cantonese bear dogs

Cantonese Bear Dogs- All You Need To Know

You sometimes see a cute dog, and you wish to give it a big hug. It is the famous Cantonese bear dogs. The Cantonese red bear dog looks like a breed between a Chow Chow and a Pomeranian, and they are native to China. Some people think it is a mixture of beer, but it is entirely untrue. It is tough to have a breed of dog and bear. Red Cantonese Chinese bear dog were bred to hunt down bears and make them perfect guard dogs.

Several Chinese native dog breeds, including the red Cantonese Chinese bear dog, haven’t been well preserved. Sometimes, people think the pictures are photoshopped, and the species doesn’t exist.

Video proof suggests otherwise. China reveres this breed as a symbol of prosperity, wealth, and fortune. Many dog lovers around the world adore this breed, so getting your hands on one can be quite a treat. Let’s read more on this topic about Cantonese bear dogs.

Cantonese red bear dog physical appearance

Cantonese bear dog or red Cantonese Chinese bear dog is a medium-sized dog with a burly and robust body.   Covered with a short red coat (sometimes different coat colors may appear, but it should lean towards).

However, their ears will be always straight. As a red Cantonese bear dog puppy, they will be fluffy and small, even feline-like or very teddy-bear. But they will fastly grow to be medium to large dogs. However, they are typically medium-sized Dogs with muscular bodies.

But the question arises how do Cantonese bear dog adult will get? You can accept that your dog is similar to a Labrador Retriever or Chow-Chow in size.

Chow-Chow, Shar-pei, and Cantonese Bear Dogs are all Chinese dogs known as bear-look dogs. They are of similar size, if not identical.

A red Cantonese bear dog full grown can weigh about 70 to 80 pounds and commonly stand 30 to 32 inches at the shoulders.

Females are generally smaller than males, leaner, and have genital structures and shapes like other dog breeds.

A Cantonese red bear dog has a life expectancy of eleven to thirteen years.

Looking for the red Cantonese bear dog cost. Take the help of the Cantonese bear dog breeder to find out more.

What is meant by red Cantonese bear chow?

When someone mentions the term “chow chow,” they usually refer to the breed of dog from China known as the Chow Chow.

This breed, known as the Cantonese Bear Dog, is similar in build to the Chow Chow, which it has traces of in its ancestors and is quite possibly a type of Chow.

Red Cantonese bear dog temperament

Cantonese bear dog adult are amazingly lovable and dutiful friends like other dogs when properly trained. If you decide to buy a red Cantonese bear dog puppy, you should learn more about how to train your lovely dog. Doing all this can make your dog raising a more pleasant and rewarding experience rather than an annoying and fatiguing one.

These dogs, like Retrievers, Huskies, and Border Collies, have very high energy. You will require your Cantonese bear dog to take them on walks daily. Thus, they are less fit for smaller living quarters such as apartments or tiny houses due to their size.

The red Cantonese dog wishes to run, play and explore, so they want to go outside to do these. Getting out of the house more often while bonding with your puppy is a great way to expend more energy and boost yourself to increase your physical activity.

When the Cantonese bear dog breed is correctly raised, they will be sweet and friendly to people and other animals, just as most dog breeds are. It is not the breed of the dog that makes them respectful. It is the training and raising of the dog that makes them worthy.

Hence, this is about the red Cantonese bear dog temperament.

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Red Cantonese bear dog cost

So, if you wish to buy one of these big red beauties, how much will it cost you? The amount may vary depending on the type of dog breed, so it is vital to study the fairest price for a given breed of dog.

The red Cantonese dog will cost about $1200 to $2000 for one of their puppies. If you wish to find more specific information about red Cantonese bear dog cost, you can take the help of online marketplaces.

However, the cost may differ if you can discover dogs being sold in the location where you live. There may be a specialist breeder specializing in Cantonese Bear dogs and other Chinese red dogs. However, this is improbable since these dogs hail from eastern regions of China and other parts of Asia.

The Cantonese bear dog even got its name from one cluster of entities in China who played a vital role in breeding the dog.

They don’t speak Mandarin, the most commonly spoken dialect in China, but Cantonese is their born language. This dog was so close to the Cantonese people that it even got its name from them. Hence, you get an answer to your famous red Cantonese bear dog cost.

Cantonese Bear Dog Breeder

It may be necessary to get a little creative if you are trying to find a Cantonese Bear Dog breeder. The results from a simple Google search for one did not indicate where to find a breeder specializing in this type of dog.

However, you can look in a few places to see if you can locate one. It is possible to find specific websites that function as a hub for breeders selling Bear dogs or other breeds.

Websites will allow you to manually search for breeders who sell particular breeds by using a search engine like this. Using the Internet to find a breeder breeds Cantonese Bear dogs could be an excellent choice.

The bottom line,

Looking for the best Cantonese bear dog breeder? Don’t worry. Take the help of the internet to find more. It is best if you do a deep study of Cantonese bear dogs before buying one. Or you can take the help of an expert who has enough facts about this red Cantonese bear dog puppy.


What kind of dog is a Cantonese bear dog?        

Initially, these dogs originated from China, and they are adorable dogs.

How much does a red Cantonese bear dog cost?

The price is about $1200- $2000 per puppy.

How many puppies can a Cantonese dog have? 

They can have 4 to 6 puppies.