Blue Heeler Basset Hound Mix

Blue Heeler Basset Hound Mix- All You Need To Know

Blue Heeler Basset Hound Mix: If you seek a powerful dog that will work as a guard dog for you and your family, then basset heeler is a good option. This medium-sized dog is a bundle of defensive, clever, and loyal friskiness. A mixture of Blue Heelers (Australian Cattle Dogs) and Basset Hounds, this pup will fit right in with a rural setting where they can spend a lot of time outside.

This pooch is a perfect running friend, an ideal cat herder, and an almost perfect warning system. Blue heeler basset hound mix takes their duty as guard dogs very seriously, and their loyalty to the well-being of humans is amazing. Let’s find more info in this blog about this topic.

Basset hound and chihuahua mix

As the name suggests, the mix is a breed of Chihuahua and the basset hound. This dog generally takes the tiny size of the chi and the power of the basset hound.

As with other large dogs, it has a round, huge head, a short and sharp muzzle, thin lips, big eyes that are round and varied, and large ears which give it the appearance of a giant. Hence, a deep study is vital before buying a basset hound coonhound mix.

There is no limit to the length of his hair. As a general rule, Chihuahuas have facial traits that resemble those of the Chihuahua. Still, it is not uncommon to find one with floppy ears, mournful eyes, short, crooked legs, and a wrinkled appearance.

It has a pleasing aesthetic appeal regardless of how you view this mix. There is a reason why the mix dog has the longest life expectancy of all dog breeds, for some reason.

Thus, it is all about the basset hound and chihuahua mix.

Facts you should know about Basset heeler

  • There is a lot of similarity between them and ducks.

The water rolls off of a duck’s feathers when it gets wet. Have you ever noticed that? BH’s fur does the same thing. Although the coats of these birds are not as “waterproof” as a duck’s feathers, they have a similar effect and are also water-resistant.

  • It is rare for them to drool a lot.

Basset Hounds and Blue Heelers are breeds that do not tend to drool, nor do their offspring drool. You may sometimes break out in hives when you have sensitivities to a dog’s saliva, as saliva can cause the skin to become itchy and itch. Thus, you must learn about the basset hound husky mix.

  • They most often resemble their Blue Heeler parents.

There is a possibility that the Basset Heeler can develop personality traits from either side of the family. Still, in terms of appearance, they mainly take after their Blue Heeler parents. In addition to their blue or red coat, they also have floppy ears and beautiful markings. You must find more info about the basset hound husky mix.

Intelligence and Temperament of blue heeler basset hound mix

The Basset Heeler has a lot of energy, is a happy dog, and is loyal to its family. The guard dog breed is known for its extremely strong protective instinct and makes for a great guard dog. It is also important to remember that the dog is intelligent and does well in various jobs and tasks to keep itself busy. The way they like to play fetch, herd, run around, and play games is right up their alley and fits perfectly with their high activity level.

There is no doubt that this is a devoted pet. This is because it wants to protect its owner from anything that may appear to be a threat to them. The same applies to strangers, regardless of the number of legs that they walk on. If your BH is around new people or has visitors, you must take precautions. When they feel uncomfortable, they may become aggressive. Thus, you must know about the blue heeler mountain cur mix.

Aside from its independence, this pup is also quite tenacious and independent. A strong hand to lead them and guide their behavior is essential for them to be successful. Of course, they are also likely to test whether they can gain the upper hand by testing out whether they can gain the dominant position. You will be able to have loyalty, fidelity, and love from the pack once you have established yourself as the pack leader. Moreover, a blue heeler mix with poodle is a very lovely dog.

Similarly, the basset heeler is also okay with spending some time alone. There is no reason to worry about them getting separation anxiety as long as you keep them active and entertained. Its biggest challenge is boredom and inactivity. If they are left to laze about for an extended period, they can become destructive and aggressive. Therefore, do a deep study before buying a blue heeler mix with poodle.

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Basset Heeler Breed Maintenance

Despite being hypoallergenic, Basset Heelers shed moderately. There is no evidence to suggest this breed drools or has significant odors. The length of his coat is short, and it is dense in texture. The best way to keep his fur neat and clean is to brush it daily with a pin brush or curry comb. To prevent the overproduction of oils in your Basset Heeler’s coat, it is recommended that you do not bathe him more often than every six to eight weeks if you wish to bathe him. A weekly wipe and cleaning of his ears are essential to avoid bacteria buildup, and a check for mites and ticks is also recommended. The nails should be trimmed regularly, such as every two weeks at the most, or even more frequently if they grow quickly or tear easily. It is recommended that their teeth are brushed at least once a week. A common problem in Basset Heelers is progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), a degenerative eye disease. Therefore, it is best to take the help of an animal doctor if you find any health issues.


This blog mentions the famous blue heeler basset hound mix. The blue heeler GSP mix is famous due to its lovely nature. Hence, it is wise to study more about the blue heeler mountain cur mix before buying it.


Is there such a thing as a basset Heeler mix?      

Basset Heelers are breeds that combine the characteristics of Basset Hounds and Australian Cattle Dogs (also called Blue Heelers).

What breed is a Basset Hound mix?

This breed is famous due to its lovely nature.

What kind of dog is a blue heeler mix?

A Cattle Dog is a compact, muscular dog related to the Dingo, Australia’s famous wild dog.   

What are the characteristics of a blue heeler guard dog?         

They are so popular due to safeguarding nature and are very less aggressive.