can dogs eat plums?

Can Dogs Eat Plums? Is It Safe To Feed?


can dogs eat plums?: Dogs are always keen to have anything on their plate, and sometimes it becomes harmful to their health. Though we are dog lovers, sometimes we do not know what food is beneficial for our dog.

Plums are undoubtedly tasty, and we all like them, but the same does not go with your canine friend. If you are thinking, can dogs eat plums? The answer is yes but with specific rules and regulations.  

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Can Dogs Eat Plums? Or Are Plums Good For Dogs?

Dogs have a particular liking for a variety of fruits, including plums. You can feed your dog with plums as a treaty snack, and they will enjoy it.

Though plums are not rich in many healthy nutrients, you can still give your dog plums as they are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. It develops a healthy immune system for your dog as well as a proper eye-sight.

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Are plums bad for dogs?

As a fruit, plums are a good source of vitamins, but the whole fruit is not beneficial for your dog’s health. The pit of the plums is hazardous for your dog’s digestive tract as they have sharp edges.

Moreover, if your dog tries to crush the pits of the plums, it can harm its teeth. The pit also contains a percentage of cyanide that will put the health of your dog at risk. 

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Can Dogs Have Plums?

Hence, if you are keen on feeding your canine companion with plums, try to provide only the fleshy part of the fruit. You must also never let your dog grab any of the ornamental plums as it is poisonous.

Hence if your dog is vomiting out of nowhere, consult your vet immediately.

Are plum pits poisonous?


Plum pits are the most dangerous part of the fruit. Therefore, it would be best if you never threw the pits of the plums near the sight of your dog.  It is because your dog will tend to grab hold of anything curious to them.

In addition, the pits contain hydrogen cyanide that is toxic and is not at all helpful for your dog’s health. If your dog manages to crush the plum pits, it can prove to be fatal.  You must immediately call for your vet as your dog will need instant treatment.  

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Are plums safe for dogs?

Plums are safe for the health of your dog, but you must monitor them while feeding them. The flesh part of the fruit is nutritious and is suitable for the health of your dog. You can use plums as a tasty treat for your dog but not daily.

If you ask your vet, are plums Ok for dogs? He will give a positive answer but with an under-statement because the pits of the plums are poisonous. It can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and even breathlessness. 

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Can dogs eat plum?

Dogs prefer fruits more than any other pet animal. Hence there is always a question Can my dog eat plums?  Yes, dogs can eat plums but only their flesh. So it would be best if you did not indulge your dog in eating the whole fruits. 

It may cost the life of your favorite friend. The pits of the plum are harmful to your dog and if after consuming it, you notice a change in its health, call for the vet immediately.

It is because though dogs eat plums, a slight carelessness will cause danger to its life.

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Are plums toxic for dogs?

Like any other fruit, Plums contain a high content of sugar, which is not a proper diet for your canine friend. In addition, the flesh of the plum is sweet, and if your dog consumes it in large proportion, it can lead to being overweight and other health-related issues. 

However, the plum pits are highly toxic, so never experiment with them with your canine companion.  You may lose your favorite friend completely.

In addition, your dog will experience severe health issues, and if it does not get proper treatment at the earliest, the consequences are unbearable.  

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Can dogs eat plums without the pit?

plums pit

Plums contain vitamins and some nutrients that are helpful for your dog. Yes, you can feed your dog only the fleshy part of your dog. Your dog will easily digest the flesh of the plum, but you must give in small quantities.

You must, however, avoid the pits of the plums because it is toxic. It is harmful, and your dog will show signs of ill-health. If there is a purple leaf plum tree within the vicinity of your area, train your dog to remain away from it. 

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It is because the stem leaves and blossoms are incredibly poisonous, and if your canine friend eats it, do not waste time giving an instant medication. Instead, you must take your dog to the nearest vet and get the treatment as soon as possible if you want to see your dog healthy again.

Are prunes good for dogs?


The dry plums are called prunes. Unfortunately, the prunes also have high sugar content, and hence it is not recommended for your dog’s safety. However, if you can feed your dog with a single prune, it will not cause any ill-effect to its health.

The only concern about plums and prunes is that both of them have a high proportion of sugar, which, though natural, can imbalance your dog’s digestive system.

As we are all aware that a dog’s digestive system is susceptible, we must be careful while feeding it. Whether a treat or a meal, you must always consult your vet regarding its food habits.

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Q1. Can my dog digest a plum pit?

Ans. Can dogs eat plums? Plum pits are dangerous for your dog. If your dog consumes plum pits, it will obstruct the digestive tract and cause stomachache. The edges of the pit are sharp, and hence your dog will suffer a lot.

It will not be able to digest a plum pit because the digestive system is susceptible. If it consumes anything out of the way, you will notice signs of ill-health instantly.

Q2. How can I feed my dog with plums?

Ans. Dogs like plums and hence will make every attempt to have a grab on it. You can feed your dog with plums but only the flesh part. Plums do not fall into the category of your dog’s daily diet as too much of it may cause problem indigestion.

You can, however, use the plums as a treat for your dog. You can use one or two slices of fresh plums once or twice a week. In the beginning, try to give in a tiny proportion so that your dog can adapt to it.

Gradually, you can increase the number of plums but not too much as it is harmful to your dog’s health.

Q3. How many plums can a dog eat?
How many plums can a dog eat?

Ans: Dogs are natural lovers of fruits. They enjoy a variety of fruits, but some of them are not suitable for the health of your dog. For example, certain fruits are delightful, including plums.

Though the plums have natural sugar content, their high proportion is not suitable for the health of your dog. It may lead to being overweight and obese.

Hence, try to use plums as a treat or snack for your dog and not as an everyday diet. You can give a slice or two a couple of times in a week.  


The final verdict is that you can feed your dog with plums only after consulting your vet. It is because some dogs may not be able to digest it. You must always wash the fruit while feeding your dog with plums. The quantity must also be small, as eating enough plums can upset the health of your favorite canine friend.