why is my cat licking her bed?

Why Is My Cat Licking Her Bed?- All You Need To Know

Why Is My Cat Licking Her Bed?: If you are a cat owner, then there are many queries in mind. And one of the famous, why is my cat licking her bed? The act of your cat kneading a blanket or bed is adorable. Still, the act of your cat licking the bed can be disgusting. This case is mainly actually of your cat leaving spit-soaked shelters in her wake.

If you are wondering why is my cat licking her bed, then read this whole blog to find your answers.

Reasons behind licking of blankets

  • The blanket or bed is dirty

The most common reason behind licking her bed is that you might have spilled something on it and changed its taste and smell.

However, some drinks and foods lick catch that spilling them on the blanket can often cause your cat aggressive lick the bed. To get rid of the scent that attracts your pet towards the blanket, you can clean the blanket to remove the smell. Is it possible, however, that your cat still licks your blanket even though it is clean?

  • They are under stress

There is a fact that cats and kitten licking blanket may groom themselves or lick some other items to calm themselves. If you have recently moved to a new place, changed your cat’s daily habits, or announced a lovely new pet, your kitty may suffer from stress. Using calming pheromones throughout your home can be a great way to ease her anxiety. If your cat is still suffering a strain, consult your veterinarian about medication to help alleviate the stress.

  • Pica

There is a disorder called pica that also affects pets. This condition’s symptoms include wanting to eat blankets and other inedible items. Suppose you notice that your pet is chewing on this inedible object. In that case, it may indicate that he suffers from a healthy lack. Get them checked up right away and treat them as soon as possible.

You should always check on your cat if he begins to lick the blanket and eats it as a result. There is a possibility that this item will cause an intestinal blockage, as it is indigestible. Or if you find your cat licking metal objects. A veterinarian is the best person to contact in this case. It’s their responsibility to help you find a treatment for pica that works for you.

  • Separation from mothers from an early age

There is a fact that kittens should stay with their mother until they are 13 weeks old. This allows young cash to grow correctly, be healthy and become well-socialized. If you plan to adopt a kitten earlier than the suggested time, then they have the habit of sucking on blankets because it reminds them of their time with their mum. Hence the kitten licking the blanket as a result. And the owner will get disturbed due to the cat licking noise.

Why does my cat lick fabric?

Going on licking fabric is the compulsive behavior of cats. The main reason behind doing it is when they are under complete stress or going through the frustration of losing something. When a cat’s gems want meat, they tend to desire to chew on something to meet their craving.

It is common for dogs to find their way out to the nearby clothes, which are perfect for chewing on and relaxing their nervous system since this is the most accessible item in the house.

In addition, do not forget to check the smell of the clothes. To keep them away from the clothes, you may want to give them something else to chew, such as a soft toy, that they can chew. In addition, it is certainly possible that the cat might have smelled something in the clothes, which prompted them to chew them. Thus, you get an answer to your query about why does my cat lick fabric.

Why does my cat lick furniture?

Many people believe that a cat’s tongue is similar to sandpaper, which is valid to a large extent. Nothing is more satisfying than hearing their tongues working a little bit when they’re licking the furniture.

But sadly, for the cat owners, if a cat owner is on any piece of furniture, they can begin to wear down that area.

There might be light damage to the wooden surfaces, and cat licking noise can become an issue for owners. In addition, sometimes cat-licking women as they get too stressed.

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Depending on the cat licking metal objects involved, the cat might love the taste the furniture leaves in their mouth or how it feels on its tongue.

Would it be possible that a catnip toy to be sitting in the same area of the couch that the cat seems to be focusing on to attract her attention? Even if we cannot see anything there, the sense of smell of a cat is still very active even though we cannot see anything.

As a side note, it may also be possible that the cat is marking the area somehow. Is that possible? The more it rubs after licking, the more likely it is that it is doing so to disperse its scent, as opposed to trying to pick up anything.

How to stop my cat from licking my blanket?

  • Ensure you don’t yell at your cat or engage in negative behavior.
  • Rather than licking the blanket, substitute a lick mat. You can spread tasty treats to encourage your cat to lick these mats.
  • Make sure other engaging activities are available, such as interactive toys. Be sure, however, that these toys are not made from fabric. Remember that you want your cat to stay away from the blankets they lick and eat.
  • Treats are a great way to praise and reward your cat for good behavior.
  • Every day, give your cat your undivided attention and play with him.
  • It is a great idea to take your cat for walks if he is comfortable walking on a leash. Providing your cat with exercise and relief from stress can be beneficial.
  • Your cat will avoid blankets and fabric by placing catnip plants throughout the house.
  • Hunting is an instinctual behavior for cats. Put their food in small bowls around the house and divide it up. The cat will need to hunt for food this way.

Hence the most common query of every cat owner about how to stop my cat from licking my blanket is solved.

The bottom line,

Cat aggressive lick can become difficult for their owners. Therefore, it is wise to stop kitten licking blanket as they will leave this bad habit as they grow up. Please read this entire blog to find all queries regarding why is my cat licking my pillow.


Why is my cat licking her blanket? 

The common reason is that they love to groom themselves or lick items to get soothing.

Why does my cat keep licking fabric?       

It gives them a sense of soothing to their mind. Hence, it is the reason behind this.

Why is my cat kneading and licking my blanket?        

Wool sucking, the act of licking blankets or fabric, can be very soothing for a cat.