to avoid the feta cheese, grilled cheese, parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, blue cheese, and the cheese given on pizza because it is way salty.

Can dogs eat Greek Feta Cheese? 

No, Greek Feta cheese is not safe for your dogs because of its high-fat content and salty. It also contains sodium which can lead to many health concerns.

Is Greek Cheese OK for Dogs? 

Greek Cheese is safe for dogs until it is given in a specific manner. You should avoid giving cheese with flavors and added vegetables. The flavored and vegetables added cheese might cause several health concerns.

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Wrapping up

This article might have cleared your doubt for “Can dogs eat cream cheese and other types of cheeses.” Cheese is not dangerous to your furry partner until and unless it is provided in a small amount. You can provide cheese by mixing it with their foods.

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