can dogs eat raw chicken?

Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken? | What To Do If Your Dog Ate Already?

Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?

Can dogs eat raw chicken? Technically it is a yes. Now dog owners are concerned about their dog’s diet. Probably you also want to give a good diet to your furry friend. So, please, read our full article to know more about your dog’s diet. In this article, we covered all the goods and bad points about can dogs eat raw chicken.

The first thing you need to do is not to get panic. Dogs have stronger stomachs than us, which means it can deal with the bacteria and other dirty things from the raw chicken. If the chicken was fresh and cleaned, then you don’t need to worry. Be sure the whole chunk of chicken is store away from your dog. Because they might eat a lot as they are loving.

Dog eating raw chicken

Remember that not all dogs are capable of digesting raw chicken. I’m talking about the small dogs, as they are prone to have a little problem ingesting the food. If they do not swallow the food correctly, they can block their airways by causing the problem to breathe. Keep a close watch on your dog’s stool and observe if there is any blood coming out or not. If this happens, take your dog to the vet.

Benefits of feeding raw chicken

There are several benefits of feeding raw chicken to your dog. It’s an excellent source of protein and calcium for dogs. Feeding raw chicken to your dog can lower the carbs intake in the dog’s diet. As a result, your dog will stay fit and can avoid obesity. If you want to feed raw food to your dog, please consult with a vet to have peace of mind.

The danger of feeding raw chicken to your dog

 image of bacteria

Though there are some superior elements present in the chicken, there are some bad too. Raw chicken contains more bacteria than any other raw meal like beef, pork.

There are some bacteria listed below that are dangerous for your dog.

E.coli– It is a type of bacteria found in the gut of some animals. However, it does not create fatal diseases. In dogs, but it can cause diarrhoea. This bacteria rarely found in the boxer breed. Good things to know that this bacteria is not contagious, to humans. It was reported that a minimal number of people had been affected by these bacteria.

Things you can do to avoid E.coli is to need to be more cautious while handling raw food because it can contaminate other foods and surfaces.

Salmonella: It’s a bacteria that is found in dogs and cats. This bacteria can create infectious disease, and it is zoonotic, which means it’s transmissible to humans. You don’t need to worry if your dog has a sound digestive system. The only common symptoms of salmonella infection in dogs is diarrhoea.

Always remember to wash hands after handling raw chicken and don’t share food with your pets.

Campylobacter: It is a group of bacteria that usually inhabit the intestines of animals. This bacteria can be found in both humans and animals. Like the other two bacterial infections such as salmonella and E.coli, this bacteria also has the same diarrhoea symptoms and upset stomachs.

Please be more cautious with the stool, pick it up immediately to prevent environmental contamination.

What can be the good alternatives to raw chicken?

Diy dog food

There are so many alternatives available on the market for your dog. You can feed kibbles, brown rice, couscous, farina. In vegetables, you can give corn, peas, and carrots. DIY homemade dog food is also an excellent choice for keeping your dogs healthy and fit..

Conclusion- So, should you feed raw chicken to your dog?

Yes, you can, but if you plan raw chicken on a daily diet, please consult a vet before you start.

So, has your dog eaten raw chicken? Have they faced an issue after consuming it? 

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