Corgi Great Dane Mix

Corgi Great Dane Mix- Everything You Must know

Undoubtedly, you have never heard of the Corgi and Great Dane mix.

As a matter of fact, it is a quite unique combination of two distinct breeds of dogs. Someone was either brilliant or wacky for mixing these two concepts.

It doesn’t matter what we decide, we have acquired a dog that not only makes cute pictures but also steals hearts! What a sweetheart!

Although the corgi dane mix is perfect in every way, he does possess some minor flaws, but it only depends on your outlook if you view them as such.

In this blog, let’s dive into and find out more about Corgi’s Great Dane mix.

What are a great dane and Corgi mix?

Great Dane and Corgi mix dogs are puppies with both a Great Dane parent and a Welsh Pembroke Corgi parent. Dog lovers and breeders commonly refer to the puppies as a Corgane or a Dorgi.

A hybrid dog such as this one is primarily intended for families interested in the statuesque appearance of the giant Great Dane. However, they may be unable to house such a large dog in their home.

As a result of this cross, a beautiful, unique, and snuggly dog has been produced.

The Great Dane was first introduced as a beautiful giant dog breed in Germany. One of the largest dogs in the world, he was bred specifically for this purpose.

His great size and weight made him capable of hunting large wild boars independently.

Due to their loyal nature and guarding ability, Danes now serve as family companions and protectors of their families.

When the kings of Europe displayed textiles as status symbols, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, also known as the Corgi, first appeared in history.

Master weaver from Flanders was invited to relocate to Europe, bringing all necessary items, including their loyal Corgis.

Because Corgis have short legs and stout bodies, they are ideal for herding sheep and cattle. It is now widely recognized that corgis make wonderful family companions.

Corgi great dane mix Size and Weight

A male typically reaches a height of 28-32 inches and weighs between 100 and 130 pounds. Women are typically smaller, reaching a height of 24-28 inches and weighing 80-110 pounds. This is all about how big do great dane mixes get.

Great Dane Corgi mix Breed Temperament

They have been bred for centuries to be gentle, friendly, and obedient companions. Despite showing their owners much love and affection, they are very cautious of strangers. Furthermore, they have a high level of knowledge and are easy to train. Owners should, however, exercise patience during training as they can sometimes be demanding.

It is possible to create a wonderful family pet by properly training a great dane corgi and providing plenty of love and exercise. Nevertheless, before purchasing a dachshund great dane mix, you must possess the right temperament.

Here are three reasons why you should consider adopting a cute Great Dane mix

  • They make excellent companion dogs

The Dorgi, too, is an excellent companion thanks to its ancestry from two excellent dog specimens. It is a perfect companion for either of the parent breeds.

One of the most popular breeds of dogs among singles, older individuals, and students is the Corgi. Meanwhile, the Great Dane enjoys being around many people.

Families with children will enjoy having these doggies. There is no doubt, however, that the Dane is also a fantastic companion.

  • It is easy to train them

It is possible to train the great dane dachshund mix using the proper training techniques. To please their master, both parent breeds will sell themselves for a belly rub and some treats.

You may wish to cut back on snacks and give some ear scratches instead, as they are prone to becoming obese.

  • He’ll make you move

Great Dane and weiner dog mix will make you an active individual instead of a couch potato.

Whenever you wonder how much energy this pup has, don’t be afraid to learn that the answer is infinite!

They enjoy nothing more than playing outside than belly rubs and treats, but you will need to maintain control over them. It is possible to overexert yourself and suffer severe health consequences as a result of excessive exercise.

Great Dane corgi mix for sale

Depending on the bloodlines of the parent dogs, a Corgi great dane mix can cost between $400 and $4,000 per dog.

The average cost of a corgi great dane mix puppy is approximately $1,800 to $3,000, with show dog quality puppies being more expensive.

A Dorgi puppy can range from $300 to $1,000.

How to groom your Great Dane Corgi mix?

Great Danes only need a quick brush once a week, while Corgis have double coats that require extra attention.

A Great Dane’s coat only needs brushing once a week, normally, and twice a day when shedding.

Your puppy will shed a fair amount all year if it has a double coat, such as the Corgi. To remove all the undercoat that sheds constantly, it will need to be brushed and combed daily with a slicker brush.

In most cases, your Dorgi needs to be bathed only when he is dirty or when he has been involved in something smelly.

You should bathe him every two to three months and keep his nails trimmed.

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Health Issues Associated with Great Dane Mixes

Great Dane mixes commonly suffer from the following health problems:

Also, they may suffer from eye issues, such as progressive retinal atrophy, which may result in blindness. Make sure your dog is not showing any signs of these health problems. It is important to schedule regular check-ups at the veterinarian clinic if one or more of these issues occur to treat and prevent any other ongoing health issues. The risk of these health issues may also be reduced by providing your dog with a healthy diet and ample exercise. Hence, this is about great dane Australian shepherd mix size.

Food requirements for Great Dane Corgi Mix

If you have a puppy, adult, or senior Dorgi, you should feed them high-quality dry dog food.

Feeding him two to three small daily meals is the best way to avoid bloat in a Great Dane. If you want your dog to digest well and avoid bloat, don’t exercise him right before or after a meal.

With those beautiful, expressive eyes, your puppy will beg for table food, but Corgis and Great Danes tend to be overweight since they love treats. Ensure you keep dog treats to about 10 percent of his diet.


Looking for the best answers about are great dane good with other dogs? Read this blog to learn more about how to make great Dane aggressive. You will get all of your answers about how big do great dane mixes get in this blog.


Can a Corgi and Great Dane breed?

An adorable yet feisty Pembroke Welsh Corgi mated with a giant Great Dane makes the Corgi Great Dane.

What is the best breed to mix with Corgi?

Corman Shepherd (German Shepherd and Corgi Mix), Chigi (Chihuahua and Corgi Mix), Horgi (Corgi and Husky Mix), Golden Corgi (Golden Retriever and Corgi Mix), Auggie (Corgi and Australian Shepherd Mix) are the best breeds.

Is a Corgi dog a good pet?

Corgis make wonderful pets if they are properly trained and cared for

What 2 breeds make a Great Dane?

The breed combines English Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds.